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Everything you need to know about Moss, the most anticipated PlayStation VR game of 2018

Helping a little, armored mouse solve puzzles? squee!

A new game by Polyarc games studio, Moss is the fictional world told of in a book that you, the player, are reading. Through the book, you create a connection with Quill, the eponymous hero of the tale, a small mouse with armor and sword who, with your help, solves puzzles and fights other woodland creatures to achieve some unknown end.

The premise of the game is shrouded in  [Read More…]

Manufacturers should have anticipated the smartphone plateau

Android has had quite the journey. It’s good to reflect sometimes, and it’s crazy thinking that the first official Android smartphone, the HTC Dream, launched almost eight years ago. Eight. Years. I personally joined the Android bandwagon with the HTC Evo 4G in 2010, and I remember the space being so exciting those days. There

Verizon initiates launch countdown for the highly anticipated Droid Turbo

It’s almost here! Verizon has launched a countdown on its site for the upcoming Droid Turbo, which is scheduled to be announced in two weeks’ time.

HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread update anticipated to be coming (back) ‘soon’

HTC on Twitter

The HTC Thunderbolt has had a rough patch when it comes to Gingerbread.  Combine lots of rumors, even more leaks, and a pretty poor OTA that ended up getting yanked back and you’ll have a mix that’s bound to have Android power users up in arms.  We’re not going to judge anyone here, heck we can’t judge  — releasing software isn’t easy.  Verizon and HTC want you to be happy, because  [Read More…]

‘Google Wallet’ May Force Apple into NFC Territory Sooner Than Anticipated

For the last few months, we’ve been hearing a see-saw tale of whether Apple will implement NFC (near field communications) technology in the next-generation iPhone. At this point in time, only speculation – no hard evidence – exists to suggest that the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 will actually feature NFC technology. But that may soon change if Apple was paying close attention to what rival Google announced today.

On Thursday, Google announced that it’s  [Read More…]