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You won’t be able to disable the status light on Nest cameras anymore

Going forward, you’ll only be able to dim the status light on your Nest cameras.

What you need to know Google is getting rid of the option to disable the status light on all Nest and Dropcam cameras. The status light will always be on when a Nest or Dropcam camera is recording. You’ll be able to dim the light from settings, but there will always be a visual indicator when the camera is on.

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Custom themes in Android 8.0 Oreo might not require rooting anymore

One of the main reasons people like Android so much is that you can customize it any way you want. And if you’re not happy with stock Android or the many different skins and theme shops Android OEMs have to offer, you can always root your device and install custom ROMs. But while not users […]

OnePlus 5 vs. Xiaomi Mi 6: Good just doesn’t cut it anymore

The OnePlus 5 is good, but the Mi 6 is better.

It’s getting harder to justify spending over $ 700 on a phone — even on a device as good as the Galaxy S8 — when there are alternatives like the OnePlus 5 available that offer 90% of the features for under $ 500. Then there’s the Xiaomi Mi 6, which manages to undercut the OnePlus 5 while offering similar specs.

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I don’t wear my smartwatch anymore, and that’s a huge problem

When I first got my original Moto 360, I remember being amazed at how cool it was to have a piece of tech like that fit so nicely on my wrist. Every morning, I was excited to put on my new smartwatch and show it off to the world. It became part of my wardrobe

OnePlus 3 won’t be sold in the US anymore

OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus 3T yesterday which is the company’s latest flagship device. With the new phone out, lots of people have been wondering what will become of the OnePlus 3? Will the company continue to sell it and market it at a cheaper price? Before the OnePlus 3T launched, the OnePlus 3 went out

Here’s why Amazon doesn’t sell the Chromecast anymore

There’s a reason Amazon doesn’t sell the Chromecast anymore, and it has to do with the lack of Prime Video on the platform. The retailer de-listed the product — as well as the Apple TV — last October, and according to CEO Jeff Bezos, the company wants “acceptable business terms” before it can bring its video service to the platform.

At the Recode Code Conference, Bezos clarified his stance on the removal of the Chromecast from  [Read More…]

Google Hangouts video calls in Chrome won’t require plugin anymore

All Chrome web browser users will be able to access video chats in Google Hangouts without the need to download a plugin, although it will take a little while for this feature to be fully implemented.

Turkish manufacturer Vestel getting into smartphones, can’t afford not to anymore

Vestel probably isn’t a brand many of you will be familiar with, but speaking at the IFA Global Press Conference in its native Turkey, CEO Turan Erdogan, delivered some candid reasonings behind his company’s expansion into smartphones for the first time. In short, they can’t afford not to be in that market anymore.