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Smartwatches are awesome. So why aren’t they more popular?

The future looked way cooler than it really is.

Officially, Google isn’t finished with Android Wear, and neither are the companies that build watches powered by it. But I’m pretty sure that Android Wear’s time has come and gone.

Barring some major breakthrough that will fundamentally change the way we use the platform, there’s not much more to be done with it. On the technical side, there is a lot of cool stuff that can happen; things  [Read More…]

These Bluetooth headphones aren’t the best looking but they are certainly worth $8

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with an $ 8 pair of Bluetooth headphones that you’ll want to try out!

If you’ve thought about ditching the wires on your headphones and giving Bluetooth a try, this may be the pair for you. Right now, you can pick up these (somewhat ugly) Vtin sweatproof headphones for just $ 7.99 with coupon code PAV3E7VR, a savings of $ 8. Sure, you won’t get the same quality out of  [Read More…]

Xiaomi’s phones aren’t coming to the U.S. or UK anytime soon

Xiaomi doesn’t want to jeopardise its position in Asian markets by stretching itself too thin.

Erstwhile Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra announced back in August 2016 that the company would make its debut in the U.S. market “in the near future.” We haven’t heard much about the Chinese manufacturer’s global plans since then, but it looks like customers in Western countries will have to wait awhile to get their hands on Xiaomi’s phones.

In an interview with Engadget,  [Read More…]

Legacy unlimited AT&T data plans aren’t worth the high cost

When the first iPhone was released almost a decade ago it was exclusive to AT&T Wireless. It was also the first time that AT&T created an Unlimited Data Plan to help iPhone users cut costs on limited data plans. The Unlimited Data Plan used to cost $ 30, and was increased to $ 35 earlier this year. Unlike

Smaller phones aren’t for everyone, and that isn’t a surprise

AC readers think bigger is better, and we’re not surprised.

In last week’s poll we asked if you care about smaller phones. Apple has announced the new 4-inch iPhone SE which kickstarted the conversation, but we really wanted to know is whether size is important to you. Pretty much everyone has an opinion, whether it’s in favor of small phones, or defending your large phone’s size.

With a serious lead, “No, I  [Read More…]

Why aren’t more manufacturers using Intel in their Android phones?

Is Intel ready to take on Qualcomm for mobile processor dominance?

Two years ago, seeing the Intel Inside branding on a smartphone would have made a lot of people laugh. Qualcomm owned the mobile world, and Intel wasn’t ready to compete. This past year, we saw something very different. Qualcomm stumbled with the Snapdragon 810 in a mostly-pointless rush to support 64-bit architectures, and the handful of phones we saw Intel processors in seemed to close  [Read More…]

App installs from search results aren’t ‘bypassing’ Google Play, but you might miss some details

Much hay is being made about Google testing out app installations direction from search results. All it’s doing, however, is speeding up the process.

Mobile apps are funny things. We’re quick to install them. And quick to blame them should something go wrong. Stolen data. Unclear permissions. Too much data being collected. Apps being hijacked by nefarious actors, repackaged and distributed through alternative means. It’s very much still the Wild West out there.

But Google over  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll results: If you aren’t using VR, your kids aren’t either

Last week we asked if you use VR with your kids. Considering the already popular Google Cardboard, the new Samsung Gear VR, it wouldn’t be strange for your kids to be clamoring to play with that new toy. In a turn about though, it looks like most of you aren’t using VR at all!

Amazon drops the Fire Phone pricing to $130, but you likely still aren’t interested

Amazon’s Fire Phone never took off as the company had hoped, but that has yet to stop the retail giant from attempting to entice buyers with it still. The latest attempt drops the price down to just $ 130, with free shipping. Considering the Fire Phone comes with a free year of Amazon Prime, a $ 99 value, the company is basically selling the phone for just $ 30.

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Marcelo Claure’s comments to John Legere about Jump OnDemand aren’t wrong

John Legere has made quite the name for himself by speaking his mind and using PG-13 language in places you don’t usually see C-level executive for major companies doing so. He routinely pokes at the competition on Twitter, frequently calling out other mobile carrier CEOs and mocking decisions they’ve made recently. It’s usually fairly entertaining, especially when it’s clear one of these companies is rolling out a lamer version of a plan Legere’s team has just finished  [Read More…]