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Today Todoist announced that its task manager app on the Web and iOS now offers users location-aware notifications and the feature will be coming to Android sometime in the next couple days.

The Android functionality was going to be released along with the other versions, but a spokesperson said that the company’s Android team stayed up all night and weren’t able to finish it in time,  [Read More...]

Are there too many Samsung Galaxy devices out there_4

Samsung introduced 4 new Galaxy budget devices yesterday. These devices are running KitKat OS with a TouchWiz Essence UI on top, which is a lightweight version of TouchWiz. They’ll probably target emerging markets.

Samsung didn’t announce pricing for these devices yesterday, but Samsung Netherlands has revealed how much will they cost in the region:

Galaxy Ace 4: €219  [Read More...]

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Tab S series of Super AMOLED tablets at an event in New Delhi today. Set to go on sale in two weeks’ time, the flagship tablets are aimed as an alternative to the iPad Air in India.

Samsung announces Galaxy S5 Mini

galaxy s5 mini_featured

Galaxy S5 Mini’s images and specs leaked last month and they were spot on. Samsung announced its shrunken down Galaxy S5 today, let us see what we get.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini retains the design language of its bigger sibling. We’re still looking at the same soft-touch back along with a slew  [Read More...]

Razer announces Android TV console for fall


Razer are creating a micro-console that will be powered by Android TV, allowing users to stream movies, music, and other apps for entertainment on the large-screen, the company announced today.

Android TV was announced at Google I/O and Razer have jumped straight on the ship with their Razer console. You’ll be able to navigate around the UI with a special companion app on the phone  [Read More...]

Google announces Android One


Google has just announced that they will release Android One for developing nations. Android One devices will be updated directly from Google just like Nexus devices. The first Android one device is coming from Micromax and will feature a 4.5 screen, FM radio, dual sim, and a SD card port. The device will also be under $ 100. Well have more on Android One and the  [Read More...]

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has given an update on the carrier’s recent Un-carrier 5.0 and Un-carrier 6.0 announcements. Un-carrier 5.0 was the announcement of T-Mobile Test Drive, which lets people try T-Mobile’s network for free. Un-carrier 6.0 was Music Freedom, which lets customers use several music services without that data usage counting against their high-speed data limit.

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T-Mobile announces two massive network expansions

T-Mobile has just announced their Un-carrier 5.0 initiative. The move has T-Mobile introducing the “T-Mobile Test Drive”, a way for customers to try out an iPhone 5s for seven-days at no cost. Customers will get an iPhone 5s and can use it on T-Mobile’s unlimited nationwide service. No data overcharges. Un-carrier 5.0 also sees T-Mobile expanding their network. Full details after the break.

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Looks like those rumors suggesting an imminent arrival of a LTE-A version of the Galaxy S5 were spot on, as Samsung has just unveiled the handset in South Korea. The device sports a beefier Snapdragon 805 CPU and a QHD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

Google Glass is getting down to business with a new program called Glass at Work. They’re now certifying enterprise partners and their tailored solutions. The first batch includes APX Labs, which is making a business workflow solution, AugMedix and their patient data software, CrowdOptic, which is working on a multi-user broadcast app, and others.