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Save big with these promos and discounts for AT&T

Time to purchase a new smartphone? Is this an upgrade from an existing device? We want to help you out either way. To save you money, we’ve gathered up all of the promotions we could find from AT&T. Regardless of where you’re thinking of going for service, or what phone you are looking to pick up,

LeEco partners with AT&T for free DirecTV Now promotion

LeEco takes another step towards relevance in the U.S.

Self-proclaimed technology “disruptor,” LeEco, is taking steps to flesh out its relatively sparse content lineup by partnering with one of the biggest technology companies in the U.S., AT&T.

The Chinese manufacturer of affordable-but-high-end smartphones, TVs and, in the future, self-driving cars, has announced that in addition to opening up ecommerce channels on its website, LeMall.com, on December 1, it plans to offer between three and 12  [Read More…]

AT&T has three new streaming video packages designed for the cord cutter

Something Direct this way comes.

AT&T has three new streaming services on the way that will let you stream content without having any TV subscriptions or set-top equipment. The new DirecTV Now, FreeVIEW and Fullscreen packages offer network TV as well as cable channels, plus made-for-digital content that you can stream from your computer, phone, tablet or smart TV anytime you like as often as you like.

Think of these services as digital cable TV that  [Read More…]

One more reason to choose the Amazon Echo over Google Home: Send AT&T texts through Alexa

I’ve recently touted Amazon’s Echo and Dot over the Google Home smart speaker. The main reason the Amazon Echo family is better is due to its release almost two years ago while Google’s smart speaker just came out. It’s integrated with much more products. “Amazon Echo is ahead of the curve in terms of voice recognition technology and

AT&T subscribers can now send text messages through Amazon Echo

Alexa, text Mom: I need money to buy an Echo.

AT&T is the first carrier to launch a “skill” on Amazon’s Echo platform, allowing its subscribers to dictate text messages through the always-listening assistant.

While in theory this is fraught with trolling potential, AT&T says that there are steps in place to prevent abuse. Users will have to input specific contacts into the Alexa backend, with a limit of 10 subs numbers per account.

The  [Read More…]

AT&T to help customers save on data usage with Stream Saver

AT&T on Friday announced a new feature for its subscribers which aims to help cut down on the amount of data consumed on its networks. Called Stream Saver, it lets users get more video consumption out of the 4G LTE data network. In short, the feature takes video streams down from 720p, 1080p, and higher,

AT&T actually wants to save you data with ‘Stream Saver’

AT&T wants to help save your data with Stream Saver.

AT&T will be rolling out a free data-saving feature for mobile customers in 2017. It’s called Stream Saver, and it will be available to most AT&T mobile customers with a data plan, including GoPhone customers. Once activated on your AT&T account, customers will have the freedom to turn the feature on and off as needed through myAT&T account settings.

From the press release:

Stream Saver  [Read More…]

The stunning Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge is now up for pre-order at AT&T

Samsung announced last week that it would offer a Blue Coral color option for the Galaxy S7 edge, and the variant is now up for pre-order at AT&T. You’ll be able to pick one up for $ 794 outright, $ 26 per month for 30 months, or $ 33 monthly via AT&T’s Next plans.

The retailer will ship the color option between November 18 and November 22, with in-store availability likely to kick off after that.  [Read More…]

AT&T BlackBerry Priv has an official fix for the ‘no service’ bug

BlackBerry provides a stand-alone fix you can download and install at your leisure.

If you have an AT&T BlackBerry Priv and have been affected by the “no service” bug some have been seeing since September, BlackBerry has your fix.

It comes in the form of a small app from AT&T and BlackBerry, and you can download it directly from BlackBerry. You’ll need to temporarily enable the Unknown sources setting that allows applications outside of Google Play  [Read More…]

AT&T GoPhone plans get 33% more data for same price

AT&T on Monday announced that two of its GoPhone rate plans will soon offer more data for the same price. Starting on Friday, November 11, the $ 45 and $ 60 options will have 33 percent more data at no additional cost. The $ 45 plan will give subscribers 4GB of 4G LTE data, up from the 3GB