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AT&T’s best phones: The iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4

Somewhere, a Windows Phone is weeping. But right now we’re going to take a look at the top Android smartphone and the top … other … smartphone on AT&T — the Samsung Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4. Yeah, WP7 has pretty much secured the No. 3 spot, but, frankly, we feel it needs another cycle or two to really work out the kinks.

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Best Buy to Offer ZTE Score for Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless has announced the second Android smart phone to support the Muve Music service just days after unveiling the Samsung Vitality. The ZTE Score will be available for $ 129.99 when it goes on sale later this month, giving subscribers a low-cost Android alternative. Unlike the Vitality, however, this one won’t be found in Cricket retail locations as Best Buy will be handling things for the no-contract carrier.

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Best Buy Weekly Circular Added to TheFind App

Best Buy has been added to the growing catalog of, well… catalogs compiled and curated by TheFind.com.  Effective this coming Sunday, September 25th, the Best Buy weekly circular will be found in the same place as Crate & Barrel, Nordstrom, and William-Sonoma.  In fact, there are more than 160 catalogs with upwards of a bajillion products found on TheFind.com and its Android application.  We’d love to see other retailers  [Read More…]

Cricket goes national, new phones in Best Buy stores on Sept .25

Samsung Vitality

Cricket Communications is going national, with its Muve Music phones hitting 1,300 Best Buy stores. And they’re kicking things off on Sept. 25 with the Samsung Vitality (that’s it above) and the ZTE Score. The Vitality (be sure to check out our hands-on) runs $ 199, and the Score $ 129. The lineup will also expand to select Walmart and Dollar General stores, and from HSN.

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A lucky reader gets a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 early from Best Buy

Tab 8.9

We just got this from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous — it’s his very own Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 courtesy of Best Buy (see our hands-on here).  It seems that his Tab 10.1 had a manufacturing defect, and when he went to Best Buy to return it they inadvertantly grabbed an 8.9-incher from the stockroom and handed it over.  We know Best Buy is already taking pre-orders for the slightly  [Read More…]

Best Buy makes good after customer’s already opened Epic 4G Touch gives him the bird

Best Buy Epic 4G Touch picture

Android Central Forums member remii picked up his shiny new Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch (hereafter referred to as the SGSIIE4GT for short) at a Best Buy in Riverside, Calif., only to find that it wasn’t quite as pristine as you might expect, with the box apparently already opened and the phone’s camera having been … tested. Here’s the story in remii’s words:

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NFL ’11 for Android Tablets is your new best friend on Sundays

As I sat on my couch watching the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saint have a strong season opener, my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was on the coffee table resting comfortably. Come Sunay, that Tab will be put to work as the NFL has released its official Honeycomb app.

NFL ’11 for Android Tablets is part of a slew of Android apps the  [Read More…]

Best Buy UK slashes price of HTC Flyer, making room for HTC Puccini?


The HTC Flyer may not be running Honeycomb or have a dual-core processor, but it’s certainly one of the most unique Android tablets currently on the market.  The only real flaw we found with the HTC Flyer was its price. In the US the WiFi HTC Flyer is priced at $ 499. Prices in Europe were even more ridiculous. But if the price was the only thing keeping you away, we  [Read More…]

HTC Flyer falls to £329.99 at Best Buy UK

 Android Central

We came away with a positive impression of HTC’s 7-inch Flyer tablet when it launched back in late May, however, one thing we weren’t fans of was the Flyer’s UK pricing. At £480 for Wifi-only and £600 for Wifi and 3G, it was significantly more expensive than the dual-core, Honeycomb-powered competition, and that made us sad. Fortunately, Best Buy UK has now gone some way towards remedying that, with today’s price reduction  [Read More…]