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HTC U11 Life rumored to have Android Oreo, Edge Sense, IP67 rating around $400

Another step in the process of moving Android One toward higher-end phones.

Google’s Android One program has hit a couple of high points over the past few weeks with entries like the Xiaomi Mi A1 and upcoming Moto X4 on Project Fi. Both the Mi A1 and Moto X4 are two of the most complete handsets we’ve seen under the Android One moniker to-date, but leaked specs for the HTC U11 Life reveal that it might be Android One’s  [Read More…]

Essential has probably sold around 5,000 Essential Phones since its release

More than a month after its initial release, the Essential Phone has only sold 5,000 units. That’s not good.

Just like every year, 2017 has brought the release of a lot of new phones — most of them very good. You’ve got your heavy-hitters like the Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30, but then there’s the market oddity that is the Essential Phone. The very first product from Andy Rubin’s new startup was officially launched on August 17, and  [Read More…]

Bose made a speaker you can wear around your neck

We’re stepping into the next era of wearable devices or at least Bose is. The sound specialist just unveiled an unusual but highly portable speaker called the SoundWear Companion which can be worn around the neck. Music fans would normally go for a pair of headphones or earbuds, but if you’d like to be more […]

The EcoFlow River is the biggest baddest battery around and I love it

I keep waiting around for a massive jump in battery technology. One day we’ll all look back and remember that we had to charge our phones once a day and think “what the hell were we doing?” Alright, maybe it’s not as bad as I make it out to be, but I am still waiting […]

This $11 Extech digital multimeter makes sure you’re never guessing around electricity

Whether building a PC or doing some other project around the house, the team at Thrifter knows you’ll need this multimeter to do it right!

Today’s Amazon Gold Box deal of the day features a couple of Extech products on sale. The Extech MiniTec digital multimeter is down to $ 10.99 until the end of the day. Tools like this have a long shelf-life, and this multimeter has been around since at least 2011. In all that time it  [Read More…]

Unblock content from around the world with StreamJack TV (96% OFF today!)

With all of this talk about hacking and security breaches that permeates the media, you’ve likely wondered if you’re at risk. The short answer to this question is a resounding yes. You need to be doing something to better protect yourself against prying eyes. We’re not just talking keeping your email secure. You can pick […]

Get one of the best fitness trackers around for half off

The fitness tracker market is quite wide, but it isn’t necessarily all that deep. There are a handful of trackers that are truly worth your money and then there are a boatload of duds that simply track steps and have apps that are poorly translated or altogether useless.

Fashionably track your fitness goals for $ 90 Learn more

Great fitness trackers that look great are somewhat hard to come by. Yes, many let you customize the band, but  [Read More…]

The ZTE Axon 7 at $329 is one of the best unlocked phone deals around

One of the best unlocked phones of 2016 is getting a deep discount for 2017.

The ZTE Axon 7 was a surprise hit last summer, offering a great smartphone experience at $ 399. Here’s what I said in August 2016:

The Axon 7 is one of the best phone surprises I’ve had so far in 2016. Like the OnePlus 3, it provides tremendous value for its $ 400 asking price, and despite a few software quirks is without major  [Read More…]

The Samsung Galaxy S8 home button moves around to prevent burn-in

Samsung decided to ditch the physical home button on the Galaxy S8 in favor of a virtual one, but does that introduce burn-in issues? Pixels that are always lit up in the same place naturally results in the image being retained and eventually burnt into the OLED display. However, it seems the Samsung thought of […]

Gear 360 (2017) preview: Fun all the way around

When thinking of great tech, often what comes to mind is the best quality, the best specs, the best design … but we sometimes forget what really drew us to it in the first place: the fun factor. 360 cameras came onto the scene in a big way in 2016, and while they may not be quite as hot a commodity this year, Samsung’s new Gear 360 stands a good chance of rekindling the public’s love for these special  [Read More…]