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Google extends review time for approving new Play Store apps

Developers are unhappy about not being notified regarding the changes in the review process ahead of time.

What you need to know Google is now taking more time to perform a thorough review before approving new apps for the Play Store. The change has reportedly been made to protect users from malicious apps. Developers can no longer schedule the release of their apps.

Google has silently made a few significant changes to the review process for approving  [Read More…]

Google pulls 85 adware-laden photography and gaming apps from Play Store

The adware-infected apps were being used by fraudsters to monetize affected devices.

What you need to know Google has removed 85 Android apps from the Play Store after security firm Trend Micro found them to be delivering adware. The adware-laden apps were masquerading as photography or gaming apps on the Play Store. Mobile ad fraud campaigns reportedly cost businesses financial losses of around $ 10 million in 2018.

The security researchers at Trend Micro recently found 85  [Read More…]

12 must have apps for college students

College is exciting, crazy, and a little scary. The road has a lot of twists and turns, bumps, hurdles, and a few slides along the way. Here are a dozen apps to help you through each part of your college career and get to the other side, ready to conquer the world.

Daily planner Any.Do

Staff favorite

With this app, you easily schedule your day with color-coded tasks, checklists, and reminders. It integrates with other devices,  [Read More…]

Google testing $5 Play Pass for virtually unlimited apps and games

Google thinks that mobile users might be willing to fork over $ 5 per month for what amounts to virtually unlimited gaming and premium apps.

A recent report from Android Police confirms that Google is testing a Play Pass service which figures to offer a “curated catalog” of apps and games spanning a variety of categories.

It appears that under this service users will be able to unlock hundreds of premium games and apps as well as their features, removing  [Read More…]

Google testing Play Pass subscription with hundreds of apps and games

Google is looking to take on Apple Arcade with its Play Pass subscription service.

What you need to know Google Play Pass is a monthly subscription service that unlocks hundreds of premium apps and games. Apps and games in the catalog won’t have any ads, with all in-app purchases unlocked. The service is currently being tested for $ 4.99 a month, but the final figure could change.

Evidence of a Play Store subscription service called Play Pass  [Read More…]

Google takes down seven stalkerware apps from the Play Store

All seven apps removed by Google were detected and reported by Avast.

What you need to know Google has removed seven Android apps from the Play Store after it was found that they allowed people to stalk others. The apps were quite popular, with 130,000 total downloads. All the seven apps were apparently created by a single Russian developer.

Google has pulled seven apps from the Play Store after mobile threat researchers at Avast discovered they allowed  [Read More…]

How to remove preloaded apps from your Alexa Built-In phone

Prime Day is a great time to buy a new phone if you’ve been on the fence, with steep discounts on Amazon’s lineup of Alexa Built-In phones. Whether you pick up a Moto Z4, LG G8, or any of the dozens of other options, you’ll be getting a great deal on a new phone, but it’s not quite the same as buying an unlocked phone elsewhere. Amazon preloads its Alexa Built-In phones with, as the name suggests, a  [Read More…]

NBCUniversal releases SYFY, USA Network, and more apps for Android TV

Enjoy programs from Bravo, E!, Oxygen, SYFY, and USA Network.

What you need to know NBCUniversal has released apps for several of its most popular networks for Android TV. The apps include Bravo, E!, Oxygen, SYFY, and USA Network. The apps allow you to watch on-demand or live.

It seems Android TV has always lagged behind other platforms like Roku when it comes to app selection, but support has been ramping up the past couple of years.  [Read More…]

Antivirus apps secure your Android from malware

We tested several antivirus apps on Android cellphones and tablets to learn, which offer excellent malware protection without causing too much drag on your device. Here are some of the best.

Comprehensive security Bitdefender Mobile Security

Staff pick

Bitdefender stops malware attacks, has a VPN and web protection that warns of dangerous websites before you visit them. This app uses power management to use little of your phone’s battery to avoid slow down, and connects to  [Read More…]

This is how Google designed dark themes for its apps

The Google design team has created a set of dark theme guidelines for other developers to learn from.

What you need to know Google has used dark grays to create low contrast themes that are easy on the eyes. The design team created a new color palette for Google Calendar. Google has published a guide on dark themes for app developers.

Google has been going all out with updating its apps with dark themes as of late.  [Read More…]