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The EU Antitrust case against Android sucks for everyone, especially you

Google’s explanation of how Android is open isn’t passing the smell test anymore.

The European Union just told Google it has 90 days to pay €4.34 billion ($ 5.06 billion) for violating its antitrust rules, claiming the company has been forcing manufacturers to bundle Google Search, Chrome, and the Play Store as a bundle in phones that ship with Android. Since most people use the apps that are included on the phone, this move supposedly encourages people  [Read More…]

DOJ Antitrust Chief likely won’t block the T-Mobile and Sprint merger

It looks like the merger may happen after all.

The Sprint and T-Mobile merger is expected to be completed by mid-2019, but before that happens, it needs to get approval from the proper government officials/agencies. We still have a ways to go, but at least according to the Antitrust Chief, the Department of Justice won’t give the merger much of a hassle.

According to Bloomberg, DOJ Antitrust Chief Makan Delrahim says the T-Mobile and Sprint merger isn’t  [Read More…]

EU’s antitrust regulators expected to set a record fine for Google this week

European Union’s ruling may change the way Google displays its advertisements across the web.

Google has been in a long legal battle in the European Union over its Adsense for Search platform. The “statements of objections” were initially filed last year over Google’s practice of having an unfair advantage in the ad wars by preventing third-party websites and platforms from showing competitor’s ads. Now, the EU’s antitrust regulators are ready to settle on a penalty for the search company.

  [Read More…]

Qualcomm hit with $853 million fine in South Korea for violating antitrust laws

Qualcomm could end up paying a hefty fine in Korea and amend its business practices.

Qualcomm has been fined a record 1.03 trillion won ($ 853 million) by South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) over antitrust violations. The regulator said that Qualcomm’s “unnecessarily broad patent licensing requirements” resulted in phone makers paying more royalties than required for its modem chips.

Qualcomm was also found to be in violation of competition law as it limited access to its  [Read More…]

Google crushes EU regulator’s antitrust arguments against Android

The Google strikes back.

Google is hitting back against European Commission claims that by bundling all of its apps and services with most Android phones, Google is exhibiting antitrust tendencies.

On its blog today, Google’s SVP and General Counsel, Kent Walker, penned a four-step rebuttal, claiming that not only is Android competitive in Europe, but it has made the market more so since its release in 2008. Says Walker:

Android means manufacturers don’t have to  [Read More…]

EU antitrust regulators are now going after Google’s ad business

European Union antitrust regulators have sent two “statements of objections” to Google over its Adsense for Search platform, accusing the search giant of abusing its position by preventing third-party websites from showing ads from its competitors.

With Adsense for Search, Google gives third-party sites access to a custom search bar powered by Google Search, and in return shows ads next to the search results. Revenue from ads clicked on the site is shared between Google and  [Read More…]

Google may face €3 billion fine in EU antitrust case

It looks like Google will face a record €3 billion fine in the latest EU antitrust case. The regulator said that Google abused its dominant position with Android by bundling its own services like Google Search as default, making it harder for other companies to compete.

From The Telegraph:

It is understood that the European Commission is aiming to hit Google with a fine in the region of €3bn, a figure that would easily surpass its  [Read More…]

Google loses court appeal in Russian Android anti-trust case

Google may have to face a fine and change the way they distribute Android to device makers in Russia. A court in that country has denied Google’s appeal in its anti-trust case against Russia’s local search engine Yandex.

Yandex filed a complaint with the country’s privacy watchdog, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, in early 2015, claiming that Google had violated Russia’s anti-trust laws by requiring the pre-installation of certain applications on devices that used Android. The  [Read More…]

Google under antitrust investigation over Android Apps

The Federal Trade Commision(FTC) has begun a preliminary investigation into Google using Android to push its own apps like Search and Maps.

The search giant has been under investigation in Europe for antitrust violations for a while and the FTC has voted several times in the past not to pursue charges against Google. But there’s now an investigation brewing within the country’s antitrust watchdog.

Complaintants actually went to the Department of Justice(DoJ) first and the DoJ recently asked the FTC for clearance to  [Read More…]

The FTC is reportedly looking at Google’s Android division for possible anti-trust issues

Google’s Android division may be the target of an anti-trust investigation by the US government. A new report claims that the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department are looking into claims that Google has illegally kept competitors from offering services on Android in favor of its own.