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Keep an eye on your home and belongings for only $70

Let’s face it: No matter what neighborhood you live in, your house could be broken into. You could also go your whole life without a break-in, but it’d still be nice to keep an eye on the kids or pets while you’re away from home, no?

Watch your kids, pets, and things from anywhere for $ 70 Learn more

Thankfully, we now have the technology to keep an eye on our homes and businesses from afar, and all  [Read More…]

Never lose your belongings again with the ANKR Smart Tracker

There are many of us who lose track of our keys, purses, wallets, and other valuable items. Face it, keeping track of everything sometimes isn’t an easy task for some of us. Luckily technology can help us solve that problem. Today’s AndroidGuys deal of the day brings you the ANKR Smart Tracker for $ 18.99 with free

XY project blows past Kickstarter goal, promises easy tracking of belongings

XY is a project on Kickstarter that promises to keep track of everything important to you, and it just flew past its funding goal. Introduced with some calculations that’s sure to make you think, XY states that the average person spends 10 minutes a day trying to find lost things.

XY promises to eliminate this as the Bluetooth LE powered tag can be attached to anything you hold important to you and the tag then syncs to your smartphone  [Read More…]