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AT&T’s Indigo network upgrades will bring 5G to Austin and Indianapolis in coming months

Indigo is AT&T’s network for today, and tomorrow.

AT&T has announced some details of their new 3.0 network upgrades, dubbed “Indigo”, at a wireless industry event in San Francisco.

The highlight from a consumer angle is the news that they are in the process of expanding their 5G network from its current testbed in Austin, Texas to a live implementation with consumer access in Austin and Indianapolis, Indiana in the coming months. Additionally, they are building out  [Read More…]

AT&T may begin 5G field trials in Austin by the end of 2016

AT&T is making very early preparations for launching its 5G wireless network in the US. The carrier says it hopes to begin field trials in Austin, Texas sometime before the end of 2016.

AT&T says it has patents for a number of different technologies that could be used for its 5G network. It stated:

We plan to collaborate with Ericsson and Intel to work on 5G solutions in our labs starting in the second quarter  [Read More…]

Google puts its self-driving car prototypes on the Austin streets

Google has expanded the reach of its self-driving car project beyond California. The company confirmed that the small prototype cars are now on the streets of Austin, Texas. Google previously had modified Lexus SUVs with self-driving technology on Austin streets this summer.

Google’s self-driving cars are now heading to Austin

Google has announced that its modified Lexus RX 450h driverless vehicles will be hitting the public roads in Austin as the search giant tries to accumulate data on driving conditions across different parts of the country.