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Best 10 cases for Motorola Moto G 2015

If you plan to protect your Moto G 2015, any of these 10 cases will keep your device safe from the inevitable drop.

Unless you’re comfortable with rocking your Moto G 2015 naked, you’ve probably scooped up a case or are on the hunt for one that suits your needs. We’ve selected 10 of the best cases for the Moto G 2015 that include popular names like Ringke, OtterBox, and Tudia. Whether you’re after a multi-layer  [Read More…]

Top 6 best cases for Nexus 6P

If you plan to protect your Nexus 6P, you’ll need a worthy case to do job right. These 6 selects will do the trick.

With the announcement of the Nexus 6P came a handful of cases to match the device, including snap on covers and flip cases. If those didn’t peak your interest, manufacturers like Supcase and Verus have popular cases for the Nexus 6P already listed that should do you just fine in keeping a  [Read More…]

The 5 best cases for Nexus 5X

Can’t stand to rock that new Nexus 5X naked? Carry with confidence using any of these 5 cases that will keep you covered.

If you’re after a quality case for your Nexus 5X that will handle the occasional drop and shield against device wear, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve selected 5 of the best that vary in style, size, and color — so there’s a little something for everyone. Whether you need heavy duty  [Read More…]

Weekly poll: Which Nexus is best Nexus?

Really, if you’re a fan of Android the way Google does it, Nexus time is like Christmas.

This year we get two choices in hardware with the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, along with a still relevant and solid model from last year still available in many places. They all run the same exact software, and that means choice for Nexus fans. It also means you have to make a choice if you’re only buying one.

Which one  [Read More…]

Nexus 6P first impressions(P is for Premium). So far it is the best phone of 2015.

It is really difficult to tell how great a phone is at a press event. As a writer, we literally get a few hours max to spend with the newest devices while fighting off other media outlets. I attended the Google press event for the Nexus releases, and my first impressions of the 6P were positive, but I rarely ever like to make judgements without spending quality time with a device. It’s in my nature to study and try things  [Read More…]

The best Quick Charge 2.0 car chargers

If your device can utilize Quick Charge 2.0, you should be using a car charger that takes advantage of that technology.

There are a good number of devices that support Quick Charge 2.0 these days, but many still haven’t added a Quick Charge car charger to their vehicle. We’ve selected 5 of our favorites that will provide a snappy boost in juice so that you’re ready to roll by the time you reach your destination. And  [Read More…]

Best 10 Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ cases

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ with one of these great cases.

We’re rounding up the top ten cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+. These span the gamut of slim cases, heavy-duty rugged cases, wallet cases, and anything else that will keep your edge+ covered.

As always, we’re eager to hear what you’re using, too. Leave a link in the comments to your favorite Galaxy S6 edge+ case.

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Move over Bose. Fugoo’s entire line of portable speakers are now at Best Buy

Back in may I had the opportunity to test the best portable speaker I have ever used – the Fugoo Tough speaker. It was not only mud-proof, water-proof, and shock-resistant, but it was also loaded with speakers that sounded incredible. There was no trade-off in any area and blew the competition out of the water.

Now in time for the holiday season, Fugoo has partnered up with Best Buy to sell their entire line of speakers in store and online.

  [Read More…]

Samsung Gear VR for Galaxy S6, S6 edge and Note 4 only $99 at Best Buy

If you’ve had your eyes on the Samsung Gear VR, but weren’t completely sold on the $ 200 price point, this deal from Best Buy may excite you. The retailer has slashed the price of the VR headset by 50 percent, dropping it down to just $ 99.

Top 10 best cases for Moto X Pure Edition

It’s wise to protect your investment. These cases for the Moto X Pure Edition are the best for doing just that.

Although the Moto X Pure Edition is still relatively fresh off the shelves, we’re not seeing as many big name case manufacturers with options for the device. Popular picks like Spigen and Seidio are opting to take a pass this time around — which is a bummer, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t great options  [Read More…]