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Acer Iconia A200 now available at Best Buy for $349


Update: Watch our video hands-on!

As if deciding on an Android tablet wasn’t hard enough now yet another one is available to make things harder. The Acer Iconia A200 is now available from Best Buy, both online and in stores, for $ 349. The A200 is a Honeycomb-based tablet, but all signs point to a mid-Febuary ICS update — and there’s a giant sticker on the box saying that an upgrade is coming. So,  [Read More…]

The Best Android devices and trends of 2011

The Best Android devices and trends of 2011

Today is the last of 2011, and it was quite a year for Android. Looking back at where Android was 365 days ago and where it is now, it’s pretty incredible. Most of the things that we asked for in  [Read More…]

2011 holidays ”the best ever” for Amazon as the Kindle Fire continues to be their top-seller

2011 holidays ”the best ever” for Amazon as the Kindle Fire continues to be their top-seller

According to an official statement released just hours ago, Amazon has enjoyed the best holiday season in their history, mostly due to the success  [Read More…]

Best Buy outs the unannounced Motorola Droid 4 on its Reward Zone site

Motorola Droid 4 at Best Buy

Best Buy’s stellar track record with Android images continues, with the Motorola Droid 4 making an appearance on the Best Buy Mobile Solutions Reward Zone section. That’d be the still-unannounced (and, hell, not even guaranteed to be released) Motorola Droid 4. That’d be the Droid 4 that looks like a Droid RAZR with a keyboard. Whoops.

We still don’t know when Verizon’s going to announce  [Read More…]

Sharp reveals the best mobile camera module with image stabilization we have ever seen


Last week Sharp introduced a new camera module with optical image stabilization that features the industry’s thinnest profile (5.47 mm). The module is able to capture images up to 12.1-Megapixel, features a 1/3.2-type CMOS sensor, and can record full 1080p HD video. The real star of the show here is the optical image stabilization.

Sharp’s new camera module uses a lens-shift system to control the lens inside the module, which helps it  [Read More…]

Amazon Kindle Fire now the best selling Android tablet, tops iPad sales at BestBuy.com


Amazon told us the Kindle Fire was their best selling product on Black Friday and now some early Q4 numbers have arrived. A new report from iSuppli estimates that Amazon will ship 3.9 million units before the end of the year and Digitimes says that number could climb to as high as 5 million.

When we examine the global rankings for tablet  [Read More…]

Best Buy seems to think the Galaxy Nexus is in stock Dec. 11

Galaxy Nexus at Best Buy

Take this with a grain of salt, seeing as how Best Buy’s had a hard time remembering the the Galaxy Nexus’ name, but this inventory screen sent to Engadget shows that the big-box retailer is expecting to have the Verizon Galaxy Nexus in stock on Dec. 11. Note that the street date is blank, though — and we’ve seen these Best Buy inventory screens be wrong before.

In other  [Read More…]

ASUS Transformer Prime available for pre-order at Best Buy

ASUS Transformer Prime

As certain as we are that a lot of folks are out there taking advantage of all the sales happening right now on tablets for holidays — we’re also certain some will be keeping their money in their pockets just a little bit longer to hold out for the ASUS Transformer Prime.

The Tegra 3 powered tablet we recently saw running Ice Cream Sandwich has been hanging out on Amazon  [Read More…]

Hooked filters Android Market to find the games best for you [App Reviews]

There are thousands upon thousands of apps in the Android Market. Despite much discussion about which app store has the most apps, people rarely stop to think that the average consumer will only use a fraction of those apps and games. How does someone decide which titles make it to their Android device?

Hooked wants to lend a helping hand. Or at least a  [Read More…]

Verizon going with ‘Nexus Prime’ after all? This Best Buy flyer sure thinks so

Nexus Prime at Best Buy

Look, we know the wait for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus here in the United States is making people act a little crazy. We get that, and we’re not really blaming anybody. But this sort of thing isn’t helping matters any. What you see here, according to new forums member mynewride, is a Best Buy Mobile flyer that is due to come out Dec. 1. And in it we have  [Read More…]