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Android Apps Alert #84: Nexus Ninjas, Girls of Geek, Frontline Commando, and more

Android Apps Alert #84: Nexus Ninjas, Girls of Geek, Frontline Commando, and more

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, everyone. I’m sure you’re busy unwrapping your new toys or spending time with family, but I wanted to check in one last time with a  [Read More…]

Tim Tebow has as many Android apps as all of the 2012 Pro Bowl QBs combined

Tim Tebow app

Fun fact: Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has at least six Android apps and a live wallpaper in the Android Market. (Make that eight total if you count the misspelled “Tbows World.”)

There’s “Tim Tebow.” (with a period). “Tim Tebow” (without a period). “Tim Tebow!” (because dude deserves an exclamation point). The “Tim Tebow Unofficial App.” “Tim Tebow News & Stats.” And our favorite (although likely a little offensive to some),  [Read More…]

Myriad planning to bring Android apps to your TV by way of the Myriad Alien Vue

Myriad Alien Vue

Looks like the folks from Myriad are cooking something up to show off fully at CES. The makers of the Myriad Dalvik Cache that allows Android apps to run such things a iOS and MeeGo have now taken the covers off their next venture.

The Myriad Alien Vue is a system that allows TV and set-top box manufacturers to bring Android and HTML5 apps to their existing products with no decrease  [Read More…]

Android 4.0.3 becomes base version of ICS; not all apps ready to roll


Google has just announced an “incremental” update to Ice Cream Sandwich that will now serve as the base version of the OS. From this point forward, manufacturers looking to update their handsets to ICS will be doing so with Android 4.0.3. According to the Android Developers blog, 4.0.3 will be rolling out to production phones and tablets “in the weeks ahead.” While this is a good sign that manufacturers are just  [Read More…]

Google Android Training gives development lessons for making better apps

Google is providing extra resources to developers looking to create or improve Android apps. Announced last night via a Reto Meiers post on the Android Developers Blog, Android Training is a new set of classes and tools that “demonstrate best practices for solving common Android development problems.” And that education is all free.

Android Training isn’t a typical online course with a remote professor.  [Read More…]

RuFraud malware causes premium SMS charges for folks in Asia and Europe, apps pulled from Market


The folks over at Lookout have warned us about a new malware threat, this time targeted at users outside of North America.  The RuFraud malware will sign up users in Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Poland, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Estonia, Great Britain, Italy, Israel, France, and Germany to a premium SMS service by hiding inside apps that pretend to be download helpers for popular games and utilities, or wallpaper  [Read More…]

Android Apps Alert #82: Kodak, The Soup, Soundtracking, and more

Androinica recaps the new and noteworthy apps making into the Android Market each week. Considering that the Android Market has a sale of 10-cent apps this week, you’ve probably gotten into the habit of purchasing some great apps and games that you may have missed the first time around. Well, here are a few extra apps to throw on your Android phones.

Kodak Document  [Read More…]

Amazon Student app makes it easy to buy textbooks or trade-in for gift cards [Android apps]

The first two lessons learned at any university are that the financial aid office is a nightmare, and the campus bookstore is never going to give you a deal when buying or selling back textbooks. Amazon is attempting to swoop-in and address the later issue with its new Amazon Student app for Android.

Previously available only for the iPhone, Amazon Student is a rebranded  [Read More…]

Many popular Android apps and games on sale for only 10 cents

Quick, run to the Android Market and start looking for apps. If you’ve got a dime, you can probably get some of the more popular paid apps available in the Android Market. We’re not sure if this is a glitch or some stealthy marketing promotion to increase download totals, but several apps are available for only 10 cents in the US and 10p in  [Read More…]