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Action Launcher v33 adds impressive ‘AdaptiveZoom’ app animations

AdaptiveZoom might be our new favorite app opening animation of all time.

Action Launcher has long been one of our favorite third-party Android launchers, and one of the reasons for this is that developer Chris Lacey relentlessly adds new features and settings for us to spend endless hours playing with. The latest v33 update for Action Launcher keeps this trend going, and the big feature this time around is something called “AdaptiveZoom.”

AdaptiveZoom is a  [Read More…]

How to create collages, animations, and movies in Google Photos

Google Photos can do more than just store and edit your photos.

Google Photos is great app for storing, sharing, and even editing the photos that you take with your phone. It isn’t all business here though, and you can also use Google Photos’ Assistant feature to create new collages, animations, and movies. These features are fairly small, but they’re fun and easy to use.

How to create a new Collage

Collages are created by choosing between  [Read More…]

Creating Animations (.gif) using Google Photos is super simple and fun (4 quick steps in 30s)

You’ve seen them all over the web, from Twitter to ESPN, GIPHYs are highly popular due to their ability to animate still photos as a collection. The concept is easy to understand, but as with anything technology related, the barrier for learning how to do something new can be getting in your way of creating your

Google celebrates Fathers Day with custom animations in Hangouts

As Fathers Day comes to a close for most of us, there’s still time to send some cool animations as a final celebration to all the Fathers out there as Google has included some new ones in Hangouts just for the occasion.

Simply send the word ‘Happy Fathers Day’ through Google Hangouts and you’ll be greeted with a series of animations themed for Fathers Day.

These animations will show up on the mobile, tablet, and desktop version of Hangouts and  [Read More…]

Yahoo Weather grabs beautiful animations in latest update

Yahoo Weather was already arguably one of the most gorgeous weather apps you could get your hands on. Starting today, however, things are about to get prettier. Yahoo has updated its Android weather app with new animations for a whole host of different weather conditions.

Nova Launcher gets updated with new drawer animations in version 3.1 (out of beta)

nova launcher_____

Nova Launcher is one of the best and most popular launchers out there. It’s full of customization, updated regularly and runs as smooth as butter. Beta version of the app got updated about a week ago and is now out of beta. What’s new? Here’s the changelog: Drawer animations / transitions: Circle (not compatible with… Read more »

The post Nova Launcher gets updated with new  [Read More…]