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Check out Oukitel’s answer to the Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Chinese smartphone brands have had a history of copying the design of iconic smartphone models. For example, you can easily find a Samsung Galaxy S8 clone with measly price attached to it, if you perform a quick search on the Internet. Sony’s OmniBalance design hasn’t inspired a lot of copy/paste tendencies in Chinese OEMs in […]

Google’s answer to ARKit is ARCore, and it’s available right now

No more waiting for a Tango phone you’ll actually want to buy.

Shortly after the Android Oreo announcement, David Burke, VP on engineering and Android took to Twitter and hinted at “one more sweet surprise” coming this week. It turns out that surprise is an Augmented Reality SDK that takes all the brains of the Tango Core and makes it available to phones without the fancy sensors on the back. It’s called ARCore, and it looks an  [Read More…]

Samsung Hello could be the Galaxy S8’s answer to Google Now

One location for your news, social, health and travel plans, backed up by voice interactions.

Personal feeds like the Google Feed (formerly Google Now) and HTC BlinkFeed aren’t a new idea, and phone makers never seem to tire of trying to collate all your personal info and updates into one place. “Samsung Hello” could be the company’s latest attempt to do just that, and based on the timing of a recent trademark filing, a launch alongside the  [Read More…]

‘Glossy black’ Galaxy S7 edge is Samsung’s answer to the ‘jet black’ iPhone

Say hello to a slightly different black GS7 edge.

With the Note 7 consigned to the dumpster fire of history, it seems Samsung is looking to new color options for the Galaxy S7 series to boost sales in the run up to the holidays. We’ve already seen the “blue coral” GS7 edge, and now it looks like it may be joined by a darker, glossier version of the “onyx black” color that’s been available from launch.

The GS7 you  [Read More…]

Say hello to Allo, Google’s cross-platform answer to Facebook Messenger

Get ready for another messaging client from Google. Yeah, we know. But, before you head to the barn for a pitchfork, you might wanna sit down and hear us out first. Google’s latest messaging app, Allo, is unlike anything it has done before. For starters, it’s smart, meaning it doesn’t just let users send and

Amazon Echo can now answer questions about your child’s health, recite haikus and more

The Amazon Echo has been gaining new features each week, and this week is KidsMD integration for answering questions about your child’s medication dosages and more. With this, you can get answers from doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital as to whether the symptoms merit a doctor’s visit or not. Keep in mind, while it’s a cool thing to do to be able to ask your speaker for medical advice, please remember to actually take your kids to the doctors when  [Read More…]

Where’s my Vive? HTC drops an FAQ to help answer that question

To help answer some of the questions surrounding HTC Vive shipments, the company has created an FAQ site with lots of answers. From information about when units will ship to delay issues, if you ordered a Vive you will want to check this out. Anytime you order something online, you want to be able to access information about the order progress, see when it will ship, and have a full understanding of what is going on. HTC  [Read More…]

The $105 Lemon 3 is Lenovo’s answer to the Redmi 3

Earlier this week, Xiaomi unveiled the Redmi 3, offering stellar hardware for the equivalent of $ 105. Lenovo has now launched the Lemon 3, which offers similarly-competitive hardware for the same price. The phone comes with a 5-inch Full HD display, Snapdragon 616 SoC, 2GB of RAM, 16GB storage, 13MP camera, 5MP front shooter, LTE, and a 2750mAh battery.

While Lenovo’s latest budget phone offers a higher-resolution display than the Redmi 3, which has a 5-inch  [Read More…]

Get your friends to answer your burning questions with Google+ polls

Google is rolling out a new polling feature on Google+, letting users create their own polls. Polls let you see what your friends are thinking about various topics, like sports, movies, and more.

Android Central’s Question & Answer feature is here! (in beta)

You might have noticed the new Question & Answer feature we published in our forums last night. A lot of time and effort has been put into it, and we’re extremely excited to formally introduce it to you … right now.

Question & Answer ties directly into our forums, allowing power users an easy way to answer questions and provide expert advice. At the same time, newbies or guests now have a simple way to get  [Read More…]