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This week’s best Android gadgets: Olympus A01, iStabilizer Gimbal, and more!

Deck out your Android device with these awesome new accessories!

Once more we’re putting together the latest releases of Android-friendly connected devices. We’ll dive into audio, video, protection, photography, and any other niche where there might be a cool accessory lurking. This week we’re showing off a few things that will fit nicely into your summer regimen. Take a look!

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Best heavy duty cases for LG G4

The best rugged cases for the LG G4 must withstand the rigors of your daily environment — inside or out.

Not every case out there can hold up to the extremes of a busy lifestyle, where drops are commonplace and expected throughout your daily routine. Like it or not, heavy duty cases are important for those of us who require extra layers, screen covers, and sturdy belt clip holsters to get our LG G4 through to  [Read More…]

The best Android gadgets of the week for June 28

We’ve rounded up another week’s worth of solid Android accessories. These connected devices recently hit the market or just went on preorder, and range the gamut of audio, video, wearables, cases, and anything in between. That said, we’re confident you’ll find something here to complement your Android phone or tablet. Let’s dig in!

The Nexus 6 is the best Android flagship you can buy today

The best Android phone is more than just the sum of its parts.

We’re at the time of the year when most of the big players in Android hardware have shown us what they have to offer (waiting on you, Motorola) and many of us have had a chance to try them all.

There is some really good, and interesting, stuff out there in 2015. We’ve moved past the gimmicks like 3D and dual-camera lenses, and  [Read More…]

Pebble Time Best Buy Pre-orders are now live for $200

The Pebble Time is now available for pre-order in the US at Best Buy. The retailer has red, white and black variants listed and ready to be reserved.

As previously covered, Best Buy has scored exclusivity rights over pre-orders in the US for the new Pebble Time smartwatch. Today’s the day for non-backers to begin pre-ordering the accessory for their bare wrist.

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The best gadgets of the week for June 21

We’re going to try out a new series where we highlight the latest connected devices and accessories. Everything here has recently gone on sale for the first time, or is shipping in the near future. These will span Bluetooth accessories, connected home devices, and anything else that isn’t a phone or tablet, but plays nice with them.

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We’ve updated our top pick for best Android Wear smartwatch

There are seven Android Wear smartwatches in the wild today — five of the them still available for purchase. But which one’s the best? We’ll help you narrow down your pick — and take a look at what’s coming up in the future — with our updated list of the best Android Wear watches you can get.

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Android Wear or Pebble Time — which is best for you?

Choices can be hard. Especially when both are great choices.

Smartwatches are uniquely personal pieces of technology. We all want a phone that has a certain look or feel, and most of us think our choice says something about who we are, and how we want people to perceive us. When it comes to our watch — essentially a piece of jewelry — things go a step further. When it’s a smartwatch, one with which we  [Read More…]

Nest Cam appears on Best Buy site, pre-orders now open for $199

Nest’s new Cam has now shown up on the Best Buy site, with pre-orders now available for the device priced at $ 199.

Ahead of today’s event, the Nest Cam has made its way to Best Buy’s website and Best Buy is also now accepting pre-orders. In addition to confirming the launch of the Nest Cam, Best Buy has outed the new software from Nest as well.

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Pebble Time pre-orders will be exclusive to Best Buy in the US

Customers will need to order their Pebble Time from Best Buy when pre-orders go live on June 22.

Pebble has announced that the Pebble Time will be available exclusively from Best Buy’s website in the US when pre-orders go live on June 22. Customers outside of the US will be able to order the watch from Pebble’s own website.

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