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Would a plastic backing on a phone be a big deal to you in 2018?

A plastic body isn’t enough reason on its own to completely write off a phone.

Remember when Russian site Mobile-Review dropped an entire Pixel 3 XL early impressions review a few weeks ago, complete with unboxing photos and camera samples? There was a ton of information to unpack in the article, but in the hardware section specifically, the writer mentioned a rough plastic backing on the phone, to accommodate for the newly added wireless charging.

Plastic isn’t  [Read More…]

Backing up your text messages is easy [How-To]

What is the worst part of switching phones, factory resets, or installing a new ROM on your rooted device? Losing all of your text messages (at least for me it is). There are a few things we can do here to backup these messages and save the for after you figure out whatever is it […]

U.S. carriers backing away from the Galaxy Note 7, offering refunds and exchanges

Confidence in the Note 7 was fading, and now it may not be there at all.

Everything seemed to be getting back in order in regards to Galaxy Note 7 exchanges and sales in the U.S., but announcements from Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon today show that they may be fed up with the situation at this point. All four carriers have confirmed that in light of ongoing public uncertainty about the safety of the Note 7, customers can  [Read More…]

Here’s what you need to know about backing up your launcher

You backup your photos, your music, your documents… Why not your launcher?

We’ve all been there. Just got a brand new phone, still figuring out where all the new features and apps are laid out. But when you go to find one of your favorite apps… it’s not where it was on your last phone. And your app drawer isn’t organized quite the way we had it before. You search and you search, and when you  [Read More…]

New LG G4 promotion gets you a free battery, charging cradle, and leather backing through July in the US

LG hasn’t been shy about prodding your temptation to buy their G4.  The flagship’s initial promotion included an extra battery and microSD card, and even received an extension to run until the end of June.  But now that it has ended, LG is quick to renew the deal and see if another goody might get you to make the leap.

The new promotion still includes a free battery and charging cradle, but forgoes the microSD card for a leather back cover.  You get to choose between five  [Read More…]

Moto X now available with football leather backing, but for Verizon only


If you’ve not gotten your hands on the new Moto X (2014) just yet then perhaps a new football leather-backed Moto X offering from Verizon might just tempt you.

For football fans out there, this new Moto X is available online and in-store for just $ 119.99 after a $ 50 on-contract rebate, exclusive to Verizon.

You’ll have to deal with the Verizon logo on  [Read More…]

Dell discontinues the Streak 7; still not backing away from Android


It’s no secret that Dell hasn’t had the best of luck in the wide world of Android. Their first Android device, the Streak 5, has already been discontinued (and picked up by the government), leaving behind a rather lackluster legacy. The next device to get the axe is the me-too tablet, the Streak 7.

Over the weekend, Dell quietly pulled the Streak 7 from their website, leaving only the suggestion of  [Read More…]

Isis NFC mobile payment group gets backing from handset manufacturers


Isis, a joint venture of Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, has announced that the major hardware makers of Android  (and Windows 7) phones have climbed on board and will offer hardware that implements Isis’ NFC tech and standards.  The press release names LG, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry manufacturer RIM as hardware partners, as well as DeviceFidelity to offer solutions such as NFC enabled memory cards for phones built without NFC hardware.   [Read More…]