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Watch free HD TV with this $10 25-mile AmazonBasics antenna

For all you cord-cutters out there.

This AmazonBasics Ultra Thin 25-mile indoor TV antenna is only $ 9.98 on Amazon. Over the last six months it has sold as high as $ 13 with occasional drops. This deal is about 70 cents above the lowest price ever.

Because of the limited range on this antenna, this is not going to serve you well in a rural place. You’ll get a lot more out of it if you  [Read More…]

Cord cutters, watch live TV for free with the $15 Mohu Leaf Metro antenna

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with another way to help you cut that cord!

The Mohu Leaf Metro TV antenna is down to $ 15 right now on Amazon. Over the last year it has predominantly sold at $ 20, with a few drops here and there. The drop to $ 15 is one of its lowest prices ever and its first drop under $ 20 since May.

The Metro antenna is an  [Read More…]

Giveaway: Win a Lifetime Plex Pass, HDHomeRun Connect tuner, and Mohu Leaf 50 Antenna

We’re back at it again with another giveaway! We’ve teamed up with Plex again to give YOU the chance to win some EPIC prizes. We’re calling this one the cordcutter’s dream bundle because you can truly call the cable company and tell them what to do with their monthly bill if you win this one! Prizes […]

First look: WatchAir Smart Antenna

Plucking HD signals out of the air is easy — but this wireless antenna system and DVR can make it smart, with some improvements.

A decent part of my hiatus away from Android Central has involved one thing — cutting the cord. And I’ve taken the $ 150 a month we were feeding to the cable company and whittled it down to about $ 83 with streaming services. That’s a savings of about $ 800 a year, which  [Read More…]

[Deal] Become a cable cutter with the 1byone Digital HDTV Antenna

It’s been a pretty good week for deals here at AndroidGuys. Since it’s Friday, we are bringing everyone one more deal to wrap out the week. Today’s deal is for those cable cutters out there. If you’ve cut the cable, but still want to get your free digital TV, we have a great deal for the 1byone Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna.

This antenna plugs into the coax cable in the back of your TV, and then you simply place the  [Read More…]

A cord-cutter’s quick guide to purchasing an indoor HDTV over-the- air antenna [Guest Post]

FlatWave in Living Room (1)

If you’re reading this article it may be because you’ve already taken the plunge and cut the cable TV cord. Or you may be on the fence, trying to build up the courage to sever ties with a cable or satellite subscription that has set you back almost $ 90 each month for years. This is a big decision, and it’s  [Read More…]

Solve for X: spray-on antenna solution could revolutionize mobile industry


Rhett Spencer, CTO at Chamtech Enterprises, recently took to the stage at Google’s Solve for X event to talk about a new nano spray-on antenna material which could revolutionize the way service providers deploy cell towers. It could also increase cellphone energy efficiency by 10 percent.

The spray-on antenna was originally conceived when Chamtech was contacted by the US Military to help them create a conforming antenna for special ops since traditional antenna systems were bulky  [Read More…]