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Be prepared for anything with the $22 Victorinox Swiss Army knife

Check out this price cut. Get it… cut? Cause it’s a knife?

The Victorinox Swiss Army Evolution 14 pocket knife is down to $ 22.39 on Amazon. The knife normally sells for $ 35 and was as high as $ 50 earlier in the year. Not only is this the lowest price we’ve ever seen, but it beats out a deal we shared a couple times before by a few bucks.

This deal is part of a  [Read More…]

The Apple Watch Series 4 is light-years ahead of anything running Wear OS

Despite a new processor and UI, Wear OS is still lagging behind.

If you’re a fan of Google’s wearable operating system, Wear OS, 2018’s been one of the better years the smartwatch platform has ever seen.

In late August, Google announced a completely revamped interface that puts a big emphasis on the brand-new Google Fit and makes the Google Assistant more powerful than ever. Just last week, Qualcomm unveiled its first new wearable processor in over two  [Read More…]

Spend $75 or more on almost anything at eBay and get $15 off the total

Get that device you’ve been eyeing the most.

So eBay is busting out another crazy site-wide sale. This time, fill your shopping cart with at least $ 75 worth of eligible items and you can get $ 15 off the total with the code PSUPERSUMMER. This is a one-time use coupon, but you don’t have to find one $ 75 item. The total just needs to be $ 75 for everything you’re buying. Of course, since it’s only $  [Read More…]

Your weekend comments are back and ready for anything

Every weekend is the best weekend as long as the company is good.

Howdy, everyone!

I hope all the Weekend Regulars (I like the sound of that and may have t-shirts printed) are doing well and everything’s fine and dandy in your corner of the planet. I am back and raring to go after a proper vacation where fruity mixed drinks outnumbered beeping phones by about 40:1, and that means this is like one of the best  [Read More…]

Here’s another chance to save 15% on nearly anything at eBay

This discount only lasts a few hours.

Following up on its discount from last week, eBay is back with another one-day coupon code that helps you save 15% on nearly anything from its site. Using coupon code PREPSPRING during checkout will save you 15% on any purchase of $ 25 or more, with a maximum savings of $ 50.

Some of the best deals we’ve found with this coupon include:

Nintendo Switch console for $ 255 PlayStation  [Read More…]

Oukitel’s upcoming rugged WP5000 smartphone can take anything that life throws at it (Promoted)

Oukitel’s rugged WP5000 smartphone is coming, but who is it for? According to the company anyone from sports fans to clumsy people can benefit from using the device.

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ProTip: Set your games to auto-update so you don’t miss anything!

Don’t be stuck waiting for loading screens!

We’ve all been there: at the end of a long day, we go home, turn on our gaming system… and instead of sweet gaming freedom we get to watch a progress bar meander across the screen at the speed of a slug. Fortunately, you can set your system up to automatically update your games, which will not only help you avoid this problem, but will also make sure you’re playing  [Read More…]

How to 3D Print anything created in VR

You can go from VR art to physical creation in hours.

Most of the demonstrations you see for VR are games, because they’re exciting and fun and don’t require a lot of skill or understanding to jump in and out. The same can not be said for VR art software, which is being used by artists all around the world to create anything and everything in a truly unique way. When the canvas is space itself, and  [Read More…]

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Learn anything you want with Udemy’s $15 online courses

Ever thought about trying to develop your own mobile app or game? Pretty scary stuff, huh? Not if you have the right tools to help you along the way. Udemy, an online training source with tens of thousands of classes, is here to help. Whether you are looking to start from scratch or need to

The Galaxy Note 7 can make GIFs out of just about anything

The Note 7 isn’t a smartphone. It’s an $ 800 GIF machine.

However you pronounce it, you can’t avoid GIFs on the Internet. But as universal as they’ve become, making them is still hard — unless you own a Galaxy Note 7. Yes, buying a Note 7 will surely make your wallet significantly lighter, but at least you’ll be able to turn just about anything into a GIF, ready to fire out at admiring followers on  [Read More…]