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Super Mario Run is finally available on Android, and it’s worth buying

The Nintendo game you’ve all been waiting for is here!

Android gamers now have one more title to claim as their own, and one fewer that their iOS counterparts can’t lord over them. That’s right, Super Mario Run is now available on Android, three months after it debuted on the iPhone.

The game is actually considerably newer than the version that debuted three months ago, since it includes all the updates and bug fixes, plus a bunch  [Read More…]

The OnePlus 3T will be available in Midnight Black for less than a minute

OnePlus has announced it will be offering the OnePlus 3T in Midnight Black for a limited time on March 24th through HYPEBEAST.

OnePlus 3T in Midnight Black will be available for a limited time

Last week, OnePlus officially debuted a blacked-out version of the OnePlus 3T flagship smartphone called the colette edition.

At the time, the company confirmed that the handset would only be available for a limited time, and only at a colette store in Paris, France. Those 250 units sold pretty well, apparently, because OnePlus has discovered it has a hit on its hands. The company has just announced it will be opening sales of the “Midnight Black” variant, apparently dropping the  [Read More…]

Android O isn’t available in the Android Beta Program yet, will likely join in mid-May

Everyone with a Pixel or modern Nexus will get their opportunity to use Android O soon.

With Android O entering Developer Preview status, this is our first opportunity to download and run a preview version of the latest OS. Unfortunately for those who became accustomed to simply enrolling in the Android Beta Program and getting builds over-the-air, this first Developer Preview of Android O isn’t available in the Beta Program.

If you want Android O right now, your only  [Read More…]

A spacey Android O wallpaper is available for download

It’s been a good day for science for Android fans everywhere – as Google just introduced the Android O Developer Preview. The Android O Developer Preview can be installed on a few, select devices including the Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus Player and Pixel C. And along with it, came an Android […]

Avoid “content not available in your location” problems with TNT Stream Unblocker Plus (Deal of the Day)

Every try to watch a video online only to get a message that the content is not offered in your location? It sucks, right? How would you like to get around that pesky notification and watch what you want to, regardless of where you are? About Our Deal of the Day is a lifetime subscription […]

Atari’s RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch for Android is now available for download

Over the years, we’ve seen an awful lot of “Tycoon” games being released. This was the case especially during the 90s and early 2000s and if for some reason you are nostalgic of that era, then you’d be glad to know a new modernized version of RollerCoaster Tycoon (or Theme Park) is now available on […]

Super Mario Run for Android will be available March 23

The Android version of Super Mario Run finally has a launch date.

Super Mario Run will be available from the Play Store on March 23, Nintendo announced today. The update will be version 2.0.0 of the app, which suggests that it’ll include all the improvements that Nintendo has made to the iOS version of Super Mario Run in the months since its launch.

As a reminder, Super Mario Run is free to start, with the first three levels being available at  [Read More…]

The LG Stylo 3 is just $179, now available from Boost and Virgin

The surprisingly popular low-end Stylo line gets a third revision.

Sprint’s prepaid subsidiaries Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile are both offering the latest iteration of the LG Stylo lineup with the Stylo 3, and it’s only going to set you back $ 179 outright. For that money, you can’t expect much — but LG makes some good decisions here, putting in a big 5.7-inch display, a fingerprint sensor and a big 3200 mAh (removable) battery.

The rest of the  [Read More…]

LeEco smartphones and TVs are now available with more US retailers

LeEco is one of those daring Chinese brands that have ventured out on the US market. Unlike Xiaomi and others which remain pretty skittish to take their business stateside, LeEco has achieved quite a lot in the short time it’s been offering its products in America. LeEco’s products including smartphones and TVs were previously available […]