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Android Instant Apps seeing limited launch today, will open up further over time

You’ll soon be able to run parts of apps without installing anything.

After learning about Google’s new “Android Instant Apps” initiative back at Google I/O 2016, they are finally ready for live trials in the real world. Google has worked with Android developers at BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope, and Viki to make the first Android Instant apps.

When an app is designed to be an Android Instant App, it lets users download and run specific parts of it  [Read More…]

Google confirms all 2017 Chromebooks will come with Android apps out of the box

Google announced back May of 2016 that soon Chromebooks will come bundling support for Android apps. Now it according to a recent update to the Chrome OS support page it seems like all Chromebooks coming out in 2017 and afterwards will have access to the Google Play Store. Case in point, the new Samsung Chromebook

Best Android apps for your Chromebook

An injection of over 1,000,000 Android apps does a great job filling in the holes in Chrome.

A few Chromebooks already have Android apps through Google Play. More are scheduled to get them, and most new Chromebooks will ship with the Play store working from day one. Android app support has also been announced for several Chromeboxes and the Chromebit. It’s a slow process, but it is happening.

Android apps will change how you use your Chromebook.  [Read More…]

Best apps for learning a language

Rosetta Stone delivers a solid foundation for learning a new language.

Best overall Learn languages: Rosetta Stone

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Rosetta Stone is already well known as a great way to begin learning a new language, but you may not have realized that it was available on your phone. With access to 28 different languages, a slow and steady pace that is great for building up your confidence, and optional live-tutoring, there is a reason  [Read More…]

The Best Android Apps

Looking for the absolute best Android apps, utilities, and games, the Play Store has to offer? You’ve come to the right place!

There are a lot of Android apps out there, and we’ve rounded up the very best across each of the Play Store’s major categories. Keep in mind that these are our subjective choices, and are always welcome to hear about what you’re digging in the comments, so don’t be shy!

Best book & reference app  [Read More…]

10 glamorous apps for the fashion enthusiast

Fashion is a staple of someone personality and sometimes you can tell quite a lot of things about a person just by looking at how they are dressed. Traditionally you’d expect ladies to be the big fashionistas of the world, but today a lot of gentlemen are interested in following fashion trends too and the

Best apps for starting a meditation habit

Because life is crazy and we should all take a little time to settle down.

Meditation is not just something that flower children do. You can do it, too, and you don’t have to go to a yoga studio or spend a weekend at an ashram to get started. All you have to do is download an app to your smartphone.

Meditation offers plenty of benefits. A consistent meditation practice can help reduce stress, improve concentration, and  [Read More…]

Seven useful apps for 1-year-old kids and under

You might have noticed it too, but kids these days tend to develop and mature a lot faster. And while it’s not recommended letting small children spend long periods of time interacting with smart devices like tablets and smartphones, exposure to such gadgetry might help them develop their budding learning skills quicker. A small child’s

Best apps to help you make habits and stick to them

Make a habit of making habits with these helpful tracking apps.

You’re probably sick of hearing the same old clichés about getting a handle back on life. Well, I’m not here to give you that rah-rah speech. Whether you get back on the saddle is ultimately up to you, but I can help you on a journey by suggesting a few apps that are effective at helping implement healthier habits into your daily life.

Whether your goal  [Read More…]

These seven apps can help turn your old junk into money

Look around the home or office and chances are you’ll find items sitting there collecting dust. Whether it’s an old lamp, hooded sweatshirt, or pair of shoes, there’s probably something you’re holding on to for no good reason. Maybe you’re just hanging on with the idea that some day you’ll have a yard sale. Perhaps