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Learn to code apps, websites, and more with 6 of Udemy’s best courses

Practicing social distancing may have cancelled some of your plans over the next few weeks, but instead of sitting at home wasting your sudden wealth of free time, why not invest that time into learning something that can positively affect your life? Udemy has a myriad of courses taught by certified instructors who guide you step-by-step through learning new skills, so if you want to play a new instrument or figure out how to code, this is one of the  [Read More…]

Get those unwanted apps and bloat off of your Samsung Galaxy phone

Most of us have dealt with a glut of unwanted, pre-installed apps on our phones, but thankfully there is a solution to rid ourselves of most of them. Whether its a duplicate Samsung app or carrier bloatware, you can remove most of the offending apps by disabling or uninstalling them. Here’s how to get started.

How to remove unwanted apps from the app drawer From your home screen, swipe up to enter the app drawer.

Locate the pre-installed  [Read More…]

You can now post your Snapchat Stories to other apps

Tinder and Houseparty integrations are currently under progress.

What you need to know Snapchat is introducing a new feature called “App Stories.” It allows you to post your Snapchat Stories to other apps. Currently, only four apps are supported, with Tinder and Houseparty also being considered.

As others app copy one of its marquee features, Snapchat is trying to reassert its status as the originator of Stories by offering a more consolidated experience across different apps. To  [Read More…]

Get big discounts on these fitness apps that can help you stay active and healthy at home

Exercise is something that we all need, but also something that most of us dread. But breaking a sweat is integral to boosting our immune system, which we all need — especially now. But since most gyms across the country are temporarily shut down, we have no choice but to make our homes double as makeshift fitness centers.

If you’re not keen on relying on your trainer’s free Instagram lives for workouts, you can get your fitness fix  [Read More…]

Stop your little ones from downloading apps onto your Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire tablets are awesome. They’re generally hundreds of dollars cheaper than iPads or even other Android tablets, and they are incredibly simple to use. Many families purchase one to share or even get Fire tablets specifically for their children. However, they don’t necessarily want to give the kiddos carte blanche to do whatever they want on the devices. I’ll show you a few different ways to keep your kids from downloading apps or accessing content without your  [Read More…]

These teleconferencing apps may actually improve meeting today and beyond

It’s easy to make one-on-one video calls, especially with the likes of Google Duo. However, trouble starts cropping up when you need to actually have a teleconference with a myriad of people in on the call. This is more important than ever now that a lot more companies are working from home. There are apps that solve the issue of not having a meeting in person pretty well, and some are better with the various integrations included. Here are the  [Read More…]

Stay home and let the food come to you with these food delivery apps

There are just some days where you don’t feel like making anything for lunch or dinner, and can’t go anywhere. That’s where these various food delivery services come into play, and there are more options than ever. You can get some of your favorite restaurants delivered right to your door.

All the restaurants DoorDash

Staff Pick

DoorDash has partnered with popular restaurants across the country, including the likes of Panera Bread, Qdoba, and Chipotle. You’ll also  [Read More…]

Do you keep apps open in the background or close them?

Let’s have a chat with the AC forums.

In the Android space, there are some questions that will be debated until the end of time. Should you charge your phone overnight? Is wired or wireless charging better? Do you keep your phone on silent or have the ringer on?

Among all of those, another topic that people often quarrel with revolves around applications — specifically, whether it’s best to keep all apps open in the background or  [Read More…]

Some VPN apps and ad blockers have been spying on users’ phones

A total of 20 apps with a combined 35 million downloads were found to be engaging in these practices.

What you need to know Sensor Tower, a data analytics company, has been using an assortment of free VPNs and ad-blocking apps to collect user data. The identified apps have more than 35 million downloads in total. Both Google and Apple have removed some of these apps from their app stores since the revelations.

A new report from  [Read More…]

AnTuTu’s apps removed from Play Store over connection with Cheetah Mobile

Guilt by association.

What you need to know The popular suite of AnTuTu benchmarking apps has been removed from the Google Play Store. It was most likely due to its association with Cheetah Mobile after Google recently purged all of CM’s apps for violating Play Store policies. In a statement, AnTuTu ensures that Cheetah Mobile is only an investor and has nothing to do with the operations at the company.

In February, Google made the announcement that  [Read More…]