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The new Google Assistant will be U.S. only, English only at launch

It features a new look and is said to be considerably faster than before.

What you need to know The new Google Assistant can run on your device locally, yielding a massive increase in performance It’ll first roll out with the Pixel 4 series. At launch, the new experience will be exclusive to the U.S. and available only in English.

Alongside launching a slate of new products at its launch event earlier today, Google also showcased the  [Read More…]

Google Assistant routines are finally coming to Android TV

There’s also a new “Showtime” routine.

What you need to know Google is adding a preset to Google Assistant routines called “Showtime”. Android TV will be getting support for routines in the future as well. This preset will also be able to be fully customizable once it rolls out to Assistant.

Using a routine through Google Assistant is a great way to do multiple actions with one word, and Google is setting up a new preset for  [Read More…]

Issa Rae makes a cameo as the new Google Assistant voice

Clearly, everyone wants to talk to a celebrity these days.

What you need to know Issa Rae is the second celebrity cameo voice for Google Assistant. This free addition is available only in the United States. Cameo voices for Assistant only work for specific replies, not for every response.

Google is bringing comedy gold to its Assistant with Issa Rae’s voice, starting today. The comedian and actress who gained fame from her YouTube series, Awkward Black Girl,  [Read More…]

Marshall Major III Voice keeps the retro design, picks up Google Assistant

Marshall rolls out its first headphones with Google Assistant integration.

What you need to know Major III Voice has Google Assistant built-in, allowing you to play songs, get weather updates, and more with the press of a button. You get 40mm drivers, and 60 hours of listening time on a full charge. You can now pick it up for $ 169.

Marshall is rolling out a new model in its Major III series, dubbed the Major III  [Read More…]

Assistant is helping automate booking movie tickets in Chrome

Google is leveraging its Duplex technology to fill out forms and tap on buttons.

What you need to know Google Assistant can now help you book movie tickets through Chrome. It utilizes Duplex technology to cut out all the tedious tapping of buttons and filling out of info. It works with many popular movie booking sites such as AMC, Fandango, Regal, and MovieTickets.com.

Back in May at I/O 2019, Google showed off how soon you’d be able  [Read More…]

Chrome OS 77 brings Google Assistant to more Chromebooks

Chromebooks owners can use the “Search” + “a” keyboard shortcut or just say “Hey Google” to access the Assistant.

What you need to know Google Assistant has started rolling out to non-Pixel Chromebooks. You will need to enable the Assistant in your Chromebook’s settings to get started. Google Assistant on Chromebooks can help you create new documents, set reminders, play music, and a lot more.

After a long wait, Google has finally started rolling out Assistant support  [Read More…]

Google updates policies to not store Assistant audio data by default

Google will begin deleting audio data for Voice & Activity users in the future.

What you need to know By default, Google will no longer store any audio data on you from using Assistant. Google only stores audio data on you if you’ve enabled Voice & Audio Activity where humans may listen and transcribe audio clips to improve accuracy. Later this year Google will introduce sensitivity settings for the keywords that activate Assistant and begin deleting audio  [Read More…]

Alcatel intros a 4G flip phone with Google Assistant

TCL has been busy over the last few years as it becomes a bigger player in the Android market with the Alcatel brand and a partnership with BlackBerry. In fact, it’s now the fourth largest phone maker in North America. Now, the company has turned to KaiOS to bring the first “dumb” phones with Google services to the United States.

Essentially, Alcatel offers the same device as two variants: The GO FLIP 3 and the SMARTFLIP. The GO FLIP 3  [Read More…]

Users in India can now access Google Assistant even without internet access

Google is rolling out a new way for users in India to interact with Google Assistant.

What you need to know Indian users without internet access can now talk to Google Assistant. By calling the 000-800-9191-000 toll-free number, users can talk to Assistant in English and Hindi over a call. The phone line service is now available to all users in India.

Google Assistant is great when you have a decent internet connection, but what if you  [Read More…]

Google Assistant gets new voices in nine more languages

A second voice option for the Assistant is now available in nine new countries.

What you need to know Google is introducing a second voice option for the Assistant in nine more languages: German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, English in the U.K. or English in India All the new voices were built using Deepmind’s WaveNet technology, which make them sound natural. You will be able to choose from the different voices by heading over to  [Read More…]