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30+ Must Have Android Apps for Football Fans

The College and Pro football season is officially underway, having kicked off (pun #1) over the last week.  As we head into a new season of following our favorite teams and athletes, we thought it would be a good idea to share our favorite football-related Android apps as well.  The AndroidGuys team huddled (pun #2) together and came up with a list of more than 30 apps  [Read More…]

Norton 2012 Product Line Includes Trio of Android Apps

Norton announced their 2012 product line this week and, sensing the growing mobile trend, unveiled a couple of new mobile-focused titles. Android users will be most concerned with a trio of titles, Norton Tablet Security, Norton Anti-Theft Beta, and Norton Online Family. These three are all new and speak to Norton’s commitment to protecting users everywhere, whether at a desktop or on the go.

The full Norton  [Read More…]

NFL 2011 Releases Bundle of New Apps Just in Time for Kickoff

The National Football League has released an official app for Android tablets today, just hours before the season kicks off.  Called NFL ’11, the app is a free download and provides on-demand NFL network news and info, teams new, game details, and more.  We get the sense that this one was rushed out the door as the Android Market description advises that “more features in the coming days  [Read More…]

Android Apps Alert #72: Free Calls & Footballs

A labeling snafu led to a false start last week, but this is the 72nd edition of Android Apps Alert. Androinica.com checks the Android Market each week to enhance your Android experience, then we pick some of the best and offer recommendations to our awesome readers (who sometimes share  [Read More…]

How Google App Engine pricing changes might affect Android apps


On Wednesday, Google announced via their blog how Google App Engine (GAE) pricing will change as it moves out of  ”preview” mode. I won’t bore you with the details of these changes. The important takeaway is that many GAE users will see substantial increases in operating costs. Since we are an Android blog and not an App Engine blog, you may be asking why we’re writing about this here. Well, we’re writing about  [Read More…]

NAVIGON Announces Next-Gen Navigation Apps for Fall

NAVIGON AG, a key player in mobile phone on-board navigation, announced a new version of their award-winning navigation app for Android and other platforms. Due this fall, the overhauled app features a new user interface, Zagat ratings and reviews, and a new way to download and manage maps.  Rather than simply releasing the same version across multiple mobile platforms, NAVIGON has custom-built the experience for each release.  For instance,  [Read More…]

Kickstarter project aims to bring iOS apps to Android

iOS AppStore

How would you feel if you could run iOS apps on your Android device? How about your Windows or Linux PC? It’s undoubtedly been thought of before, but no one has made any real attempt at doing anything about it. Until now.

An extremely ambitious project has found its way to Kickstarter in search of some much needed funding. In theory, iEMU sounds relatively simple. Create an honest to  [Read More…]

Necessitas Eases Porting Of Nokia QT Apps To Android

Nokia’s developers are up in arms about not being able to develop on the new Nokia Windows phones with the QT interface framework. Currently developers can develop an app with QT and their app will work on all Nokia platforms but not once Windows Mobile is introduced. Nokia developers are complaining that they don’t want to have to program for Windows Mobile.

A developer who goes by the alias “BogDan” came up with a solution and has just released software  [Read More…]

Android Apps Alert #71: Ask Me, Dell Me, Max Me Edition


Welcome to Android Apps Alert Volume 71. We actually missed an episode last week, but we’re back to tracking the interesting and noteworthy apps from the Android Market over the past two weeks. Our theme is Ask Me, Dell Me, Max Me because those represent some of the apps featured in this edition.

Android Apps Alert features  [Read More…]

Hurricane Irene headed your way? Stay out of harm’s way with two Android apps


If you live on the east coast of the United States, chances are you’ve heard of this little thing called Hurricane Irene, a severe storm that may wreak havoc from North Carolina all the way up to Maine.

If you do happen to be in harm’s way (we’re sending safe, happy thoughts your way!), the following Android applications can help you track Irene’s path and prepare for the emergency, should you  [Read More…]