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Photos of the Asus C200 Chromebook leak online

Asus, which is already investing in Chromeboxes, is now looking to release a Chromebook. According to photos leaked on Google+, the PC manufacturer is working on a Chromebook — the C200. While not much is known about the product itself, it has “Intel Inside” and a rather large touchpad.


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AT&T releases specs for upcoming ASUS PadFone X

Back in January, we reported that AT&T will exclusively release the ASUS PadFone X in the US, and now AT&T is finally back again with something new for us regarding the PadFone X. On their official blog, AT&T published the whole information about the specs of the PadFone X, check it out below:


PadFone: 143.93 x 72.46 x 9.98 mm (150g) PadFone Station: 250.4 x 172.25 x 11.63  [Read More…]

ASUS introduces Zenfone smartphone line, hitting China on April 11

ASUS has decided to launch a new smartphone line in China. The line contains Zenfone 4, 5 and 6, and they are all powered by the Intel Atom chipsets. The devices will be launched in China on April 11, and about the pricing, Zenfone 4 will be available for $ 100, the Zenfone 5 for  $ 150, and the Zenfone 6 for $ 200.

ASUS Zenfone 6 is a 6″ phablet with glove and pen touch support and 720p resolution, featuring Intel Z2580 chipset, 2GB  [Read More…]

ASUS’ Android and Windows 8 hybrid may never see the light of day

ASUS proudly showed off its new Transformer Book Duet TD300 at CES in January, but a new report suggests the Android/Windows 8 hybrid laptop/tablet has been cancelled. The Wall Street Journal claims that pressure from both Google and Microsoft has caused the project to be “indefinitely delayed.”


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ASUS Chromebox hits online retailers for $179, shipping out Mar. 14

Simple specs and great connectivity options at a near impulse purchase price

Keeping to its word, ASUS has just put its first Chromebox effort up for order from three online retailers today. Amazon, Newegg and TigerDirect all have the ASUS Chromebox up for order at the nice, low price of $ 179 to be shipped out on March 14th.

That price gets you a 1.4GHz Intel Celeron 2955U Processor (what we see in many Chromebooks), 2GB  [Read More…]

The ASUS PW100 wireless charging stand

ASUS PW100 Qi wireless charger

A quick look at an expensive but capable Qi ​charger

We love us some wireless charging here at Android Central. And so we quickly scooped up the ASUS PW100 after it was announced through a YouTube video. 

The short, short version? It’s a pretty cool stand/charger, but it’s expensive. And it only charges the Nexus 7 (2013) horizontally, not vertically. It does, however, work just fine with the Nexus 5, or  [Read More…]

ASUS schedules Android 4.4 for several PadFone tablets

ASUS is planning to release the Android 4.4 for their PadFone tablets, plus it will also feature the latest version of the Zen UI as well. Although, ASUS is only telling us when we can expect it as they are no exact dates right now, but at least we know it’s coming. Below you can see the list of few tablets, including their region and time frames:

ASUS Padfone 2 (Q2 2014) ASUS Padfone Infinity in Russia and Asia (Q2 2014) ASUS  [Read More…]

Asus is expected to unveil the Padfone tablet/smartphone product at MWC

Asus is expected to unveil the Padfone tablet/smartphone product at MWC

The concept of the Asus Padfone is certainly an interesting one and was initially introduced a year ago, but will be fully unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress.  Essentially, the Padfone  [Read More…]

Deal of the day: Refurbished Asus Transformer for just 298 dollars

Deal of the day: Refurbished Asus Transformer for just 298 dollars

If you have watched our blog closely during the past few weeks, you probably already know that we here at Androinica.com love ourselves a nice bargain. Which is why when we first  [Read More…]

Asus to reveal redesigned Padfone at MWC 2012


The Asus Padfone has been a long time in the making, but we should finally see the final design at Mobile World Congress on February 27th, according to a report from Paul O’Brien of Modaco. The first of its kind innovation allows the user to dock their smartphone into a tablet docking accessory for a larger viewing area.

Many recent reports keep claiming that the Padfone will feature Nvidia’s Tegra 3  [Read More…]