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T-Mobile guarantees the best trade-in price on your used mobile devices

T-Mobile today announced the US carrier will be guaranteeing the best trade-in prices for customers. The company aims to best AT&T, Sprint and Verizon by offering $ 50, as well as the difference back, if consumers find a better deal elsewhere. It’s for a limited time only and kicks off on September 17. T-Mobile will monitor the market and adjust trade-in prices accordingly.

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The Best Android apps and games of the week: Angry Birds Stella, Reddit AMA, and more!

We’ve got some great new Android games and Android apps to kick off September. There’s a stealth game from Sony to check out, a smattering of productivity apps, and plenty more in between.

If you’re ready to go, take a gander at our top ten Android apps released this week.

Announcing the 2014 Android Central Best of IFA Awards!

Presenting the best of the best from Berlin’s annual show!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather ’round, for it’s time to announce the inaugural Android Central Best of IFA Awards! We’ve been bringing you the best fare from Berlin’s annual trade show all week, and now it’s time to honor the best of the best. These are the companies and products that really stood out to us, and so they should stand out to you,  [Read More…]

The best word games for Android

We’ve rounded up the best Android word games you’ll find in the Google Play Store. These will test your puzzle-solving skills, trivia knowledge, and sheer reflexes. Quite a few have in-app purchases, but still offer plenty of free content on their own.

Ready to start working with letters? Check out our top five Android word games!

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10 best ways to secure your smartphone

Lock your smartphone

We’ve said a million times, and we’ll say it till we’re blue in the face. Lock your smartphone. Lock your smartphone! We were also slightly dismayed (though not exactly surprised) to hear in our recent poll that a good third of our readers do not lock their phones. And we say unto you, there is absolutely no excuse not to, especially considering the vast array of options we have to do  [Read More…]

Get the LG G Watch for $179.99 ($50 off) at Best Buy, free shipping

LG G Watch R is LG’s circular Android Wear smartwatch which will be announced at this year’s IFA. Considering that fact, Best Buy has decided to offer LG G Watch for $ 179 with free shipping (for US). This offer will save you $ 50 considering G Watch’s original price is $ 229. You can get this Android… Read more »

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Back to school: The best Chromebooks to consider for young students

Chromebooks are a fantastic learning tool for children, and you won’t break the bank buying one for the student in your life

Choosing to buy a computer for a younger student making their way through elementary or middle school is more of a necessity than a choice nowadays, but you’d be right in thinking there needs to be some thought put into which you buy. Given the scope of their work and the amount of money  [Read More…]

The best new Android apps of August 2014

If you’re itching for some fresh downloads this Labor Day weekend, we’ve gathered together the five best app releases this month in the Google Play Store. This go-around we’ve got a bit of photography, some productivity, and a little something from HTC and Google.

Be sure to check out our round up of the best Android games released this month if you’re hankering for more.

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The best sports news apps for Android

Sports nuts will feel right at home with these great apps

If you’re a sports fan you’re well catered for on Android. For most of the major sports you’ll find official apps, unofficial apps, news apps and team apps. It’s easy to fill up your phone with a whole bunch of different apps for different sports, but what about if you want something to cover off multiple sports in one go. Well, there’s a bunch of  [Read More…]

Best Buy offers $50 discount on LG G Watch ahead of G Watch R’s release

In light of LG’s pre-IFA announcement of the circular G Watch R, Best Buy is now offering a $ 50 sale on both the white and black editions of the original G Watch. With the savings, either model will cost customers $ 179, which could help spur sales of the square form factor Android Wear wristwatch as consumer interest seems to be skewing towards a more classical circular watch shape.

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