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Any.do takes on Todoist’s productivity smarts with AI-powered Assistant

Any.do is back for another round of productiveness.

Any.do has been around since the HTC Evo 4G was the best phone you could buy. I’ll just let that sink in for a second.

The productivity app has long been known for its attractive yet spare interface, gesture-friendly controls and extensive feature set, but in recent years has been surpassed by Todoist, Wunderlist and a host of competitors in one main area: context-based assistance.

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any.do 3.0 is here, and we take this major update for spin

When it comes to to-do apps, any.do has more than its share of proponents favoring its minimalist design. And any.do 3.0 — released today — takes that simplistic design and takes it even further.

The last time any.do rolled out a big update, it was focused on bringing in expanded functionality, with attachments and collaboration with other being the focus. That design was close to material, but now we’re full-on minimalistic material design … maybe a little bit  [Read More…]

any.do 2.0: bigger, better, darker

any.do is a task-oriented note-taking and to-do list app with quite the following – over 11 million to date – and today, those users are being treated to the biggest update the service has ever rolled out. This update is not just boosting productivity for you, but for your family and your co-workers, too. Most importantly, the service and its apps have been streamlined in order to help you spend less time making your to-do list  [Read More…]

Any.do task manager now available for the web


Any.do task manager is on of the most robust, beautifully designed task managers out there. Using the app helps simplify your day by breaking your tasks down into Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming, and Someday categories. One of the most requested features to come from the app is the ability to manage your tasks from the web. Beginning today, that feature is available to the masses, bringing  [Read More…]

Any.Do, a gorgeous to-do list Android app, adds tablets and missed calls. More sync options coming

Any.Do, a gorgeous to-do list Android app, adds tablets and missed calls. More sync options coming

Any.Do doesn’t have as many features some other to-do apps for Android, so how has it managed to get so much universal praise and  [Read More…]