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AG Daily Deals (12/14/16) Wednesday’s best coupons and discounts on Sony, Nextbit, Bose, Choetech, Beats by Dre, Samsung, iClever, KMASHI, and more

Phones Featured Deals Sony Xperia X Compact – $ 279.99 at B&H Photo – Ends 12/15/16 This is one of B&H’s flash deals so be sure to jump on it quickly as it runs out at midnight. The Sony Xperia X Compact is a flagship phone in a smaller body for those who like smaller devices.

AG Daily Deals (12/9/16) The biggest discounts, deals, and coupons on products from Samsung, Nexus, LG, Motorola, Beats by Dre, Plantronics, Sony, Bose, JBL and more!

Happy Friday! Boy, has it been a long week! I’m sure ready for a weekend. Christmas is coming up fast and I need to get some shopping done. Do you have yours done yet? Have you even started? Hopefully, some of our deals today work for you or give you some inspiration. There are some

Today’s best tech discounts: Free Gear Fit 2 with purchase of S7 edge, Beats by Dre portable speaker

Have you been holding off to get a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge? If so, you can now get a free 256GB microSD card or Gear Fit 2 activity tracker at B&H Photo with a purchase of the S7 edge. If you have wanted a wireless speaker for cheap, now is the time to strike with

The LG G5 handily beats the Samsung Galaxy S7 (U.S.) in benchmark tests

While most people understand benchmark tests don’t always translate into real world performance, some people definitely want to know their flagship devices perform the best. Personally I take benchmark tests with a grain of salt, as I care more about real world performance. But for the sake of this post I will let the benchmarks

Google Play beats iOS when it comes to app downloads, but gets beaten by revenue

The inevitable battle of the ecosystems gets yet another discussion point as the figures turn to analysing the activity of the Android Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. Google Play saw nearly double the number of downloads of Apples App Store last year, but of those downloads it was those who were on iOS that paid more.

Google Play clocked in just over 200 million app downloads worldwide, which is up from the 150 million registered in 2014. Apple  [Read More…]

[Deal] Beats By Dre Solo HD Headphones for $99.99

Most of you have heard of Beats By Dre. Almost everyone pairs Beats By Dre with high-quality sound and superior designed looking headphones. Athletes like Lebron James, Cam Newton, Richard Sherman, Kobe Bryant and Russell Wilson are regularly seen wearing Beats before and after games. Don’t settle for the free headphones that came with your devices. Take advantage of this limited time deal on a set of Solo HD headphones, from Beats, for $ 99.99, 44% off MSRP with free shipping  [Read More…]

Apple’s second Android app helps you manage your Beats Pill+ speaker

Apple has released its second app for Android today — and no, it’s not Apple Music. For its second release, Apple has pushed out a companion app for managing and controlling their Beats Pill+ speakers.

Vine now supplies you with beats for your looping videos

Vine is allowing its user base to add music to their loops. Featured artists will supply the beats to add a new dimension to your submitted content. Once you’ve finished capturing a new video on your smartphone, which in itself is now easier with the new Snap to Beat feature, the network will provide a selection of songs that can be added to the looping video.

  [Read More…]

Microsoft beats Google to the tap with Bing On Tap features

Android Marshmellow, confirmed to be Android 6.0 (versus 5.2), is sure to bring many big changes to the Android ecosystem. One of the new features discussed briefly during Google I/O 2015 was something called Google Now on Tap.

Despite a mouthful of a name, Google Now on Tap will bring Google Now-like abilities for use in other apps. For example, activating Google Now on Tap while viewing a message from your spouse asking you to pick up milk on the  [Read More…]

Epic App Battles of Android: Beats Music vs. TIDAL

In the final installment of App Battles Round 1, we’ll be spectating the battle between Beats and TIDAL.

In the Black corner, we have TIDAL, Jay-Z’s premium with 500,000 downloads and a 3,5 star rating.

In the Red corner, we have Beats, Dr. Dre’s premium with 10,000,000 to 50,000,000 downloads and 4,5 star rating.

Who will win this battle between Jay-Z and Dr. Dre? They are both in the ring and ready! FIGHT!

Round 1: App design

We’re  [Read More…]