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Twitter adds muting options to mobile apps


Twitter has announced a new feature which allows you to mute people.  The update is coming to Android, iPhone, and twitter.com users over the course of this week.  The feature is nice to have when you have that friend that is just retweeting everything and you just want a break. Well mute them and they willl  [Read More…]

Editor’s Picks: 15 Android apps you should know (May 10)


The Editor’s Picks, formerly known as APPTEASERS, is a collection of apps and games that are new to Android, recently updated, discounted, etc. Whatever the case, we think they’re worth exploring and are willing to bet that many of you would enjoy a few of them.

We understand that we won’t get every single app that crosses our path but we hope to filter things  [Read More…]

Twitter rolling out ability to mute accounts to its official apps

Rejoice! Twitter now has a mute button! Well, it’s more so a mute option, to be hidden nuder the profile settings gear in web client as well as the official Twitter apps for Android and iOS, but there’s a mute option coming to Twitter regardless. Merely select that option for the user that’s getting to be too much for you and they’ll be silenced out of your existence. It’s that simple.

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The top 10 best travel apps for Android

With these apps your Android phone or tablet becomes an essential travel companion

There are a whole bunch of great apps available in the Google Play Store for those of us who travel, be it regularly or only occasionally. Whatever the trip, whatever the purpose, with an Android smartphone in your pocket you’ve got the potential to have a powerful travel arsenal at your disposal to help you out in any situation.

It’d be impossible to  [Read More…]

Apps of the Week: Shadow Fight 2, Pebble Locker, Fing and more!

Another weekend worthy of showing off the apps we’re using this week

Weekends are great for many things, but for us here at Android Central it’s a great time to show off our Apps of the Week column. Every Saturday afternoon we use this post to show off an app pick from each of the writers at the site, and give a quick explanation as to why we’re using it on our phone or tablet. It  [Read More…]

Small update for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 installs more apps for you, whether you want them or not

Do you want the Android apps for Yellow Pages and Lookout Security on your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5? You don’t? Well too bad. The latest update to the Galaxy S5 on Ma Bell doesn’t add anything new to Android itself, but the 46.73MB download will install Yellow Pages and Lookout Security on the smartphone — and it won’t let you delete them afterwards.

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Best apps for mom on Mother’s Day

Android mother's day

So you got your mom an Android phone or tablet for Mother’s Day.  First of all, congratulations on officially becoming the favorite child. Secondly, you are gonna have to fill that device with great apps for your mother to enjoy (you’re gonna be setting it up for her anyway, so why not). Without further ado, we bring you the best apps for mom on  [Read More…]

Latest Google Drive update now requires Docs and Sheets apps to edit files

Google has updated its Google Drive app in the Play Store, which now requires users to install standalone Sheets and Docs apps for editing of documents and spreadsheets. By stripping the editing function out of the Drive app, Google is intending that the Drive app be used for managing and viewing of your files on the cloud.

Though users will now need three apps to retain the functionality of the old Drive app, the upside is  [Read More…]

Google Player Developer console now lets you squelch draft and unpublished apps

Here’s a fun little addition to the Google Play developer console. You can now choose to filter out unpublished apps, or apps in draft status. That means we won’t have to see our old Smartwatch Fans app anymore, now that we’ve unpublished it and replaced it with Connectedly. (Which you should totally download now!)


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Apps of the Week: UpNext, TVCatchup, PYKL3 Radar and more!

A great selection of apps, from our phones to you

It’s that time again, Saturday afternoon, where we lay out our Apps of the Week and put them on display. We want everyone to have a glimpse at least once a week into the apps that the writers here at Android Central are using, and this is our chance each weekend. We each give you a look at a single app we currently have installed on  [Read More…]