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What do you think about the Galaxy S11 being called the S20?

Let’s have a chat with the AC forums.

It’s officially 2020, which means we’re another step closer to Samsung unveiling its first big flagship of the year. This upcoming phone will be the successor to last year’s Galaxy S10, and for a while now, we’ve been referring to it as the Galaxy S11.

However, a new rumor is suggesting that the S11 will actually be branded and marketed as the “Galaxy S20.”

Taking a look through the  [Read More…]

Human Head Studios, now Roundhouse Studios, is being sued by Ragnarok

A messy situation where a studio that no longer exists is being sued.

What you need to know Human Head Studios, developer of games such as Prey (2007) and Rune II, shut down a while ago. The entire team was acquired by Bethesda Softworks and reorganized into Roundhouse Studios. Human Head Studios is being sued by Ragnarok, publisher of Rune II. Ragnarok alleges that Human Head Studios caused multiple delays for the game and has refused to  [Read More…]

OnePlus phone batteries are being decimated by WhatsApp

OnePlus smartphone users are experiencing excessive battery drain from WhatsApp, killing more than 40% of the battery with limited use.

What you need to know OnePlus devices running both Android 9 and 10 are being affected by the high battery drain. WhatsApp version 2.19.308 appears to be the culprit for the cause of the drain. Some Xiaomi phone users are reporting that they are being affected by the bug as well.

OnePlus phones have been great on  [Read More…]

Google Play Music no longer being default is the best thing for everyone

Through sheer dysfunction, Google Play Music’s demotion is actually the best thing for it.

Last week, Google announced that it would be YouTube Music, not Google Play Music, pre-installed as the default music app on all Android phones. Many people commented that this was terrible news for Play Music users and yet another nail in a coffin that must look like an iron maiden by now.

Actually, as a longtime GPM user, this news made me cheer.  [Read More…]

Bose Sleepbuds are being discontinued due to battery issues

Multiple reports of dying batteries cause Bose to discontinue sleep assistive earbuds.

What you need to know These are truly wireless earbuds with noise-canceling with relaxing sounds. Sleepbuds initially launched via Indigogo in June 2018. The inability to charge and/or unexpectedly shutting down are the primary reasons for discontinuation.

For folks that suffer from poor sleep, when you find a product that says it’s going to help solve that problem, you get super excited. Bose, a company  [Read More…]

Niantic is investigating why Xiaomi users are being banned from Pokémon Go

The phone most affected is the Redmi 5.

What you need to know Pokémon Go players on Xiaomi phones are being suspended or banned. The phone most affected is the Redmi 5 and users believe it started with the 10.3.2 update or is being caused by Xiaomi’s Game Booster feature. So far, there is no official response from either Xiaomi or the developer of Pokémon Go Niantic.

Update October 1: The Niantic Support account on Twitter has  [Read More…]

Minor annoyances don’t stop Borderlands 3 from being the best in the series

Definitely a Game of the Year contender.

It’s been seven years since Borderlands 2 released, and I’m happy to say that Borderlands 3 was worth the long wait. Character arcs receive well-earned endings, questions are answered regarding lore and theories that fans will love, and the gunplay is top-notch. Any stumbles Borderlands 3 takes are overwhelmingly outshined by what it does well.

And as satisfying as it is for long-time fans, it’s still accessible to newcomers so  [Read More…]

A media event is being held for The Last of Us Part II later in September

It’s been over a year since new footage was released for The Last of Us Part II. That could be about to change.

What you need to know The Last of Us Part II was first announced back at PlayStation Experience 2016. Since then, new footage has been scarce, with the latest being a gameplay segment released at E3 2018. Today, Geoff Keighley confirmed that The Last of Us Part II is getting a media event on  [Read More…]

Discord is being deeply integrated into the Game Launcher on Galaxy phones

It’s now easier than ever to use Discord on your Note 10.

What you need to know Samsung and Discord have announced a new partnership. Discord features are being integrated into the Game Launcher app on Galaxy phones. This includes being able to see your Discord friends’ gaming status, an option to join voice chats, and more.

Discord has gained massive popularity over the last couple of years as the go-to app for gaming-related chats, and now,  [Read More…]