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Microsoft apps for Android that actually don’t suck

Microsoft is primarily known for its Windows operating systems on desktops, laptops and handhelds. However, with the saturation of the Google Android operating system, Microsoft has realized the potential for additional sales across competing devices. The applications that are currently offered by Microsoft within the Google Play store are plentiful, but not all of them

How to share and review apps in Google Play

Google Play has a lot of app in the store… so how do you find the right ones?

Search can show you what you want if you’re specific enough — maybe — but most of our apps don’t come from search, they come from our friends, they come from strangers, they come from opinions. They come from our feedback others have left, which is why almost every app you’ve ever used has had one of those  [Read More…]

Best Chromebook apps

Make the most of your Chromebook with these apps.

Your Chromebook is a safe, inexpensive, and simple portal the internet but it can do so much more. Whether you want to get productive, have a little fun or keep in touch you’ll find an app to help do it in the Chrome Web Store. Here’s the short — and ever-changing — list of ones we think you have to try.

Polarr Photo Editor Skype Any.do Office  [Read More…]

These are the best free apps for PlayStation VR

There aren’t many out there, but the free apps on Playstation VR are nothing to scoff at.

Sony launched PlayStation VR with a bang, including a ton of amazing games from nearly every genre. If you haven’t spent any time lurking through the PlayStation store since setting up your PlayStation VR, then you might not realize that there are a handful of free apps available for download right now. At the moment, the pickings are a  [Read More…]

Best NFL apps for Android

Stay up-to-date on everything NFL with these great apps for Android.

The NFL season is well underway, and the action is heating up. There are a ton of ways to follow the action on your phone or tablet, and we’ve rounded up some of the best Android apps for making sure you don’t miss a thing.

If you’re more of a casual football fan, we’ve included some top-notch football games here that just about anybody can  [Read More…]

Five multiplayer Gear VR apps to share with friends

Games in VR are better when you get to play with friends.

Samsung Gear VR gives you access to tons of awesome games. If you’ve been hoping for games that you can play with your friends, you’re in luck too. There are a few awesome games that you can check out with friends, or use to make new friends in VR. We’ve got all the details so you can jump right in, and find the games  [Read More…]

How to install apps on your Android from the web

One of the great features of having an Android device is the ability to install applications without using the official app marketplace. The Google Play store has thousands upon thousands of applications available to download at any time, however, there may be an occasion or two where an app is no longer available for a variety

Editor’s Picks: Apps and games you need to check out right now

We have chosen our apps for October’s Editor’s Picks! This month’s Editor’s Picks feature a lot of productivity tools and a few great games to keep you busy. We hope you enjoy our selections this month! Kinscreen “I have my screen set to automatically turn off after 15 seconds of not touching it in the

Hurricane Matthew: 5 websites and apps to use as resources right now

Hopefully by now you’ve read the news about Hurricane Matthew. It’s bearing down right now on the east coast of the US after leaving Haiti in ruins. Hurricanes are a regular occurance for those who live on the east coast, especially those who live in Florida. For those of you who are in Florida, Georgia

Digital Offers: Learn to build apps from scratch for only $39!

The phrase “there’s an app for that” covers just about everything these days. Want a date? There’s an app for that. Want some food? There’s an app for that. Want to learn more about how to please a member of the opposite sex? You get the picture. Python is one of Google’s preferred coding languages, and learning it is a gateway to building your own apps and possibly creating the next Angry Birds!

How do you get started? Well, coding  [Read More…]