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Google reveals top trending apps and games of 2016, more

I don’t know about you, but this year has gone by so very fast. We’re already in December which means in a few weeks we’ll be celebrating New Year’s Eve. In anticipation of the end of 2016, Google though you might want to know which apps, games, TVs shows or films were most loved by

These are Google Play’s best apps and games of 2016

The best of 2016 from Google Play.

Google Play has rolled out its Best of 2016 guide, highlighting the best-selling apps and games this year. As expected, Niantic’s Pokémon Go turned out to be the most popular game of 2016, Game of Thrones was the most-watched TV show, and Scoompa’s Face Changer 2 led the app charts.

Top trending apps of 2016 Face Changer 2 Lumyer – Photo & Selfie Editor Castbox – Podcast Radio  [Read More…]

These apps will make your business a collaboration powerhouse

Improve your productivity and project planning at work with these great apps!

Email is still the go-to communication tool for business, but more often it’s taking a backseat to a wide spectrum of cloud-based apps that can have a positive impact on individual productivity.

We’ll be highlighting messaging, task management and project-based apps that have the potential to completely revamp how your company communicates and organizes projects.


Slack brings all your company’s communications into  [Read More…]

The best deals apps

The apps that deliver on the best deal.

Whether it’s looking for holiday gifts, or picking up something for yourself getting a deal on the things you buy is easier than you think. There are plenty of awesome apps that say they can deliver you great deals, but not all apps are of the same caliber. If you’ve ever had a frustrating experience, you’re probably well aware of this fact. That’s why we’ve collected the best  [Read More…]

SD 5.1 spec will help you identify if your card can handle apps with new ‘A1’ badge

It will soon be easier to identify when a microSD card is best suited for app performance.

The SD Assisciation (SDA), which handles the specification for SD cards of all types, has unveiled its latest spec, SD 5.1, including a new distinction for SD cards that are designed for application use rather than just media storage. The new specification, called “A1” (or App Performance Class 1), shows that a given SD card meets certain performance standards set by the  [Read More…]

How to fix apps stuck in Daydream Mode

How do I stop apps from launching in VR mode?

Google’s Daydream does something unique in the world of smartphone-based VR platforms. When you install an app, you get both the standard Android version of the app and the Daydream version of that app at the same time. This is super convenient for apps like Hulu, which ask you to log in to view videos. Typing in VR is less convenient, and this all-in-one solution not only works well  [Read More…]

Forza Football: Stop using other football apps and download this one right now (review)

Being from Ecuador, you might safely assume that I’m very passionate about football. The sport is so deeply tied to our culture; it controls our plans and our mood. Football makes you travel throughout the country to watch your local team and, to me, it is as relevant as other stuff that is supposed to actually

Apps to watch the upcoming college football championships and bowl games

With only a few weeks left in the college football season, it’s the all-important time for your favorite teams to buckle down. One (more) loss and your guys could be knocked out of contention. Given the way things have transpired as of late, we wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few more shakeups before

91 Launcher and 91 Locker: Can these apps revamp your phone? (Review)

With the countless number of launchers and lock screen replacements in the Play Store, it can be a daunting task to find one that fits your personality. In this review, we’re taking a look at a launcher and lock screen combo that I had never heard of before – 91 Launcher and 91 Locker. Will these be

Editor’s Picks: Apps we think you should check out right now!

Welcome to another edition of Editor’s Picks, where we show you our top picks for the apps you should be checking out this month! LastPass Nowadays everybody has multiple accounts, from social media and emails to your Amazon account, it’s not easy to remember all your passwords. But LastPass makes things easier, by providing users