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How to make a backup of any app installed on your phone

Finding old versions of apps can be tough, but backing them up yourself isn’t!

While most of the time we’re all looking for the best ways to back up the data from our apps and games, it can be pretty handy to back up the app itself, too.

Unless an app is pulled for security reasons, when you download an app from Google Play you’ll always be able to download the latest version from the store. It  [Read More…]

Google Allo gets backup/restore and incognito in new backup

Google Allo got off to a great start topping the download charts in the Google Play Store as the social messaging app on Android aimed at replacing Hangouts. Momentum quickly tailed off as it became clear Allo lacked many of the features that made Hangouts so good. A new update rolling out to users today […]

Get a lifetime of unlimited mobile backup for $20

At this point, your whole life is on your phone and it would absolutely suck if it died and you lost all of that valuable information. Your best option is to create an online backup of your device since a backup on your computer is still a physical backup and hey, if your Android phone dies and your computer dies, you’re gonna have a bad time.

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iDrive is an online  [Read More…]

Save big on external hard drives, NAS systems, flash drives and more to celebrate World Backup Day

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with some great savings on storage solutions for World Backup Day!

In celebration of World Backup Day retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and others have a number of storage products on sale to help you with keeping all your data safe. Whether you want a portable option or something that sits permanently on your desk, we’ve got you covered.

Backing up your computer is quite important, no one  [Read More…]

The Pixel’s USB-C charger is a nice backup for the new MacBook Pro

I still mourn the loss of MagSafe, but this charger interoperability over USB-C certainly helps ease the pain.

In this massive transition to USB-C connectors across all of our devices, there are a few victories dotted along the path of annoyances and dongles. I’ve found some exciting USB-C adaptors in the past few months, but one thing that’s fantastic over and over again is the seamless swapping of cables between my new MacBook Pro and various USB-C  [Read More…]

Back that thing up: Lifetime of iDrive unlimited encrypted mobile backup only $19.99 (Deal of the Day)

Imagine the horror of a bricked or water-damaged phone and the sudden realization that all of your valuable photos, contacts, and sensitive information are drifting away in the digital wind. We think that years worth of collected data is invaluable. Luckily for you, iDrive does, too. Our Deal of the Day aims to put your […]

Android’s auto backup: What you need to know

With so much of our lives being controlled by our phones, losing or breaking a mobile can be a disaster. Fortunately, if you’re an Android fan, a lot of your data is being backed up automatically. But what does that mean for you? What exactly is being backed up and what isn’t? Today we’re taking

How the Google Pixel’s unlimited photo and video backup works

Unlimited photo and video backup is one of the Pixel’s marquee features.

Google Photos offers unlimited photo backups for everyone as long as the photos are under 16MP and you’re willing to save the files at “High Quality.” But with the Pixel and Pixel XL, you can store unlimited photos and videos (in 4K!) at full resolution and not have it counted against your quota. Here’s how photo backups work on the Pixel.

Which photos  [Read More…]

Use Google Photos to seamlessly backup your pictures

In today’s digital landscape, photos are one most precious commodities. Everyone is snapping selfies to remember where they were or asking a stranger to take a family picture to add to the album they will make of their trip, usually all with their mobile devices. Today we are here to show you how to use Google’s

Get a lifetime of 1TB cloud backup from Zoolz for just $39

Our current, tech-obsessed world demands a storage solution for your multimedia data, the most convenient being cloud-based storage which you can access from anywhere. Most cloud-based storage services charge a monthly fee, which, over time, adds up to quite a fee.

Those of you sick of subscription fees need a storage solution that requires a single payment for a lifetime of access. More importantly, you need cloud storage that is encrypted and can be accessed from all your devices.

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