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Apple and Google asked if apps must disclose foreign ties

There are concerns about Chinese investment in apps like TikTok.

What you need to know Apple and Google have been asked about the disclosure mobile apps must provide regarding overseas ties. The chair of a U.S. congressional panel has written to both companies on the issue. Rep. Stephen Lynch cited recent press reports of national security risks over the data of U.S. Citizens.

Chair of a U.S. congressional panel Rep. Stephen Lynch has written to Apple and  [Read More…]

These apps are the best way to consume news on your Android device

Keeping informed on the go is one of the many things that our smartphones are incredible tools for. During the everyday hustle and bustle, it’s easy to ignore the world around you, but the news is everywhere, including on your phone. These are the best news apps for your Android device today!

Get quick headlines Google News

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In addition to giving you quick access to the top daily headlines, Google News has a “For  [Read More…]

How to enable Android apps to use SD card storage on a Chromebook

Chromebooks, for the most part, don’t come with an abundance of storage. You won’t be seeing a 2TB Chromebook anytime soon, but unless the Chromebook you buy is from Google’s Pixelbook line, that’s not a problem. Almost every Chromebook ever made has either an SD or microSD card slot that allows you to greatly expand the storage available for your downloads and data. However, your Android apps won’t be able to see or use your SD card until  [Read More…]

The best apps and games discounts on the Google Play Store

Thanksgiving is the time of year when families come together to relax and eat — and talk about all the great Black Friday deals you’ve already scored. While it’s easy to think of all the cool products on sale this time of year, Google has also done a great job of offering steep discounts on some great digital entertainment, from mobile games to movies and TV shows. These can be great for entertaining the fam after Thanksgiving dinner, or maybe  [Read More…]

Google Play Pass adds 37 new apps and games, including Cut the Rope

The expansion includes nine new apps and 28 games in total.

What you need to know Google Play Pass is a subscription service for apps and games. It launched back in September, and for $ 5 a month, you get access to over 350 apps and games. Google has just announced 37 new titles joining the program, including the popular Cut the Rope games.

Back in September Google launched a new type of subscription service called Play  [Read More…]

Be prepared with these links to all the Disney+ apps we could find!

What you need to know Disney+ launches on the morning of November 12, 2019. Links to apps are starting to appear across on the internet. The exact timing for these apps to go live in the US and Canada is uncertain.

There are a lot of places to watch Disney Plus, so here’s a handy list.

With the launch of Disney+ mere hours away, and Disney telling everyone that they will be able to stream it to  [Read More…]

Here’s why you should stick with the Play Store to get your Android apps

All malware is bad, but this finds a way to reinstall itself — even after a factory reset.

There’s a scary bit of malware floating out there in the wild. Known as xHelper, it’s not what the malware does once installed that’s so bad, but how it keeps itself installed.

First thing’s first. This isn’t any sort of rampant infection by any measure. Symantec and Norton both estimate that there are less than 75,000 cases if it  [Read More…]

Up your camera game with these apps for Android

Shooting with your Android camera is usually great, but third-party apps can pack a punch in places you didn’t even know you needed! From manual controls to real-time filters, to creative extras and so much more, you can achieve a lot more than you think you can with your phone photography by shooting with a third-party camera app.

Best overall Moment Pro Camera

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Moment is best known for its cases and attachable lenses, but  [Read More…]

Chromebook owners are using Android apps 4x more, says Google

Chromebooks are also selling faster than ever before.

What you need to know Google has allowed Chromebooks to access the entire Play Store since 2016. The company says Android app usage on Chrome OS devices has jumped 4x in the last year. The company also sold 44% more Chromebooks year-over-year.

While Chromebooks have always been limited in what they can do compared to a Mac or a Windows PC, they’ve come a long way since Google first  [Read More…]

Google launches five new experimental apps to promote digital wellbeing

These experimental apps have been developed to help users understand their tech habits and better manage their tech use.

What you need to know Google today launched five new “experimental” digital wellbeing apps All the five apps are now available for download on the Play Store. The apps are designed to help users find a better balance with technology.

Google recently made it mandatory for Android OEMs to preload its Digital Wellbeing and Family Link apps or  [Read More…]