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Google Home Hub hands-on: The perfect compact bedside gadget

No camera, but plenty to look at.

I’ve been living with a Lenovo Smart Display for around two months now and it’s quickly become as indispensable as my coffee maker and frying pans. It sits in my kitchen, in view but not in the way, waiting for me to ask it to play The Daily Podcast or give me the weather forecast. When I am following a new recipe, I tend to bring it up on the  [Read More…]

The Xiaomi Yeelight is a great bedside lamp

Xiaomi’s Yeelight is a perfect fit for those of us who want a simple — and affordable — smart lamp.

Smart lamps have been around for a while. Many of us have stand-alone bulbs that can be controlled with a remote, or even a full-on smart lighting system like the Philips Hue, and it’s usually the first step folks make when they start thinking about a connected home.

Xiaomi is a player in this space (as  [Read More…]