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More Android phones are using encryption and lock screen security than ever before

An increasing number of people are making the right decisions.

We like to harp on security here from time to time, but it’s for good reason. Many often have a false sense of just how secure their private data is on their devices — that is, if they’re thinking about it at all. Your average smartphone user just wants to access the apps and people they care about, and not worry about security.

That’s why it was  [Read More…]

Apex Launcher is back and better than ever, but you should wait a while before switching

Apex Launcher isn’t back just yet, but that hasn’t stopped people from saying that it is.

Apex Launcher announced its comeback weeks ago with a May arrival date. Lo, it is May, and and Apex Launcher beta has pushed out for the testers to enjoy. But I’d hold off for a little while.

Hey, I’m as ready for another customization-heavy launcher to join the ranks of Nova Launcher and Action Launcher as anyone else, but after playing  [Read More…]

Google Docs spam is making the rounds, so take heed before you read

Even attachments from legitimate sources appear to contain illegitimate vibes.

Have you checked social media lately? There’s a bit of buzz making the rounds about Google Docs spam popping up in people’s inboxes. The spam comes as an email attachment from even the most legitimate Google Docs users, including educational institutions and other professional organizations that rely on the document-storing cloud service.

MASSIVE phishing attempt via @Google Docs going on right now!! If you get invited to  [Read More…]

Farpoint for PlayStation VR: Everything you need before the game launches!

Survive the desert, find the scientists, kill the baddies, and do it all with a sweet new aim controller.

After months of waiting, Farpoint for PlayStation VR is almost here. With a release date of May 16, 2017 it’s right around the corner. There has been a lot of hype for Farpoint, and for good reason. You’ve got a full length single-player campaign, a mysterious desert planet that wants to kill you, a new controller for shooting  [Read More…]

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X smartphone might arrive before the Galaxy Note8

The Galaxy S8 barely stepped into the wild and we’re already seeing new rumors about Samsung’s upcoming high-end smartphones. Earlier this month, we told you that a working Samsung foldable smartphone prototype might be ready for primetime as soon as Q3. The Korean tech giant has been working on such a device since forever, but […]

6 questions you need to ask before building an app

With the booming market of smart phones, new apps are being developed every day. Hence, the competition is incredibly tough. If you are on your way to making one, stop and ask yourself these questions first. What app am I building? Before building an app, you need to consider what kind of business it is […]

USB-C needs to get smarter before it gets better

Woke up to a dead phone this morning, because my smartphone did something really dumb.

A few nights ago I was away from home and didn’t have my power cord with me, so I had to rely on a battery backup to charge my USB C-based phone for the night. This battery had been stuffed down in the bottom of my backpack for a few days, after having been used to power something else for several hours,  [Read More…]

Even the Galaxy S7 Active is getting Nougat before the unlocked GS7

The rugged Galaxy S7 Active is getting Nougat.

Another day, another carrier device getting Nougat. Heck, Nougat is up to nearly 3% of total Android devices, and we can now add the AT&T-exclusive Galaxy S7 Active to the list.

The phone is getting the same version of Android 7.0 Nougat with the February 2017 security patch as its less rugged counterparts, which includes, according to AT&T, “Samsung Cloud, Samsung Pass, and App Select enabled in Setup and  [Read More…]

Android Wear 2.0 SDK finalized and available, developers encouraged publish before tomorrow’s launch

Android Wear 2.0 is official, and developers can get ready now.

Google has the final version of the Android Wear 2.0 SDK ready, and it’s available for download.

Support for new hardware features and stand-alone watch apps is included in the release, and all the existing documentation from the developer preview version of the SDK has been merged into the main Wear Developer site and everything needed to produce and publish applications for the new platform version  [Read More…]

LG Watch Style box leaks before February 8 announcement

Remember that we previously told you that LG’s upcoming Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches, the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style were expected to make a debut on February 9. Now, according to info coming from well-known leakster @evleaks, it appears that the two wearables will be making a debut a day earlier – on […]