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OnePlus 5T review, 4 months later: Still the phone to beat

Four months after its release, the OnePlus 5T is still one of the best options in the $ 500 category.

Over the last three years, OnePlus managed to carve out a niche for itself by selling phones for a couple hundred dollars less than the likes of the flagships from Samsung, Google, and LG while offering the same top-of-the-line specs. The Chinese brand isn’t the first one to do so, as the likes of Huawei, Xiaomi, and  [Read More…]

ZTE could beat Samsung to the foldable smartphone

We recently reported that Samsung was working on a foldable smartphone. The Galaxy X just went through certification in South Korea that signals the device could be ready to launch, but Samsung may not be the first to launch a foldable smartphone. According to VentureBeat, ZTE is working on a dual-screen phone with AT&T that would […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 camera can’t quite beat the Pixel DxOMark rating

The Samsung Galaxy S8 camera is a great camera, one of the best, but it still wasn’t quite enough to knock the Google Pixel from the top of the DxOMark rankings. DxOMark offers a ranking based on extensive testing of a smartphone camera to a level of detail that most average users don’t worry about. […]

Moto G5 Plus for India review: This is the one to beat

Motorola has another winner on its hands with the G5 Plus.

Quick take:

The Moto G5 Plus symbolizes a bold move by Motorola to assert its dominance in this segment. It combines great hardware with unmatched software experience, culminating in a device that stands a head and shoulders above the competition. I’m not going to mince words here — if you want a capable budget phone in 2017, the Moto G5 Plus should be at the top  [Read More…]

Huawei P10 ranks near top of DxOMark camera tests, but can’t beat the Pixel

Picture this.

The Huawei P10 has a lot to love, especially with a Leica-powered dual camera array and a manageable one hand-friendly size. The setup may be close to last year’s P9, but it’s taken the Mate 9’s excellent 20MP monochrome sensor to give it a big boost in the detail department, coming close to the Google Pixel’s photo quality in DxOMark’s tests.

What exactly does that mean?

In the breakdown of the P10’s setup, DxO  [Read More…]

This holiday, Apple beat Samsung but Android trounced iOS

Looking at the numbers.

It’s an annual tradition in the tech news space that, after a shop-heavy holiday like Black Friday or Christmas, mobile analytics companies regale us with layman’s explanations for the data they accrued.

One such company is Yahoo-owned Flurry, which posted this week about how, as usual, “Holiday Shoppers Invest in Apple.” By its count, taken from deals with app developers across iOS and Android, Apple’s iPhone achieved 44% of the total device activations this year,  [Read More…]

Chord Mojo review: The mobile DAC to beat

In the world of HiFi audio, there are select manufacturers associated with undisputed excellence. Chord Electronics is one of those. Its specialty is the dedicated sound processor, or digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The company delve into the mobile space with the Chord Hugo in 2014, which did spectacularly in the market. Only, the price made it a pipe dream for the

Honor 5C debuts in India for ₹10,999; plans to beat the Moto G4 at its own game

After launching in Europe earlier this week, the Honor 5C has made its way to India. The budget phone is priced at ₹10,999, and will go up against the Moto G4, which is set to debut in the country later today. The highlight with the phone is the Kirin 650 SoC, which is made on a 16nm node.

The phone certainly offers a lot of great hardware for its asking price, and the metal build is  [Read More…]

Move to the beat with this jammin’ Wallpaper Wednesday

Don’t let your home screen fall into a rut — switch out your wallpaper!

You don’t have to pull out a complex new theme like Deadpool to bring a breath of fresh air to your home screen. A new wallpaper can do wonders, and launchers like Action Launcher can re-theme your entire home screen around a good wallpaper. In our effort to help brighten your device — and maybe your day — we’re compiling some wallpapers  [Read More…]

BlackBerry continues to beat expectations with security patches on the Priv

BlackBerry has taken to its official blog to pat itself on the back for being able to keep up with pushing security updates to the Priv faster than any other OEM. Since the release of the Priv, BlackBerry has pushed the security update out the same day Google detailed the changes. Other OEM partners range from one to 37 days, with several partners still not even pushing patches for updates from December.

Each month, Google details  [Read More…]