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Do I need another Apple device to use Apple Music for Android?

Best answer: No. You don’t not need an Apple device in order to sign up or use Apple Music on an Android device.

Get the music pumping: Apple Music ($ 10 per month at Apple) Apple brings Music across the border

When Apple bought Beats in 2014, it wasn’t clear whether the Beats Music Android app would survive the integration. But when Apple launched Apple Music in mid-2015, the Android app stayed intact, and has been improved  [Read More…]

Apple Music for Android gets dark mode and Chromecast support

What you need to know Apple Music for Android is rolling out support for two major features with the latest update. The first is support for Android’s system-wide dark mode The second is the long-awaited support for Chromecast.

Apple Music on Android is getting much more useful.

Apple Music for Android is getting two big features with the latest update: dark mode and Chromecast support.

First spotted by 9to5Google, the update is slowly rolling out to users.  [Read More…]

Does the new Fire TV Cube burn the Apple TV 4K?

Fire TV Cube (2019)


$ 120 at Amazon

Pros New usability features like Local Voice Control Serves as an Echo speaker when TV is off Enhanced processor Serves as Alexa smart home hub Hands-free or voice remote Alexa controls Cons Doesn’t have Disney+ or Apple TV+ support yet Limited gaming selection compared to Apple TV

Fire TV devices have always been affordable entries into the smart streaming world, and the Fire TV Cube (2019)  [Read More…]

Should you buy the Galaxy Watch Active 2 or the Apple Watch Series 5?

Improved sensors and more Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

$ 300 at Samsung

Pros Digital rotating bezel Two sizes Sleep tracking Updated Running Coach Built-in GPS Cons ECG feature not available at launch More limited app selection

If you were left wanting more after the original Galaxy Watch Active was released, you’ll be pleased with its successor. You can look forward to improved sensors and GPS, an innovative digital rotating bezel, and an updated Running Coach  [Read More…]

Apple Music is finally a Spotify competitor for Android users

Spotify Premium

Algorithmic powerhouse

$ 10/mo at Spotify

Pros Great selection Better sound quality than Apple Music Best-in-class playback handoff between devices Best streaming bundle for students Cons 10,000 song library limit is easy to hit No cloud integration for purchased or uploaded music Inferior support experience, especially on Android

Spotify is great for social listeners that don’t buy music and trust Spotify to serve up what’s popular or what the algorithms say they like. Spotify  [Read More…]

Hey Google, it’s ‘time’ to copy Apple

We’re fresh off another Apple hardware event and in focus right now is the new triple camera iPhone 11 series. And, while some still buy into the Apple vs. Android nonsense, there’s one product that’s being glossed over: the Apple Watch.

The new Series 5 Apple Watch is not a big upgrade. In fact, the biggest change for consumers is the inclusion of an always-on option for the display. The watch now dims but keeps the display active so you  [Read More…]

Apple responds vehemently to concerns about iOS security vulnerabilities

What you need to know Apple released a statement addressing Google’s blog about iOS exploits. In the message, it reaffirmed customers that it keeps their security as a high priority. It also dispelled some false information that came of Google’s blog.

“Security is a never-ending journey and our customers can be confident we are working for them.”

Concerns about iOS security have been swirling since Google published a blog that outlined some vulnerabilities it discovered within iOS.  [Read More…]

Apple launches Apple Music web player for everyone

What you need to know Apple today launched its new Apple Music web player. Anyone with an Apple Music account can access the new player. You’ll be able to access the streaming service’s music catalog that includes millions of songs.

You just need a browser and an Apple Music subscription to access it.

Apple today launched a new Apple Music web player that’s available to everyone. The player is in beta form, so it might have a  [Read More…]

No iPhone, no problem: These are the best Apple Card alternatives

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Apple Card is bringing iPhone users credit card benefits like Daily Cash, money management tools built into the OS, a physical card made out of titanium, and security and privacy as a main feature of the card. One thing that it doesn’t bring, however, is the ability for  [Read More…]

Apple Music beta adds Chromecast support for Android devices

The beta also adds access to over 100,000 radio stations.

What you need to know The latest beta version of Apple Music for Android adds Chromecast support. It also adds access to over 100,000 radio stations via TuneIn, Radio.com, and iHeartRadio integration. In order to try it out, you’ll need to be signed up for the beta program through the Play Store.

Apple and Android products don’t always play nicely together, and one of the prime examples  [Read More…]