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Pick up an unlocked Moto Z at Best Buy for just $449 today only!

Our friends at Thrifter are back with another great deal, this time saving you $ 250 on a Moto Z at Best Buy!

Best Buy’s Deal of the Day scores you an unlocked Moto Z for just $ 449, which is a savings of $ 250 from the regular price. This brings it down to the same price you’d normally pay for a Moto Z Play, but allows you to grab the model with higher specs instead. The Moto  [Read More…]

Kodi or Plex: Which media server is best for Android users?

Kodi and Plex may seem similar at a glance, but they offer entirely unique experiences and services.

Feature-rich media centers, like Kodi and Plex, are making it easier for more people to make the decision to cut cable out of their lives. The benefits are clear and plentiful: you get full control to watch what you want to watch, on whichever device you choose, with no ads or interruptions.

Android users are in an especially good position,  [Read More…]

Best Science apps for kids

Science is awesome, and with these apps your kids will learn that too!

Children are like little sponges that can soak up the world around them. While that includes the mannerisms of their parents and their environment, this is also when you have a chance to show them the wonder of science and have them get excited about it. While there are plenty of different ways to go about getting your child excited about science, you should  [Read More…]

Best cases for Google Pixel XL

Protect your larger Pixel with a quality case.

The Google Pixel XL is a big, beautiful phone, and if you have one, you’ll definitely want to keep it protected from scuffs and daily wear and tear along with bumps and drops.

Fortunately there are a number of great case options available that, depending on the option you go with, will keep your phone safe while also adding some style and/or functionality to your device.

Google Live case  [Read More…]

Best Microsoft apps for Android

Microsoft apps have come a long way on Android.

Microsoft essentially shunned Android and iOS for several years, but with Satya Nadella taking the helm in 2014 and adopting a mobile-first stance, the company has turned its attention to bringing its apps and services to rival platforms. From heavy-hitters like Office to side projects developed by employees in their free time under the Microsoft Garage label, Microsoft has a lot to offer on Android.

Microsoft Office  [Read More…]

Best fighting games for Android

Bring the classic arcade action you remember to your phone with these great fighting games!

Fighting games have kind of fallen to the wayside on the latest consoles, and the less said about the state of arcades the better.

But for a long while, fighting games reigned supreme in the video game world, and were often the battleground where gamers showed off their skills in arcade tournaments or huddled around a TV with your best pals. Fortunately,  [Read More…]

Check out the best stand-alone Android Wear 2.0 apps (so far)

One of the major benefits that Android Wear 2.0 brought to the table is that it basically transforms your smartwatch into a stand-alone Android device. Owners of old and new Android Wear 2.0 wearables will be able to run standalone apps without the need of having a phone nearby all the time, which is super […]

LG Watch Style vs Apple Watch: which is the best smartwatch?

It’s not exactly a choice, but how do these watches compare?

Asking whether an Android Wear watch is better than an Apple Watch here on Android Central may seem a little silly. After all, you can’t use an Apple Watch on Android so it doesn’t really matter right? Also, why are we comparing the technical lesser of the two watches Google and LG released as the Android Wear 2.0 standard bearers to Apple’s one flagship watch?

Here’s  [Read More…]

The Best PlayStation Exclusives

Best Horror Best Puzzle Best Action Best Story

Best Horror Until Dawn

See at PlayStattion Store

Until Dawn doesn’t necessarily play like most horror games. Instead of immediately waking up in the middle of a bloody disaster, or in an empty town, it takes a more cinematic route. You play as five friends returning to the same mountain lodge where two of their friends disappeared into the mountains the year previous.

During your night on the mountain  [Read More…]

Best microSD Cards to Expand Storage on Honor 6X

Get more space in your Honor 6X with a quality microSD. {intro}

The Huawei Honor 6X is a great budget phone that doesn’t feel like a budget phone. It features a solid aluminum build, two quality cameras, and an impressive 3,340mAh battery that should carry you through most days.

The only spec that’s lacking is the 32GB of internal storage. Huawei has mitigated that by including a microSD slot with compatibility for cards up to 128GB. That’s more  [Read More…]