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Best AT&T phones

What are the best phones you can buy at AT&T right now?

Whether you’re a loyal AT&T subscriber, or you’re looking to jump ship to its giant cellular network, take a peek at our list of the best smartphones the carrier has to offer.

We’ll be updating this guide throughout the year to keep you informed of the latest devices worth wielding as your daily driver. Be sure to read through our reviews for the full  [Read More…]

AT&T now let’s DIRECTV customers stream videos data free to their smartphones

AT&T acquired and finalized the acquisition of DIRECTV in 2015 and has been integrating its services to its mobile division rather rapidly. Following the lead of T-Mobile with unlimited video streaming, customers who have an AT&T mobile plan and a DIRECTV account can now stream unlimited videos through the DIRECTV app without affecting data limits. Unfortunately,

How to return your recalled Galaxy Note 7 to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint

Samsung has initiated a recall for the Note 7, but all you care about is your interaction with your carrier.

Since a majority of us in the U.S. still buy our phones from the big four carriers, we don’t really care about the process of returning our still-new recalled Galaxy Note 7 elsewhere — we want to know how to get it done here. Well, it turns out that one of the benefits of buying your  [Read More…]

AT&T set to release the ultra rugged Kyocera DURAFORCE PRO on Aug. 31st

AT&T has a new phone for consumers who need something that can withstand more abuse than your typical user. Think outdoorsy types, construction workers, firefighters and police; the Kyocera DURAFORCE PRO can be preordered on August 31st and is an ultra rugged smartphone that can take a beating. The DURAFORCE PRO comes with an IP68

Legacy unlimited AT&T data plans aren’t worth the high cost

When the first iPhone was released almost a decade ago it was exclusive to AT&T Wireless. It was also the first time that AT&T created an Unlimited Data Plan to help iPhone users cut costs on limited data plans. The Unlimited Data Plan used to cost $ 30, and was increased to $ 35 earlier this year. Unlike

Google partners with Apple, AT&T and more to combat robocalls

Randall Stephenson, chairman of AT&T, is announcing a consortium of 33 companies, which include Google, Apple, AT&T and Comcast, that are joining the FCC to crack down on robocalls. Robocall Strike Force Right now, the plan is to have these companies work on various solutions and come up with a plan by October 19. So

AT&T ditches monthly overages for reduced data speeds

AT&T has announced that the carrier will be ending overage charges in favor of reduced data speeds once you’ve used your allotment. The carrier will offer plans ranging from 1GB to 200GB of high-speed data so you can pick the correct amount for what you use. Some customers will actually get more data in their allotment under the new plans without paying any more money. Instead of charging per gigabyte, AT&T is offering on some plans to bump up your  [Read More…]

AT&T plays catchup with new data plans

Over the past year, AT&T has been feeling the competition within the mobile space. We have seen and reported on the reintroduction of its unlimited data plans, BOGO programs, data increases for GoPhone plans, and extended coverage outside of the US. AT&T now seeks to simplify the rest of its data structure and eliminate data overages with its

AT&T GoPhone discounting multiple line accounts, offering free phones

AT&T GoPhone, the prepaid arm of its tier-one service, today announced a deal for customers looking to sign up multiple lines. Starting on August 19, the carrier will discount “Multi-Line” accounts to the tune of $ 5-$ 20 per line. To qualify for the savings, you’ll have to subscribe to a 3GB ($ 45/month) or 6GB ($ 60/month) plan

AT&T to offer Trek 2 tablet with a super affordable price

In case you are not satisfied with the current range of budget tablets, AT&T has unveiled the successor to the original Trek tablet, the Trek 2 HD. The device is built with budget in mind and offers a decent set of specs for what you pay. Starting August 5, the Trek 2 HD will be available