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Ring Smart Lights vs. Arlo Smart Security Lights: Which should you buy?

Arlo and Ring are in an ongoing battle for smart home security dominance, and this battle extends from cameras into the smart lights that support them. While the smart light offerings from these companies are very similar, we test bothto help you decide which one should illuminate your home.

Ring Smart Lights

Shine bright

$ 100 at Amazon

Pros Base package includes two lights Easily group with other Ring smart lights Excellent weather resistance Cons Limited  [Read More…]

Up your home security with this limited-time sale on Arlo Pro 2 HD cameras

Let Arlo’s cams keep an eye on your home day or night.

Arlo Pro 2 wireless home security camera systems are currently discounted in various configurations at Amazon. The deals there are matching a limited-time promotion at Best Buy.

The offers include the 2-camera kit at $ 339 — $ 60 off its average price — or $ 399 with the added doorbell. The 3-camera kit is $ 500 at Best Buy and there are discounts at  [Read More…]

Protect your home with $180 off this Arlo Smart Home Security Light bundle

Get instant notifications every time the lights are activated.

This Arlo Smart Home Security Light bundle is down to just $ 99.99 at Best Buy. This kit normally sells for around $ 280 and includes two security lights, three rechargeable batteries, an Arlo Bridge, mounts, and more.

These lights are completely wireless, use motion detection, and send mobile alerts when activated. They work indoors and out, have fully customizable settings including the color of the lights, and  [Read More…]

Up your home security with this sale on the Arlo Pro 2 HD camera system

Let Arlo’s cam keep an eye on your home day or night.

The Arlo Pro 2 wireless home security camera system is reduced to $ 199.99 today at Best Buy. This one-day deal takes $ 100 off the usual price for this kit that includes one Arlo Pro 2 camera as well as the necessary base station. As a price comparison, the 2-camera kit at Amazon is almost twice the price.

The second-gen Arlo Pro cameras works  [Read More…]

Do I need an Arlo Chime to use an Arlo Audio Doorbell?

Best answer: No, you do not need the Arlo Chime in order to use the Arlo Audio Doorbell. However, the Chime makes it possible for you to hear when someone is at the door from wherever you are in the house.

Amazon: Arlo Chime ($ 50) Amazon: Arlo Audio Doorbell ($ 80) What does the Chime do?

While the Audio Doorbell provides its own peace-of-mind, the Chime is extremely complimentary. The Chime does not require batteries to  [Read More…]

How does the Arlo Audio Doorbell work with an Arlo camera?

Best answer: The Arlo Audio Doorbell and Pro Camera work extremely well together when paired together and properly placed, but you’ll need the Arlo Base Station in order to make sure these products are connected.

Amazon: Arlo Audio Doorbell ($ 80) Amazon: Arlo Pro Camera ($ 140) Amazon: Arlo Base Station ($ 80) Seamless integration

As one would expect, the Audio Doorbell and Pro Camera from Arlo both work seamlessly together. They complement each other, but how  [Read More…]

Should you buy an Arlo Audio Doorbell?

Best answer: If you want to avoid the hassle of batteries and cables, you should pick up the Arlo Audio Doorbell. This doorbell also offers two-way communication without you needing to actually answer the door, which other Arlo products don’t have.

Amazon: Arlo Audio Doorbell ($ 80) Amazon: Arlo Base Station ($ 80) Wire-free Life

Back in November 2018, Arlo debuted its first non-video smart doorbell with the Arlo Audio. This offered a new wire-free setup that  [Read More…]

Arlo Pro 2 security camera review: Easy inside and out

With so many different connected security systems to choose from, confusion is the new normal. Arlo makes it all easier.

Connected security cameras come in all shapes and sizes and trying to make sure you get what you need the first time can be a pain. Nobody wants to set up a security system more than once. I’ve been using the Arlo Pro 2 system — one camera outside with a pair of Arlo Security Lights and  [Read More…]

These are the best accessories for your Arlo Security System

When it comes to keeping an eye on your home, Netgear offers a powerful line of wireless home security cameras under the Arlo brand. These cameras are battery-powered and mountable inside or outside your home, letting you keep tabs on all of your property for added peace of mind. If you’re looking to get more out of your Arlo security cameras, the right accessories can go a long way; here are our favorite Netgear Arlo accessories that include a stylish  [Read More…]

Help your Arlo Security Light reach its full potential with these team-ups!

Home security cameras can give you a much better look at who keeps cutting through your backyard if you can get some light on them. The Arlo Security Light is a wire-free smart light that’s weatherproof and can be mounted over any walkway, porch, backyard, or hunting blind on your property. Now, this little light can do a lot on its own, but it can do so much more if you combine it with some sensible accessories and fellow smart  [Read More…]