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Do you keep apps open in the background or close them?

Time to answer the tough questions.

No matter who you are, there’s a good chance that you use a lot of apps throughout the day. Between checking Twitter, sending off emails, and watching YouTube videos for far too long, it can be easy to go through a lot of apps in not much time at all.

Once you start opening apps, however, you’re faced with a decision to make. Do you keep them in your multitasking menu  [Read More…]

Want to play YouTube in the background of your Android? Here’s how

Ever wanted to do something on your smartphone while also listening to music on YouTube? Or simply to listen to a song with your smartphone’s screen off? Unfortunately, exiting the YouTube app or turning off your phone’s display means the music will stop playing.

The good news is that there’s a workaround to bypass this problem and it involves using one of your mobile browsers. Whether you use Chrome or Firefox, you can easily get YouTube play in the background.

  [Read More…]

How to disable background playback on YouTube Premium

Playing videos on YouTube without the screen on is a great feature, but it’s not one we all want turned on all the time.

Background playback is quite possibly the best part of YouTube Premium. Being able to start a fun playlist or a long discussion panel, turn off the screen, and listen while you keep going about your day is indispensable, but there are times where it can get annoying. For instance, you tap a Reddit  [Read More…]

Need a new background? Start with these killer wallpaper apps for Android

It’s no secret that we love icon packs, wallpapers, and other ways to customize our phones. There’s just something about switching up your wallpaper every once in awhile that adds some fresh flavor to your device, even if you’ve had it for some time.

This is especially true for those of us who don’t have the deepest of pockets and still want a taste of the latest and greatest device. However, for the rest of us, we usually rely on various wallpaper  [Read More…]

YouTube to soon offer an easy way to replace video background

YouTube will make it easier to replace that ugly background in your video. The feature is currently in testing in a beta group for creators, but will become more widely available at a later date.

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Chrome OS will finally let you run Android apps in the background

Introducing Android Parallel Tasks.

Android apps on Chrome OS have gotten much better since their debut earlier this year, and while the implementation still isn’t perfect for some titles, it dramatically increases the usefulness of Chrome OS compared to the likes of Windows and macOS.

Since their launch, however, there’s been one issue that’s made Android apps on Chrome OS feel somewhat incomplete – the inability to keep them open and running in the background. While you  [Read More…]

Android O features you’ll love: Background execution limits

Android O keeps apps under control when you’re not actively using them.

Your Android phone will let you do many things at once, even though all of them might not be on your screen. Besides system processes that can do things like checking your location or seeing if you have any new email, apps can be opened and then be left to run in the background while we are doing something else.

A good example would be  [Read More…]

10 arrest record and background check mobile applications

There are many good reasons why people are interested in looking up a criminal record or arrest record. For instance, you may have noticed suspicious activities from your new neighbor. In other cases, maybe you have started dating a person that you don’t know well. Or, maybe you just want to have some fun. It

Brain.fm: Background music for studying, sleeping, or next-level chillout (Deal of the Day)

It’s Wednesday, which means many of us are trying to get the energy to muster through the rest of the week and into the weekend. For a lot of you, this is the time of year where you’re back into school and looking to be productive and attentive. Rather than throwing on the headphones with a podcast

Brain.fm: A lifetime subscription of background music for studying, sleeping, or relaxation for just $39 (Deal of the Day)

It’s Monday, which means many of us are trying to get the work week started and heading in the direction of productivity. For a lot of you Monday means the beginning of another stressful week of school. With finals coming up and the end of a semester bearing down on you, it’s easy to get