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Motorola’s foldable RAZR is now available in ‘blush gold’ in the U.S.

Until now, the foldable phone was only available in Noir Black.

What you need to know Motorola RAZR is now available in a Blush Gold color variant in the U.S. The new color variant is priced at $ 1,500, identical to the Noir Black variant. It comes with a black-and-gold color scheme, with a gold accent around the camera.

In February this year, Motorola announced that its foldable RAZR would be available in a new Blush Gold  [Read More…]

Sky: Children of the Light is now available on Android

Android players can dive in on this experience.

What you need to know Sky: Children of the Light is a social experience developed by thatgamecompany. Pre-registration opened several months ago. It’s now available to play on Android devices.

A few months ago, we reported that Sky: Children of the Light, the next title from thatgamecompany, was coming to Android and was available for pre-registration. Today, we can confirmed that Sky: Children of the Light is now available  [Read More…]

Where to buy face masks: These retailers still have stock available

I think it’s safe to say that we’re currently living in uncertain times. People are working from home, kids are out of school, and there’s a nationwide push for everyone to stay home and not go outside unless they absolutely have to, and everyone is trying to figure out where to buy face masks.

Amazon: Shop from home Lowe’s: Check your local store Ace Hardware: If you need N95 CVS: Your mileage may vary Walgreens: Press your  [Read More…]

Disney+ is now available in UK, Germany, Italy, Ireland & more

What you need to know Disney+ is now available in UK, Germany, Italy, Ireland & more. Launch in France is delayed until April 7 at government request. You can sign up and start streaming today.

After waiting for what feels like forever, Disney has finally rolled out its Disney Plus (Disney+) streaming service across the EMEA to countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. Unfortunately, at the request of local government, Disney had  [Read More…]

In the U.S.? These are the best Android phones available

Globalization of the smartphone world has leveled the playing field dramatically, with most phones nowadays being made available internationally. But there are some notable exceptions, and if you’re in the U.S. you don’t get your choice of every phone out there. These are the best devices you can get in the U.S. today — from the highest end with the Galaxy S20+, down to dramatically more affordable options.

Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy S20+

Our previous top  [Read More…]

The best limited-time credit card offers available right now

If you’re unsure what kinds of credit card offers are out there right now for a limited time, we’re bringing them under one roof. Credit card companies are constantly changing promotional welcome offers that give new cardholders extra cash back, points, or miles. The offers can run for months or weeks, and missing one can cost you potentially hundreds of dollars in rewards. In order to help you grab the best offers possible, we’ve assembled some of the best limited-time  [Read More…]

Where to buy hand sanitizer: These retailers still have stock available

Hand sanitizer is something you normally can walk into any store and buy, whether you needed a large bottle for your office or a small one for your travel bag. Right now, supply is at an all-time low, and finding it can be quite difficult. Fears and concerns around the Coronavirus continue to grow and escalate around the world, and supplies of essential items continue to dwindle as a result.

Where to buy hand sanitizer Amazon: Delivered to your  [Read More…]

Ring Doorbell 3, Doorbell 3 Plus coming April 8, pre-orders available now

They’ve also announced Pre-Roll, new technology to capture more video prior to motion being detected.

What you need to know Ring has just announced four brand new products. They are the Ring Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Ring Chime and Chime Pro. The new Doorbells feature better WiFi and improved motion detection.

Ring has just announced four brand new products including its new Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Video Doorbell 3 Plus.

In a press  [Read More…]

Why isn’t the Moto G8 series available in the U.S.?

Best answer: Motorola’s successors to the Moto G7 lineup are available in the U.S. — they just have different names. The Moto G Stylus and Moto G Power can be thought of as Moto G8 phones by different names, with Motorola just wanting to clean up its branding a bit. However, it actually makes things more confusing when you realize that Motorola is selling a Moto G8, G8 Power, G8 Play, and G8 Plus in other countries.

  [Read More…]

Disney Plus will be available on Sky Q in the UK

You will be able to access Disney+ on Sky Q boxes later this month.

What you need to know Disney has signed a multi-year deal with Sky to bring its Disney+ streaming service to Sky Q. A dedicated Disney+ app will be available on Sky Q boxes starting March 24. In the coming months, Disney+ will also be made available on Sky’s Now TV streaming service.

Walt Disney and British Satellite TV broadcaster Sky today announced that  [Read More…]