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Bose announces new Portable Home Speaker with Assistant and Alexa for $349

The speaker will be available for purchase on September 19 in Triple Black or Silver Luxe.

What you need to know The Bose Portable Home Speaker launches on September 19 for $ 349. It will support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, and AirPlay 2. It has a built-in handle, IPX4 water-resistance, and up to 12 hours of battery life.

Bose has announced its first portable smart home speaker, aptly named the Bose Portable Home  [Read More…]

Google Assistant now allows you to assign reminders to people

Available for English users in the U.S., UK, and Australia.

What you need to know An update to the Google Assistant allows you to assign reminders to people. It works for time and location-based reminders. You can only send reminders to people that are in your family group.

If you have a Google Home or Nest Hub, chances are you’re a frequent user of the Reminders feature. Being able to have the Assistant remind you to take  [Read More…]

Use Google Assistant on the go with a pair of headphones

While our smartphones are getting smarter over time with A.I, manufacturers are finding more ways to make every day life more manageable. One of those ways is getting the Google Assistant on as many devices as humanly possible. One product category where the Assistant has become super useful in is headphones. Google’s own Pixel Buds are a good example. It gives you easy access to the Assistant while also adding additional functionality.

Best Overall: Sony WF-1000XM3

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Android Q Beta 5 hits Nokia 8.1 with corner swipe for Google Assistant

If you’re rocking a Nokia 8.1, now is the best time to get started with Android Q.

What you need to know The Nokia 8.1 is now picking up the Android Q Beta 5 update. Along with the July 2019 security patch, the update includes a new corner swipe gesture for invoking Google Assistant. If you’re not enrolled yet, you can get started with the beta program by heading to HMD’s website.

Android Q Beta 5 is  [Read More…]

How to delete Google Assistant audio recordings on Home speakers

The Google Home (and any of Google’s Assistant speakers for that matter) is great. Being able to control smart lights, find out about the weather, set timers, make calls, and more with just your voice is incredibly helpful. Smart speakers get a lot of flak for privacy concerns, especially with the Google Home and the fact that it saves audio recordings of your interactions with it. If you want to delete these recordings, here’s what you need to  [Read More…]

Huawei was making a Google Assistant speaker, but the Trump ban killed it

The speaker would have been unveiled at IFA 2019.

What you need to know Huawei and Google were working together to create a smart speaker. Shortly after the Trump ban, Huawei had to cancel the speaker. It was supposed to be unveiled at IFA 2019.

IFA 2019 will be here before you know it, and when the annual trade show rolls around, we’ll be met with all sorts of exciting gadget announcements. One thing that won’t be  [Read More…]

Assistant is getting smarter about talking to you when turning off lights

The feature isn’t available for everyone yet.

What you need to know The Google Assistant will now respond with just a chime when you ask it to switch off the lights. In addition to lights, the change will apply for switches and plugs identified as lights. It might take some time for the feature to be rolled out to all users.

Google has begun rolling out a new feature for its Google Home and Nest Hub devices  [Read More…]

How to set up your personal Voice Match for Google Assistant

Google is amazing with data; it’s kinda its thing. One of those things it does almost better than everyone else in mobile is voice data. This is due to a few things, but one of those is your Voice Match data.

Google has been collecting data from voices for years. If you’ve used voice dictation, search, or voice-to-text, yours has been collected, too. With this data, it has built a profile of how you speak and the patterns you use.  [Read More…]

Google Assistant may soon let you send texts directly from the lock screen

Google Assistant is set to become even more versatile than it already is.

What you need to know It may soon be possible to send a text directly from the lock screen using Google Assistant. The feature is currently being tested but it remains to be seen if it will be rolled out at all. Currently, users are required to first unlock their device before sending a text message using Assistant.

The Google Assistant is arguably the  [Read More…]

Note 10 leaks, Pixel 4 expectations, Huawei reprieve, assistant recordings

Daniel Bader is back in the saddle after his trip to Turkey and is joined by Ara Wagoner and Jerry Hildenbrand to talk about changes to the Android Q gesture system, and pre-disappointment about Google’s Pixel 4. They also chat about more Galaxy Note 10 leaks and rumors about Galaxy Watch 2 and Galaxy Tab S5.

Huawei isn’t completely out of the woods, but U.S. companies can work with them in situations where ‘where there is no threat  [Read More…]