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AT&T might soon help Huawei sell its phones in the US

Huawei might be the world’s third biggest smartphone manufacturer – but in the US the brand is pretty unknown. And it’s not because Huawei is not trying hard enough to make a statement in the country. You see the Chinese device maker is facing a few hurdles on its way to greatness in the States. […]

LG G6 coming to AT&T on April 7 for $720, but you get a second G6 for free

AT&T’s G6 is a bit more expensive, but you get a deal on another G6.

Third out of the gate with an LG G6 announcement is AT&T, which is going about things a bit differently than T-Mobile and Verizon. The company has announced that LG’s next flagship will indeed be available April 7 — the same day as T-Mobile, and a week later than Big Red — but it will be sold primarily through its Next or Next Every  [Read More…]

LG G6 arrives at Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint between April 7-10

The LG G6 was unveiled at MWC 2017 and immediately after – on March 2 – the company made it available for pre-order for customers in South Korea. But how about the rest of the world, you might wonder? When are LG fans in the US going to be able to grab the device. Well […]

AT&T adds unlimited data option for prepaid GoPhone customers

Get unlimited data for your AT&T GoPhone!

AT&T prepaid GoPhone customers who are sick and tired of having to manage their data usage have a new option. AT&T is now offering an unlimited data GoPhone plan for only $ 60 a month, after you sign up for AutoPay. This unlimited data is available even when you’re travelling to Canada or Mexico, which is pretty great.

However, the unlimited does come with a caveat: data rates are limited  [Read More…]

AT&T announces the LG Phoenix 3 is coming March 10

If you’re an AT&T prepaid customer, you’re about to get a brand new device option from LG. The country’s second largest carrier (by subscriber count) will bring the newest device by LG to customers on March 10 for only $ 79.99 online or in stores. The Phoenix 3 is the successor to…. yep, the Pheonix 2. […]

AT&T is now giving DirectTV Now subscribers free or discounted HBO

When it launched back in November under AT&T, DirecTV Now promised to offer a wide selection of live television and premium programming. But while the offer looked very good on paper, in reality users experienced all kinds of issues with the services – from signing-in errors to blocked content. But AT&T is not giving up […]

Latest AT&T DirecTV Now promotion gives subscribers free HBO for a year

Existing HBO subscribers will get a $ 5 bill credit for 12 months.

AT&T has rolled out a “loyalty reward” to existing DirecTV Now subscribers. Starting today, all subscribers on “Go Big” and “Gotta Have It” plans will receive a year’s worth of HBO access for free, and those that have already subscribed to HBO will receive a $ 5 bill credit for 12 months.

Those on “Live a Little” and “Just Right” plans will receive  [Read More…]

AT&T is finally getting serious with its Unlimited Plan

Looks like somebody woke up over at AT&T.

Thanks to Verizon Wireless, and by extension T-Mobile, it looks like cellular plans without data caps are becoming popular again. While Big Red and Magenta continue to sling bad insults at each other on Twitter over which company is “the best,” a lot of folks subscribed to the other carriers were wondering when an actually competitive response to these new plans would arise.

We’ve seen Sprint try and fail  [Read More…]

Want a free flagship phone? AT&T is having a buy one, get one sale right now

We recently told you about T-Mobile’s new sale offering some flagships at half-price. AT&T is now coming out with its own amazing deal and is currently offering some select flagships for free when you purchase a flagship from the same manufacturer. Here are the nuts and bolts. You can head over to an AT&T store […]

Everything you need to know about the AT&T Unlimited plan

A complete breakdown of the AT&T Unlimited plan so you know exactly what you get if you switch.

In the United States, there are a lot of companies that can get you and your phone online, but most people use one of the four biggest: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Choosing between them can be difficult. Your first priority should be what service works best in the places you spend your time. It’s not worth saving $  [Read More…]