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Rock Band VR review: A series reimagined for Rift

One. More. Song.

In the wee hours leading up to Rock Band VR’s release, I felt inside like I was actually set to go on stage. Since the very first musician-emulation game all those years ago, there’s been a plastic guitar following me around from Rock Band to Guitar Hero and back again. Now, with the upcoming VR union, there’s an undeniable excitement in the air. I can almost hear the crowd, the feedback, the countdown…

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There’s now a smart band specifically for Ingress addicts

Take your Ingress further with the Ingress Mod Band based on the new Nex Evolution smart wearable.

If you’re into Ingress — the smartphone-based AR game that formed the basis for Pokémon Go — you’ll be happy to know that there is now a wearable that works alongside it.

A partnership with Montreal-based wearable company Mighty Cast, whose second-generation “hackable” Nex Evolution smart band is being announced at CES 2017, the Ingress Mod Band allows users  [Read More…]

Save $60 on the Sphero BB-8 with Star Wars Force Band!

Right now you can pick up the Sphero BB-8 with Star Wars Force Band for just $ 140, a savings of $ 60. The Force Band allows you to control the robot with gestures like Force push and drive instead of breaking out your phone to navigate it around. With the BB-8 you’ll be able to reenact scenes from the movie while it makes authentic sounds, and much more.

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Meizu unveils affordable M5 Note and first wearable ever, the Meizu Band

Looking for an affordable smartphone this season? Chinese device maker Meizu has your back. The company has just pulled the veil off its new M5 Note handset, which despite the name doesn’t feature a pen companion. The Meizu M5 Note features decent specs, starting with a 5.5-inch with 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution complemented by

Meizu’s $33 fitness band outdoes Fitbit at a fifth the price

Meizu’s new fitness wearable doesn’t do anything new, but that’s not the point.

Meizu is entering the wearables market, and the popular Chinese smartphone maker is taking on one of its biggest rivals, Xiaomi, in the process. But the fitness tracker, aptly titled Meizu Band, further reinforces the notion that most wearables sold in North America are, if not overpriced, sold at a considerable premium.

By specs alone, the Meizu outclasses many of the current  [Read More…]

Google’s Pixel phones are having issues with LTE band 4 connectivity

Google’s Pixel phone duo hasn’t been out long, but select users are already experiencing some troubles when using their devices. Some Pixel owners in North and South America are complaining about unexpected connectivity issues on the LTE band 4. The issue seems only to affect select regions and operators. For example, the folks at Android

The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S and Mi Band 2 are great fitness trackers that won’t break the bank

Wearables, and fitness bands in particular haven gotten a lot of press in the last few years and experienced rapid growth. More and more people want to take control of their health and the information gleaned from these trackers certainly help people make informed decisions. While almost everyone knows the biggest player in the game, Fitbit,

BB-8 now comes in a battle-damaged Special Edition with Force Band!

It still won’t give you a thumbs up, though.

BB-8 is adorable, fun to play with, and without a doubt one of the most successful Star Wars toys to arrive with The Force Awakens last year. Sphero, the company behind this clever robot ball, promised several updates to BB-8 over time and so far has delivered in big ways. BB-8 will sit with you and watch The Force Awakens now, and holographic projection messaging has improved  [Read More…]

Underdog flagship deal: Buy an HTC 10 and get the UA Band free

HTC is one of those companies that most of us love for the things it has done in the past. One phone that really excited Android fans was the HTC M7 for its best in class Boom Sound and its gorgeous and curved all metal body. Since that phone many fans have expected HTC to

How to get the Huawei Watch stainless steel mesh band look for less

Is there a cheaper version of the Huawei mesh band?

The stainless steel mesh band for the Huawei Watch is a beauty. It’s modern and classic at the same time, looks great with every outfit, and it’s popular. But with a starting price of $ 129, it’s not exactly nice to your wallet. We have some options that will still look great for way less.

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