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[GIVEAWAY] Win an Anki OVERDRIVE:Fast & Furious Edition

Ready or not, we’re ready to kick off the new year with an awesome giveaway! Let’s get 2018 started with something really cool, shall we? First out of the gate is the Anki OVERDRIVE: Fast & Furious Edition. What is it? Read on and learn! Then, enter to win! Controlled by your smartphone or tablet, […]

You can now race Fast and Furious characters in Anki Overdrive

It’s easy to forget you are holding a phone.

Like most middle-class suburban kids, I grew up around “toy” race tracks. Everything from the simple Hot Wheels tracks you could assemble yourself to the hyper-realistic powered rail tracks we would all race at the local mall on weekends. Every time I’ve played with an Anki Overdrive kit, there’s been a combination of nostalgia and surprise at how well this race kit was aimed at every age group.  [Read More…]

Anki Cozmo is getting a big app update, new color options, and a carrying case

Lots of important little changes are coming to this adorable little robot.

It’s been a little over a year since Anki took the world by storm with the adorable little AI-powered robot called Cozmo. Even though it was only big enough to be the champion of your average desk or counter, Cozmo has stolen hearts all over the globe.

Today, Anki is announcing a big software update to Cozmo alongside the launch of some killer new accessories,  [Read More…]

Grab an Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit for $135 at Amazon

Amazon is holding a rare deal on the recently-released Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit which saves you $ 15, dropping the price to $ 135. For those not familiar, the Anki OVERDRIVE is a remote controlled car racing track in which you take control of supercars of the future to battle through a race.

Gadgets of the week: Glowforge, Anki Overdrive, and more!

We’re diving into yet another weeks-worth of accessory releases. As always, we’ve got an eye out on the world of wearables, the connected home, and just about anything else that plays nice with your Android phone or tablet. This go-around we’ve spotted Glowforge, a sharp 3D laser printer that you can control with your nearest Android tablet. Meanwhile, Anki’s newest connected toy racecars can speed along on a modular track. That’s all well and good, but the  [Read More…]

Anki Overdrive races its way to retail stores, available now for $149

The Anki Overdrive, the company’s successor to the Drive, is now available, with prices starting at $ 149 for the Starter Kit. Anki Overdrive is a battle-racing game, that puts the controls on your smartphone, and lets you race against friends and family.

Anki Overdrive fuses together track racing and video games, available September 20

Anki has announced that Overdrive will start shipping in the US, UK, Germany and Canada on September 20. The battle-racing game will commence shipping to retailers on the day, blending together robotic racing and video games. You’ll be able to control physical supercars through the power of mobile devices and compete against friends and family, or even AI commanders.

[Read More…]

Race into the future with Anki Drive

It’s something you may have seen during your travels on the internet or a trip to the mall. Anki Drive is one of the coolest connected toys on the market today. It takes the classic action of slot cars and brings it into the future with power-ups, weapons, battle mode and more.

Race against the robots! Anki Drive released for Android

Anki is now porting its remote-controlled racing game Anki Drive to Android where you can control race cars on a real track using your smartphone. The game initially debuted on iOS and now owners of the Nexus 5 and the latest Samsung smartphones and tablets can join in on the action, though cross-platform racing isn’t yet available.

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