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What is an MNVO anyway?

If you’ve followed us closely as of late, you know we’ve been profiling different wireless service providers. These carriers, such as Mint Mobile, Republic Wireless, and Freedompop, are known as mobile virtual network operators — or MVNOs. What is an MVNO and what does that really mean?

While most American consumers are familiar with the names like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, there are dozens more available. Who are they? What are the benefits or drawbacks?

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The Nokia 7 Plus isn’t officially available in the U.S., but here’s why you should buy it anyway

This is your best chance to pick up the Nokia 7 Plus if you’re living in the U.S.

The Nokia 7 Plus is the best $ 400 phone you can buy right now, but unfortunately it isn’t officially up for sale in the U.S. HMD Global is currently focusing on Asian markets, and while the Nokia 6.1 is available direct from Amazon for $ 269, that’s the only Nokia-branded phone sold officially in the U.S.

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What the hell is Amazon Underground anyway? Here’s our complete guide to Amazon’s powerful app

One of my favorite topics to write about is how to “save you money”. I’ve recently focused on unlocked smartphones, but there’s a quicker and easier way to save you money. That is by using the Amazon Underground App. You all know Amazon.com, but you may not know about its alternative to the Google Play Store, which is its own app store that is 100% compatible with almost all Android devices and it can save you thousands of dollars on  [Read More…]

TripIt says Android users don’t travel as often, updates app to make it easier anyway


TripIt has introduced a new design for its popular Android travel app. The new design makes jumping from one section to another easier, reduces file size, and brings all the information from a traveler’s itinerary into one place. The changes were made to appease TripIt’s younger Android user base.

According to TripIt, Android users don’t fly as often as their iPhone and BlackBerry counterparts. While 21 percent of TripIt Android users jump on  [Read More…]