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Apple and Google asked if apps must disclose foreign ties

There are concerns about Chinese investment in apps like TikTok.

What you need to know Apple and Google have been asked about the disclosure mobile apps must provide regarding overseas ties. The chair of a U.S. congressional panel has written to both companies on the issue. Rep. Stephen Lynch cited recent press reports of national security risks over the data of U.S. Citizens.

Chair of a U.S. congressional panel Rep. Stephen Lynch has written to Apple and  [Read More…]

Deciding between the Galaxy Watch Active and the Apple Watch Series 3

Get your fitness on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

$ 165 at Amazon

Pros Built-in GPS Activity and sleep tracking Samsung Pay Great battery life Cons No cellular connectivity Heart-rate tracking is basic Tizen OS has a learning curve

Galaxy Watch Active has “active” in the name for a reason. It’s a robust fitness smartwatch that’s ideal for athletes with plenty of perks, which include built-in GPS, activity, sleep, and stress tracking, up to two days of  [Read More…]

How to earn 6% cash back on Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus

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With Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus finally launching in living rooms and across all of our mobile phones, tablets, computers, and anywhere else you can watch,  [Read More…]

Does Amazon Echo support Apple Music?

Best answer: Yes, you can stream Apple Music to any Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled Amazon devices. You can also stream Apple Music to your Echo via Bluetooth if that’s what you prefer.

A classic speaker, updated: Amazon Echo (3rd gen) ($ 100 at Amazon) Best-sounding Echo speaker: Amazon Echo Studio ($ 200 at Amazon) Subscribe: Apple Music (From $ 10 a month at Apple) How to stream Apple Music to your Amazon Echo or Alexa-enabled device  [Read More…]

Apple should be supporting education, not attacking competition

While launching a $ 2,300 laptop, Apple’s Schiller says Chromebooks won’t help students succeed

At the end of an interview with CNET‘s Roger Cheng, Apple’s Phil Schiller, the interim Head of Communications since Apple’s VP of Comms left abruptly in September, took a swipe at Chromebooks. While touting the specific benefits of the Swift Playground and other Apple-specific educational features available on the iPad, Schiller made the off-hand claim that Chromebooks were being used mostly as testing  [Read More…]

Facebook wants to take on Apple Pay and Venmo with its own payment service

You can pay using your credit or debit card, as well as PayPal.

What you need to know Facebook has announced the launch of a new payment service called Facebook Pay. It will work with the company’s suite of apps — Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The initiative does not rely on the Calibra wallet or the Libra cryptocurrency.

Facebook’s plans for becoming a big player in personal finance aren’t going away anytime soon, despite the numerous  [Read More…]

Did the former Disney CEO really just throw shade at Apple TV+?

Maybe, or maybe not. On the other hand, you could only actually watch one of those services on launch day.

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner today did what one does on Twitter, whether you’re a billionaire, a president, a billionaire president — or just one of the peasants. He trolled. And it was a decent troll, at that, taking aim at the quality of content on Apple TV+ thus far on the same day that Disney+ launched..

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Apple is coming after the Pixel 3a with the $400 iPhone SE 2 in 2020

When Google first launched the Pixel smartphone it was clear the company behind Android was done targeting developers. Instead, it had set its sights on the premium segment of the market and the iPhone in particular. All one need to do was look at the similar design and price to know that Google was going all in and coming after Apple’s iconic device.

Google apes Apple

Unfortunately for Google, the Pixel has not proven to be the iPhone competitor it  [Read More…]

Xioami’s first smartwatch looks suspiciously similar to the Apple Watch

Taking a page from Apple?

What you need to know Xiaomi is teasing a new smartwatch on its social media accounts. This is the first smartwatch that the company is launching under its own name. The company already has a leading share of the fitness tracker market.

Xiaomi this week teased a midranger that will definitely turn quite a few heads. With its 108MP camera and 5x optical zoom, the phone can give many flagships a run  [Read More…]

Do I need another Apple device to use Apple Music for Android?

Best answer: No. You don’t not need an Apple device in order to sign up or use Apple Music on an Android device.

Get the music pumping: Apple Music ($ 10 per month at Apple) Apple brings Music across the border

When Apple bought Beats in 2014, it wasn’t clear whether the Beats Music Android app would survive the integration. But when Apple launched Apple Music in mid-2015, the Android app stayed intact, and has been improved  [Read More…]