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Google ‘app bundles’ help blur the lines between installed and instant apps

Soon it won’t be at all apparent whether an app is truly ‘installed’ or not.

Google’s developer-focused “Playtime” event series kicked off today, and with it comes a whole bunch of changes for developers publishing apps in the Play Store. The biggest push Google’s focusing on is changing the years-old paradigm of installing big (and increasingly so) apps on your phone in a one-size-fits-all manner.

The changes emanate from a new publishing format called an “Android App  [Read More…]

Android Oreo’s annoying ‘app is using battery’ notification is gone in Android P

Thank goodness.

In Android Oreo, Google introduced a new way to “shame” apps, for lack of a better term, that were running in the background unnecessarily and draining your phone’s battery. The goal was to give a persistent notification that said “[app] is using battery” whenever that app was running in the background without actually providing anything to you, in hopes that you would track down the issue and stop it … at least, that was the  [Read More…]

Google launches ‘.app’ domain with app developers in mind

Registrations are open now through the Early Access Program.

For most folks, the majority of websites you visit likely end in “.com.” That .com portion of a domain is referred to as a TLD (top-level domain), and other examples include .net, .gov, .edu, etc. Today, Google’s launching an all-new one specifically for apps and app developers called .app.

Although most applications we interact with take place on our phones, Google notes that a .app domain can be  [Read More…]

How to turn off ‘app suggestions’ in the Google Now Launcher

Google introduced a new app drawer style in the latest version of the Google Now Launcher — coinciding with the launch of Marshmallow — that now scrolls vertically, and has a set of so-called “app suggestions” at the top of the app drawer. It’s supposed to smartly place apps at the top of the drawer based on how, when and where you use them … but most of the time, it can just be annoying.

  [Read More…]

Twitter trends feature sees update on Android mobile app.

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twitter feature

Trends are a great part of what makes Twitter such a great social experience. Being able to see what others are tweeting about and then taking part is what allows users to connect in ways that otherwise would not be possible. Though while the trends feature might be great, the way that it has been implemented via the Twitter app has not  [Read More…]

Yahoo Weather update brings animated effects to already great app.

The Play Store has become saturated with weather apps and nowadays it’s hard to find one that stands out. Yahoo Weather accomplishes this by providing a clean and accurate app that just got better with their recent update. Instead of just having a nice stock image tailored to your location you will also get an animated effect that changes depending on the weather. Now when its snowing you can experience the fun digitally without having to go  [Read More…]

Chainfire releases major update to his SuperSU root app.


SuperSu, the popular rooting app by Chainfire, has been updated to version 2.35 and it brings along some noticeable changes. With Android Lollipop support and some Material Design elements, you can tell Chainfire has been hard at work.

When Lollipop  was first released to developers, it soon became clear that the usual rooting methods that were used for KitKat were not going to work this  [Read More…]

Japanese carrier ‘blames Android app’ for recent downtime

Docomo Logo

Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo has reportedly identified “Android app traffic” as the cause of a recent network outage which affected some 2.5 million of its customers. According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, DoCoMo did not identify the app, aside from saying that it offered “free voice services.”

The application apparently caused DoCoMo’s network to buckle by sending out “control signals” rather than VOIP data. These are small amounts of data which  [Read More…]

Google Offers Android app. Yeah, because you needed another app for deals


Just last week, we wrote about Google adding 14 new partners to its Offers service, and providing filters that can lead to more targeted and relevant deals for individual consumers. Google has decided that keeping track of those deals online or with the Google Shopper app wasn’t enough and decided to release an official Offers app available now. (United  [Read More…]