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With the Fitbit Versa 2 around, is the Ionic still worth your money?

Now that these fitness watches are comparably priced, it is a little more challenging to pick an overall winner.

Mass appeal Fitbit Versa 2

$ 150 at Amazon

Pros Battery life increased to 5+ days OLED screen Amazon Alexa onboard Fitbit Pay on regular and special editions Generally more affordable than Ionic Cons No built-in GPS Less battery life than Ionic

The Fitbit Versa 2 is the embodiment of a modern fitness smartwatch. It has  [Read More…]

Microsoft unveils new details around Windows 10X at M365 Developer Day

What you need to know Microsoft has details plans around dual-screen app development on Windows 10X and Android. Developers can test their apps on Windows 10X today via an emulator. More details about Windows 10X have been unveiled.

New details about Windows 10X and dual-screen app development have been unveiled by Microsoft.

Microsoft has today shared more information regarding app development for the upcoming Windows 10X operating system, as well as how developers can adapt Android apps  [Read More…]

Block out the world around you with these ANC true wireless earbuds

True wireless earbuds have come a long way in the few short years they’ve existed. Early offerings like the first-gen AirPods were expensive and lacked a lot of features, but as time has gone on, prices have come down and additional features have been implemented — one of which is noise cancelation. True wireless buds that can block out ambient sound are more common than ever before, and today, we’re highlighting six of our favorite ones — including  [Read More…]

OnePlus is taking the Concept One on a tour around the world

It’s coming to India, Europe, and the U.S.

What you need to know OnePlus is taking the Concept One on a world tour. It’ll show off the experimental device in ten cities, starting February 5. The phone includes an electrochromic glass panel that can ‘hide’ the camera array on its back.

Whether it’s the black prototype or the ‘papaya’ yellow model OnePlus showed off at CES 2020, there’s no denying it: the Concept One is one sexy  [Read More…]

These cases let you play around with the Moto G8 Play with no fears

The Moto G8 Play is aiming to be one of the more popular handsets over the coming months if Motorola’s mid-range track record is any indication. However, with so much value in the G8 lineup, you’ll still want to keep it protected and we’ve found the best cases for the G8 Play.

Improved grippiness Fancart Soft TPU Protective Case

Staff Pick

Fancarts Soft TPU Case keeps everything simple with its raised edges, matte TPU material to  [Read More…]

Twitter finally got around to bringing Dark Mode to Android — kind of

What you need to know Twitter already has a dark mode, which features a dark blue background. ‘Lights Out’ mode brings a truly dark experience to the app. It can help extend your OLED phone’s battery life.

It’s called ‘Lights Out’

iPhone apps sometimes get features months before their Android counterparts, and lamentably so. Even the most prominent companies are not spared from this at times. Case in point: almost seven months after Twitter made a new  [Read More…]

Instagram is currently down all around the world

There’s currently no word as to when the app will be back up.

What you need to know Instagram went down on September 9 around 12:00 ET. Down Detector shows outage reports all around the globe. Instagram has yet to address the issue.

If you’re having trouble accessing your Instagram feed today, you’re not the only one.

On September 9, 2019, around 12:00 ET, the hashtag #instagramdown began trending on Twitter with tons of users complaining about  [Read More…]

Google Chrome 76 now available, makes it easier to get around paywalls

Chrome 76 is now out for Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux users, and is coming to Chrome OS on August 6.

What you need to know Chrome 76 is now available for Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux users. The latest version of Chrome browser blocks Flash by default and makes it easier to bypass paywalls. There are multiple Progressive Web Apps improvements as well.

Google has finally released the stable version of Chrome 76 for Android, Windows,  [Read More…]

U.S. chipmakers are using a legal loophole to get around Trump’s Huawei ban

Intel and Micron are still selling to Huawei but have declined to comment on the report.

What you need to know In spite of a trade ban by the Trump administration, a few U.S. companies resumed selling components to Huawei three weeks ago. Component sales to Huawei have reportedly totaled hundreds of millions of dollars in just three weeks. The companies are “lawfully” getting around the Trump ban by not labeling the components as American-made.

U.S. chipmakers  [Read More…]

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a brilliant game built around a bizarre premise

In my humble opinion, top-down twin-stick shooters are some of the best games you can play on your phone. Few other mobile games can deliver the sort of full freedom of control and frantic action found in this genre, and because the camera is pulled back from the action you can see more of the surrounding area and enemies on a smaller screen, plus modern smartphone hardware is able to churn out games that look incredible and are  [Read More…]