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Disable those annoying, power hungry carrier apps [How-To]

As I think we all know, manufacturer and carrier apps can be some of the most annoying apps on the planet, especially if they are constantly bugging you to either log in or read their new post. We all wish we could just uninstall them and curse them off into oblivion. Unfortunately, without root privileges,

Best Messaging Apps

Which apps are worth using to stay in touch? We’ve got the scoop.

Best Overall WhatsApp

See at Google Play

There is almost no contest. WhatsApp is an all-inclusive messaging app that’s all you need for staying in touch, no matter where you are in the world. WhatsApp merely relies on whether your phone has an Internet connection — whether that’s through cellular or Wi-Fi — so it’s great if you’re frequently traveling between regions.  [Read More…]

Best UK transport apps for Android

Google Maps offers the best all around experience when you are looking for easy ways to get around the UK. With plenty of options on route and mode, it can help you to get where you need to be as efficiently as possible.

Best overall Google Maps

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Google Maps is pretty much the undisputed master of getting from point A to point B, no matter where you are. Google Maps can  [Read More…]

Google now allows anyone develop Daydream VR apps

When Google officially launched Daydream for developers back in September, the company offered access to only a lucky few. Well fast forward a few months later and this week Google announced it is opening Daydream development for all. Which is not a big surprise, given that the Daydream app ecosystem is pretty scarce and if

10 clever apps to help you eat healthier

Eating healthier is probably one of the resolutions you swore you’re going to keep in 2017. Maybe you’ve up on a few pounds after the holiday season or simply you want to reboot your whole life style – and we’re here to give you a helping hand because we know how hard it can be

Could Chrome OS tablets with Android apps revive the dying tablet market?

A few days ago we told you that Google just confirmed all Chromebooks coming in 2017 and later will feature Android apps out of the box. However it seems like the merger between Android and Chrome will be extended beyond laptops and onto tablets. Yes, the tablet ecosystem hasn’t seen much innovation for the past

Adobe is optimizing its most popular Android apps for Chromebooks

Some Android apps take to Chrome OS just fine, but others need a little extra help.

Adobe is making sure its suite of extremely popular apps have a smooth transition to Chromebooks with an announcement today that it’s optimizing many for the laptop form factor. Updates to the Android apps will come in the next few weeks with various under-the-hood optimizations for use on Chromebooks that will make the apps run smooth just like on any phone or tablet.

  [Read More…]

Final Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview arrives, ready for developers to upload apps

App developers only have a handful of days left to get their apps ready for launch.

Google has just released the final Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview leading up to its official release, which is rumored to be February 9. This final preview puts some final polish on the software, and signals to developers that it’s time to submit their apps targeting the upcoming release to the Play Store.

As developers wrap up their tweaks to  [Read More…]

Google Instant Apps are one step closer to becoming available

You might remember that one of the most intriguing novelties announced by Google at its I/O event last year was Instant Apps. If you don’t, let us refresh your memory by explaining that Instant Apps act as a sort of bridge between web apps and native Android apps allowing users to utilize only specific parts

Android Instant Apps seeing limited launch today, will open up further over time

You’ll soon be able to run parts of apps without installing anything.

After learning about Google’s new “Android Instant Apps” initiative back at Google I/O 2016, they are finally ready for live trials in the real world. Google has worked with Android developers at BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope, and Viki to make the first Android Instant apps.

When an app is designed to be an Android Instant App, it lets users download and run specific parts of it  [Read More…]