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Learn how to make Android apps faster with these 5 tools

Have you ever thought about building a mobile app for your business, product, blog or service? If you’ve had no experience, you’ll likely want to make it quick and light, meaning pre-made solutions to do it in a matter of hours, not months. Can it be done? It’s absolutely possible; you can quickly invade the mobile market and get your […]

Best Science apps for kids

Science is awesome, and with these apps your kids will learn that too!

Children are like little sponges that can soak up the world around them. While that includes the mannerisms of their parents and their environment, this is also when you have a chance to show them the wonder of science and have them get excited about it. While there are plenty of different ways to go about getting your child excited about science, you should  [Read More…]

Best Microsoft apps for Android

Microsoft apps have come a long way on Android.

Microsoft essentially shunned Android and iOS for several years, but with Satya Nadella taking the helm in 2014 and adopting a mobile-first stance, the company has turned its attention to bringing its apps and services to rival platforms. From heavy-hitters like Office to side projects developed by employees in their free time under the Microsoft Garage label, Microsoft has a lot to offer on Android.

Microsoft Office  [Read More…]

7 apps to help you look gorgeous on the cheap

Want to look flawless on your next night out in town? You will need to invest in acquiring some decent makeup products and accessories. But as all lovers of beauty might know, buying makeup can get extremely expenses. Luckily there are ways to buy these essential products at more affordable prices. Like constantly being on […]

Great SAT Prep apps for Android to get you ready for test day

These apps will help you to succeed on the big test day.

For many high school students, one of the biggest tests they will ever take is the SAT. It can cement their chances of getting into the university of their dreams, or derail those plans. While the SAT can be plenty stressful, by employing a solid studying strategy you can do everything to prepare yourself for the big day. These apps will make sure that you  [Read More…]

Chromebook Diaries: Chrome apps vs. Android apps

Should I be using Chrome apps or Android apps? And why is so much choice such a burden?

Every good operating system that’s worthy of its users has an app story. After all, if you think about those mobile OSes that have nearly failed — webOS and Windows Phone are the first that come to my mind — you’ll recall that their app stores were hardly worth delving into. They were, effectively, a boring story. That’s certainly  [Read More…]

Check out the best stand-alone Android Wear 2.0 apps (so far)

One of the major benefits that Android Wear 2.0 brought to the table is that it basically transforms your smartwatch into a stand-alone Android device. Owners of old and new Android Wear 2.0 wearables will be able to run standalone apps without the need of having a phone nearby all the time, which is super […]

Get legal help through your smartphone: 3 apps to install on your Android

There is reason it takes many long years of extensive test and schooling to become a lawyer; law is incredibly complex and every state has different intricacies. It takes a long time to learn the ins and outs of the law. Even though you may not be an actual lawyer, you should be informed about […]

7 apps for monitoring your teen’s phone

Teenagers today live in their phones – so much, that their parents don’t even have a clue of what’s going on in their lives. To make things worse, not many kids are forthcoming when it comes to sharing details about their whereabouts, group of friends or the activities they like to engage themselves in. Luckily, […]

Best apps for advanced math

Best Overall Best for Algebra Best for Graphing

Best overall Mathway

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Mathway delivers a great all-around experience for anyone who needs help to pump up their math skills. Whether you need help just finding the solution to homework problems, or you need the step-by-step directions to solve for X, it’s got you covered. At its simplest, you’ll get the solution to any math problem that you enter into the app, but that definitely  [Read More…]