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Action packed Desert Bus for Android available now; all proceeds go to charity

desert bus

Android has some killer games on the way with the arrival of NVIDIA’s Tegra 3. Bladeslinger, Shadowgun and Riptide GP are just a few, but have you ever heard of Desert Bus? You don’t have to wait for a Tegra 3 device to enjoy the complete Desert Bus experience, it’s officially available now in the Android Market for just $ 0.99.

In case you aren’t familiar with Desert Bus,  [Read More…]

Over 20 different phones from Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint, all available for free right now from RadioShack


Looking for a new Android phone this holiday season? You could wake up early on Black Friday and fight the traffic to score some sweet deals or you could avoid the craziness and head over to one of the 4,600+ RadioShack locations right now. Through Wednesday, November 23rd, RadioShack has over 20 different phones from Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint, all available for free with upgraded or new 2-year contract.

Not sure  [Read More…]

Tiny Tower now available on Android

Tiny Tower

At long last, Tiny Tower — the 16-bit game that crams SIM City into a skyscraper — is available on Android. You control “blitzens” who live and work in the building as you erect new floors and businesses. The elevator is obvious mode of moving up and down, and you can easily start and stop, making this a great game for those down times when you don’t want to get too terribly  [Read More…]

Myxer Social Radio now available on Android

Myxer Social Radio, a friend-focused social internet radio app, is now available on Android. Myxer Social Radio lets users create “listening rooms” with access to over 12 million songs and invite Facebook friends to listen and chat in real time. Myxer uses your Facebook account to share your listening habits with friends and allows you to see what your friends are listening to. You can also share individual tracks or albums on your Facebook using Myxer’s library.  [Read More…]

Google Music now available for Google TV

Google Music on Google TV

Google TV is finally starting to grow up, now that the Honeycomb update is rolling out. And following yesterday’s Google Music announcement, you can now stream all of your music to the updated Google Music app for Google TV. Presumably your TV’s hooked up to at least a decent stereo. If not, well, Christmas is right aroudn the corner.

Head into the Android Market on Google TV to download  [Read More…]

Droid RAZR now available from Best Buy Mobile

Droid Razr

It’s 11-11-11, and in addition to it being available at the carrier stores and Amazon, Best Buy Mobile’s now carrying the Motorola Droid RAZR with a couple options for purchase. You can get it with a new or renewed two-year contract for $ 299, or you can buy it outright for $ 799.

Order the Motorola Droid RAZR now from Best Buy Mobile


Google Maps 5.12.0 now available – Adds live events for New York, San Francisco, Paris, Zurich, and London

Android Central

The latest Google Maps update is now available in the Android Market for download. Pushing the app to v5.12.0 there is one addition and one removal of a ‘feature’. The additon comes by way of live events being added to the Places pages for New York, San Francisco, Paris, Zurich, and London, while the “Post to Twitter” has been removed from Places pages. The update is available now and you’ll find the  [Read More…]

Notre Dame Sprint ID pack now available

Notre Dame Sprint ID pack

The Univerisity of Notre Dame Sprint ID pack is now available for download on a handful of the carrier’s Android devices. Sprint ID packs are customized themes for your smartphone that feature widgets and customized social media links and can be downloaded through the Sprint ID link on your enabled device. The Notre Dame ID pack comes preloaded with university web cams, dining hall menus, a lab locator, news,  [Read More…]

Motorola Droid RAZR now available from Verizon Wireless

Android Central

It’s time. You no doubt already know Motorola has brought back the RAZR brand, this time as the Motorola Droid RAZR and chances are you read our complete review if you were in any way interested in this device and if not — you really should.

Now though, is the time to get your own. The Motorola Droid RAZR is now available on the Verizon Wireless website and ready to be shipped to you.  [Read More…]

Lovefilm comes to Android, streaming and German support not yet available


European movie, television, and game rental service LoveFilm has made its official Android debut. With the LoveFilm by Post application, available now to Android 2.2 and higher devices, users can better manage their home entertainment needs through the service.

LoveFilm by Post doesn’t include streaming options. That’s not surprising considering the “By post” in the name. However, it does  [Read More…]