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OPPO Find X review: A beautiful disaster

Despite its incredible hardware design, the software experience may ruin the Find X for avid power users.

The Find X feels like a direct response from OPPO to all of the jaded critics that love to say that smartphone designs have become “boring” or “iterative.” It’s hard to call this phone either of those things, with its incredibly unique slide-out camera panel and jaw-dropping bezel-less display. From a hardware perspective, this is probably the most interesting phone  [Read More…]

Tech, streaming, and the beautiful game


As I’m writing this, it’s a few minutes into the World Cup final between France and Croatia, a match that, if the bookies are right, will easily edge in France’s favor. Even as a casual soccer fan — I grew up obsessed with the Manchester United of the early 1990s, featuring an impenetrable Peter Schmeichel and poetry-in-motion Ryan Giggs, among many others — this tournament had me hooked from the beginning. There have been so many  [Read More…]

HTC U12+ hands-on preview: Big, beautiful, unattainable

Sleek, modern, and still not coming to U.S. carriers.

HTC has been experiencing quite the rough patch throughout the last couple of years. Once a fan favorite with phones like the One M7 that pushed design boundaries and experimented with camera and audio tech, the Taiwanese company now struggles to sell units in any significant capacity. In fact, many average consumers don’t even recognize the brand name anymore — at least in the States.

That’s partly because  [Read More…]

Yup, the LG V30 is beautiful in its new ‘Raspberry Rose’ color

I wish more manufacturers took risks with colorful phones like this.

LG just announced it was making a new V30 color, dubbed “Raspberry Rose,” a week ago — so naturally, we tracked it down at CES 2018 to see what it was all about. And yes, it’s absolutely stunning in this new color.

Now most people would agree the V30’s design is quite good, and the combination of shining glass and smooth lines suits it in just  [Read More…]

A heatsink that works is a beautiful thing

Beat the heat in VR with this heatsink!

The fact that Daydream heats up your phone is no surprise, but the fact that you can mitigate this issue can be news to plenty of people. We took the time to test out a heat sink for Daydream and see whether it really did make a difference in our VR experience.

Read more at VRHeads

Grab this beautiful, compact, quad-core phone for under $70!

Over at Light in the Box, they’re having a huge sale on Leagoo devices. On Monday we told you about the Leagoo Z1C that you could pick up for only $ 29.99 and yesterday we told you how you could save $ 200 on the Leagoo M8 Pro. Today, we have another amazing deal for you. If you […]

The Royole Moon Viewer is beautiful, but not very functional

The Royole Moon Viewer looks pretty, but doesn’t always work as well.

The Royole Moon Viewer headset was built to work like a stand alone VR cinema. A place where you can watch movies, listen to music, and view things in both 2D and 3D. You can use it to view .mp4 videos, listen to music, and even browse the internet. Unfortunately while it has a design that looks good, this doesn’t exactly translate well into user  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Orchid Gray Galaxy S8 is a sign of more beautiful things to come

Android smartphones are entering a design renaissance. The color of the chassis is just the beginning of it.

It was wonderful to see Samsung adopt a fresh new color for the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The color is called Orchid Gray and it’s a lilac-hued pastel that’s unlike the shiny golds and reflective silver-covered phone bodies we’ve seen proliferating throughout the industry. This is no girly rose-gold either — Orchid Gray is indubitably gender neutral, which is  [Read More…]

Edifier R1700BT Review: Beautiful Bluetooth speakers for your bookshelves

Edifier’s Bluetooth-enabled bookshelf speakers deliver crisp sound quality at a great value.

Finding the right speakers for your home or apartment can be difficult. There’re a lot of options out there, and you typically want to strike a balance between sound quality, cost, and functionality. I was in that exact position about a month ago and ended up buying a great pair of speakers from Edifier: the R1700BT 2.0 bookshelf speakers.

If you’re looking for moderately sized  [Read More…]

Stack: A very simple game done in a beautiful way (Review)

Sometimes you don’t need a 500 MB game with high-end graphics, 30-hour story and 500 collectible items. Sometimes you just need a game that you can fire up and play while waiting for the lecturer to arrive. Although I am not a fan of endless games that provide very little replay value, Stack, by Ketchapp, […]