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Amazon India’s $15 annual Prime membership is the best deal in e-commerce

An annual Prime membership costs $ 119 in the U.S., but Amazon does things differently in India.

Amazon isn’t just a thriving retailer anymore; it also sells a host of hardware products in the form of smart home devices, affordable tablets, and e-readers. What started out as a foray into e-readers over a decade ago bloomed into an ecosystem that generates billions of dollars in revenue every year.

But at the center of Amazon’s revenue-generating machine is  [Read More…]

Amazon is raising the price of its annual Prime membership from $99 to $119

After raising its monthly Prime membership fee a few months ago, Amazon now announced an increase in pricing of its annual Prime membership too.

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Is Fitbit Coach worth the annual subscription?

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My primary fitness activity is running, but as a guy who played football and rugby in college, and for many years as an adult, I also understand the importance of other types of exercise in order to support a healthy lifestyle.

At this time in my life, it is not a priority to pack up my gear, head to a gym, and dedicate an hour or more of my time to workouts at  [Read More…]

Tax time is a great time for your annual tech spring cleaning

Whether you’re passing it along to someone in need or sending it to the big recycle bin in the sky, now is the perfect time to weed any unused tech.

If you need a broken guitar cable or a 100-foot telephone cord, I have just the box of goodies for you.

It’s not hard to build up a big collection of tech gear that’s too good to just toss but not anything you’ll ever use again.  [Read More…]

Google says device shipments more than doubled in 2017, passed $100 billion in annual revenue

Google made a heap of cash in 2017.

Google is huge, and as you’d expect, pulls in money from a lot of different sources. The company just shared its latest financial report that showcases numbers for its performance in Q4 and all of 2017, and there’s a mixture of growth and loss.

Looking at Google’s total revenue in 2017, the company made $ 110.9 billion – an increase of 23% compared to its total earnings in 2016.  [Read More…]

The first annual Yuletide comments thread is here

Happy holidays from all of us here at Android Central!

When I was a kid, I remember sitting up all night on Christmas eve, trying to be quiet while playing with any Hanukkah presents I might have already been given. The joy of a two-culture family is strong, especially when you’re a kid and get double the gifts.

I’m not a kid anymore, at least on the outside. Now I get more pleasure from giving than I ever  [Read More…]

Forget about massive cell phone bills with FreedomPop’s $49 Annual Plan

If you want to put some distance between you and expensive carrier plans, maybe you’d like to hear about Mobile Virtual Network Operator’s (MNVO), FreedomPop latest offer. The company just introduced a new Annual Plan with a very affordable price tag attached to it. The plan will set you back with just $ 49 (about $ 4/month) […]

Geekbuying’s annual ‘Bottom Price’ sale offers up to 68% discounts on gadgets

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means it’s time to start shopping for friends, family, and even ourselves. With so many awesome deals and discounts being offered across the space, it’s hard to not pick something nice up for our us. One outlet you might be interested in checking out is from our friends at

Sprint posts first positive annual earnings report in 9 years

Sprint has published the company’s report for the fiscal year of 2015. The U.S. carrier posted an operating income of $ 310 million for the year, which is positive for the first time in a reported nine years. As for the last quarter, Sprint managed to pocket $ 8 million as operating income, which included $ 258 million worth of charges.

As for customer additions, the company reported postpaid net additions of more than 1.2 million  [Read More…]

Verizon begins offering annual upgrade program for Samsung Galaxy phones

Verizon is now offering customers who purchase the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge on its payment plan the option to upgrade to the latest model each year. That’s right, if you use Verizon’s device payment option you will now be able to upgrade to the latest model as long as you meet the criteria. You will need to have your current Galaxy phone active for at least 30 days, and have paid half of the cost  [Read More…]