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Android Auto missing on your phone? Here’s how to get it back

Google has been on a campaign of late to make Android Auto less an app and more of a background process. They announced the demise of the standalone app for phones (and then back off that idea a bit). More recently, they’ve made the app icon for Android Auto for cars hidden in some versions of Android 10.

What Do We Want to Happen?

Fortunately, there’s a way to bring it back to your launcher if you find it missing.  [Read More…]

Cyber Monday finally puts my favorite Himawari Backpack back on sale

I’ve been waiting all weekend for this backpack to go on sale — and it has!

My coworkers all carry an ungodly amount of gear around in backpacks that cost an ungodly amount of money. Me? I don’t really need all that hassle. Most days that I go to Walt Disney World — because that’s the reason I live in Orlando — I just need a bag that’s big enough for my Chromebook, an umbrella or hoodie, a charger,  [Read More…]

How to earn 6% cash back on Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus

Heads up! We share savvy shopping and personal finance tips to put extra cash in your wallet. Android Central may receive a commission from The Points Guy Affiliate Network. Please note that the offers mentioned below are subject to change at any time and some may no longer be available.

With Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus finally launching in living rooms and across all of our mobile phones, tablets, computers, and anywhere else you can watch,  [Read More…]

Netflix is back up!

Nope, it’s not just you. Netflix is down in parts of Europe and the Northeastern U.S.

Update 3:40PM EST/7:40PM GMT — The problem is now clearing up, with many users reporting that services are being restored. There are still several folks with issues, but progress is being made. Just in time for after-dinner binge watching!

What you need to know Netflix services are down in parts of the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Sweden,  [Read More…]

Motorola RAZR has a secret ‘Retro RAZR’ mode that takes you back to 2004

The phone’s “Retro RAZR” mode will make you feel even more nostalgic.

What you need to know The new Motorola RAZR comes with a “Retro RAZR” mode that basically transforms it into a RAZR V3 from 2004. You can find the Retro RAZR mode by editing the quick settings menu. Once enabled, you will see similar UI as the original RAZR, complete with a T9 dialer in the bottom half of the screen.

Motorola unveiled the foldable  [Read More…]

Motorola RAZR hands-on: Back to the future

The flip phone makes a triumphant and expensive return in 2020.

I’d imagine many of the Motorola RAZR previews you’re going to read this week will start something like this: “The original Motorola RAZR, which came out more than 15 years ago, was the first cellphone that worked well and looked good. I have a lingering nostalgic love of the form factor, and the audible snap brings me back to a particular time and place.”

I  [Read More…]

August’s battery-powered View doorbell camera is back on sale

The battery-operated doorbell camera was launched in April this year.

What you need to know The battery-powered August View doorbell camera is now on sale again. August had paused shipping the doorbell camera in April due to some performance issues that were reported by users. The wire-free doorbell camera now offers more reliable connectivity, improved video quality, faster notifications, as well as quicker device wake-up time.

August has announced that its battery-operated View doorbell camera is now  [Read More…]

Why Microsoft is back making phones with the Surface Duo

Microsoft is making an Android phone… but why?

A lot of people have been asking me why exactly Microsoft is building an Android phone. After all, it was Microsoft that wanted out of the phone hardware business just a few short years ago. This is all well and true, but it’s not the whole story. A big part of Microsoft’s decision to kill off its phone hardware was because of Windows Phone not being where Microsoft wanted  [Read More…]

Google goes back to Chromebook basics with new Pixelbook Go

Google’s going back to a more simpler time for its latest laptop, the Pixelbook Go. Well, at least a more simple design.

As part of its October 15 hardware event in New York, Google introduced its Pixelbook Go, a more traditional approach to laptops.  It’s a Chrome OS device that’s clean and straight-forward with a price that ranges from $ 650-$ 1,400.

Google Google Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL make official debut Google Pixel 3 versus Pixel 4 – Worth  [Read More…]

The full crew is back for Mario Kart Tour

Best answer: Forty characters have been confirmed for Mario Kart Tour. Six have been in every Mario Kart game release so far; Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and Bowser. The rest of the racers are both old and new favorites, including new member Peachette! However, not all 40 are currently available.

Apple not Banana Peels: Mario Kart Tour for iOS (Free on the Apple Store) Metal Mario or Android: Mario Kart Tour for Android (Free on the  [Read More…]