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Chrome Canary Channel now available for Android

Good news for Android fans comes this week, as Google just announced it is now giving users the chance to check out new versions of its Chrome web browsers via the Canary channel. For those who aren’t so familiar with the topic, Chrome is available in four builds. First off, we have the Stable channel

Canary channel for Chrome is now Available on Android

Google has made it possible for developers and those who like to live on the edge to try out pre-release versions of Chrome for quite some time, even on Android. But for the folks who want the absolute freshest version of Chrome, known as Canary, that was only possible on Mac and Windows. Until now.

The Canary channel for Chrome is now available on Android. The Canary channel has always released the most “bleeding-edge” version of Chrome possible. But of course it’s pre-release  [Read More…]

Samsung Gear 360 VR camera now available from major carriers and Best Buy

At MWC 2016, Samsung introduced the Gear 360, a ball-shaped camera that can capture spherical 30MP photos and video of almost 4K resolution (3,840 x 1,920 pixels). With the advent of VR, people are increasingly becoming more interested in 360-degree photos and videos, so the Gear 360 arrives at the right time. This week, Samsung

Connect over 50 wireless UE speakers with the new PartyUp feature (available now)

Ultimate Ears released a new update to its wireless speakers and app to allow for streaming to over 50 speakers at the same time called PartyUp. There are hundreds of wireless speakers that offer wireless streaming with other features such as portability, waterproofing, and speakerphones for taking calls. Almost none focus on the total experience that Ultimate

OnePlus 3 now available on O2 UK

Prices start at £28 per month, or £336 upfront on PAYG.

The highly-rated OnePlus 3 is now available on O2 in the UK, as part of an exclusive deal between the upstart manufacturer and the British network operator. Prices for the phone start at £28 per month with no upfront fee. That gets you a mere 500MB of data, as well as unlimited texts and 500 minutes. (You can knock this down to £23 per month  [Read More…]

LG X Power and LG G Pad X II now available at U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular customers who are looking for a new phone or tablet now have two more options from LG. The LG X Power and LG G Pad X II are available starting today at U.S. Cellular. The LG X Power is a budget phone with a massive 4100 mAh battery, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and 5.3″ 720p display that

LG V20 available in Korea starting ‘this week’

V20 hitting North America, Latin America, Middle East, and other parts of Asia over ‘next several weeks.’

Sales of LG’s big-screened, Nougat-powered V20 begin this week — at least in the company’s home market of South Korea. In a press release this morning, LG confirmed that sales would begin sometime this week, but bizarrely neglected to mention a specific date.

Other markets — specifically North America, Latin America, other parts of Asia and the Middle East  [Read More…]

Google Play Store now available on certain Chromebooks

We’ve heard reports about the Play Store coming to Chrome OS over the past few months, with information slowly churning through the rumor mill. It seems as if the speculation has finally come to fruition, as Google has begun to officially roll out the Google Play Store to certain Chromebooks running the latest version of Chrome OS. It

Unlocked Moto Z available for pre-order via Amazon or Best Buy

The Moto Z is Motorola’s latest and greatest flagship currently available, and it packs a nifty spec sheet in order to give it the best chance possible against competitors. Unfortunately, the device has only been available through Verizon since its launch, but as of today it is up for pre-order from either Amazon or best

Awesome early access games available on Gear VR

What Early Access games are best to try?

Early access games give players the chance to check out games that aren’t quite polished yet, or ready for mass consumption. You may have seen them over on Steam, without realizing there is an entire category of them available for play on your Gear VR. There are over a dozen different games and experiences that you can take a look at, and we’ve gathered the best of the  [Read More…]