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The best podcast apps for Android

Get the very best podcast experience with these great apps

While we usually think of our mobile devices as great for listening to music of all kinds, increasingly our Android phones and tablets are being used for listening to podcasts as well. We produce a bunch of them here at Mobile Nations, and the popularity and scale of the podcast continues to grow. But just as is the case with music player apps, not all podcast  [Read More…]

The best news apps for Android

Extra, Extra, read all about it with these great Android apps.

Keeping informed on the go is one of the many things that our smartphones are incredible tools for. During the every day hustle and bustle it’s easy to ignore the world around you, but the news is everywhere. Including on your phone.

Android has a plethora of great apps to choose from thanks to the massive selection in the Google Play Store. But if you’re  [Read More…]

Moto X 2014 for AT&T and Verizon on sale for just $99.99 at Best Buy

If you are looking for a cheap Android smartphone, you might want to consider the Moto X 2014 today. Best Buy is selling both the AT&T and Verizon versions of Motorola’s phone for just $ 99.99 without a contract.

There’s no word on how long this price reduction will last, but since its a President’s Day weekend, it’s likely the sale will stop with the end of the holiday. Since these phones are priced at  [Read More…]

Best Buy offers $50 off gold Nexus 6P, throws in $25 gift card

Best Buy is currently offering a solid deal on the gold Nexus 6P, cutting its price by $ 50 and throwing in a $ 25 gift card to boot. While this deal is only for the gold variant, it does include both the 32GB and 64GB models, knocking the down to $ 449 and $ 499, respectively.

The Nexus 6P was originally released in September, and we’ve seen a number of deals on the smartphone since. This  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll Followup: Battery monitoring is best with a percentage

Last week we asked How you prefer to monitor your battery. As important as our phones have become in day to day life, if you run out of juice then you’re not going to be using it for much. There are a few different ways to monitor the battery life on your phone, and we wanted to know how you prefer to do just that.

In last week’s poll we gave you four options: “just  [Read More…]

Huawei GX8 now available online from Huawei and Best Buy for $349

Huawei’s latest U.S. smartphone, the GX8, is now available for purchase from both Huawei and Best Buy’s online store for $ 349. This 5.5-inch smartphone is Huawei’s most recent addition to its U.S. lineup, following behind the Nexus 6P and the recent launch of the Honor 5X from its Honor sub-brand. Previously, Huawei has sold some of its Ascend series smartphones in the U.S.

Internally, you’ll find a Snapdragon 615 paired with 2GB of RAM and 16GB  [Read More…]

Today’s best unlocked Android phone deals on Amazon (Jan. 30th)

The days where we walk into a carrier store to purchase a subsidized smartphone are fading. This trend, bundled with the aggressive prices that we’re beginning to see in unlocked phones, makes purchasing a phone full price a more viable option in the mobile market.

Amazon is where a majority of us go to find the best prices of merchandise, therefore, we’ve complied a list of great unlocked smartphone deals you can find there today. Let’s check out what you can save on!

  [Read More…]

Galaxy S7 prep — when is the best time to sell your current phone?

If you’re the type to sell one phone to help pay for another, you’ve got some research to do.

We know there’s something big right around the corner from Samsung. In fact, there’s a good bet we’re actually going to see three somethings. Chances are more than a few of you are waiting to see if the Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be your next phone, and a big part of that wait is deciding  [Read More…]

The best cheap Android phones

There’s never been a better time to buy a cheap Android phone and still get a top quality experience.

It used to be the norm that to get a good phone you’d have to spend a good chunk of change. But while the high end continues to progress at a predictable rate, the mid-tiers have suddenly become where the action is at. It’s easier than ever to get a quality Android smartphone without paying too much  [Read More…]

Best Buy is offering a free Gear VR with the purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Best Buy is running a promotion today which gets you a free Gear VR headset with the purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ or Note 5. Should you find yourself looking to upgrade your phone to one of Samsung’s latest, you may want to do so at Best Buy to score the $ 100 Gear VR headset for free. The promotion ends at midnight on January 23, and you can order it  [Read More…]