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Where to find the Nexus social space and Space Anomaly in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is actually turning into a proper game, and now you can play it with friends.

Best answer: The Nexus can be accessed through a Space Anomaly. This can be summoned through your starship. If one hasn’t been found yet, they pop up at random after finding an Atlas Interface.

Explore the galaxy: No Man’s Sky ($ 30 at Amazon)

No Man’s Sky now has proper multiplayer thanks to its gigantic Beyond update,  [Read More…]

Protect aliens against human invasion in Anomaly Defenders

Anomaly Defenders is a tower defense game that will have you play the role of alien defender to protect the world against human counterattacks. As the final installment of the Anomaly series, Anomaly Defender is available today through the Google Play store for $ 3.99 with 8 upgradeable towers and special functions.

[DEALS & STEALS] Plex and three Anomaly games are on sale


Take control of your personal media with Plex. For all of you who don’t know what Plex is, it is a service which organizes your photos, music and videos so that you can stream/watch those wherever you want via personal computer or a smartphone/tablet device. Plex is usually priced at $ 4.99 which is a hefty price for an app, at least for some people.  [Read More…]

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD finally brings “tower offense” to Android

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Wildly popular “tower offense” game Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is now available for a cool $ 4 in the Android Market. A long-time iOS staple, the title picked up quite a bit of industry buzz, including a nomination for best Mobile Strategy Game from IGN and a Platinum Award from PocketGamer, among other accolades. Unlike other tower defense games, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD takes a different approach: you are on the offense rather  [Read More…]