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Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S9

Keep your Galaxy S9 display safe and scratch-free

With the release of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 comes the inevitable debate of the best way to keep your phone safe. Some people are content with just “being careful” with their phone to avoid scuffs and cracks, but the rest of us are better off staying safer than sorry.

But protecting the curved display of the Galaxy S9 is no easy task — tempered glass offers the  [Read More…]

Here are the five best Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus cases you can buy right now (Vol. 2)

Have you ordered your brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus? Here are five of our favorite cases you can buy right now!

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Here’s how to get the absolute best deal on a Samsung Galaxy S9

Don’t miss out!

Samsung is running a decent trade-in program right now alongside its additional student discounts, but if you really want to get the cost of the new phone down, we have an idea for you. This isn’t as straightforward as some of the other ways, but sometimes you have to put in a little legwork to save big. So, let’s break this down for you.

Today only, eBay is running a sale that saves you 25% on  [Read More…]

Best Buy’s 3-day sale has some of the best tech deals around

If you’re going to spend, you might as well save a little more at the same time.

Best Buy wants you to spend your tax return with them, and for the most part it doesn’t seem like a bad way to save on some good products. This tech sale lasts through the end of the day Saturday and features some really good products going for some of the best prices we can find. There is no killer  [Read More…]

What’s the best wireless carrier in the United States?

AT&T vs. Sprint vs. T-Mobile vs. Verizon

If you live in the United States and are looking to join a new wireless carrier, you’ve got a few different options to choose from. Each carrier comes with its own unique set of pros and cons, and this can make choosing just one over the rest a difficult decision.

One of the Android Central forum members is looking to upgrade to the Galaxy S9, and while they’re currently on  [Read More…]

Honor 7X vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro: What’s the best budget phone available today?

Both the Honor 7X and the Redmi Note 5 Pro are similar in many areas, but there are a few marked differences.

Xiaomi consolidated its position in India over the course of the last 12 months, becoming the largest phone manufacturer in the country. It did so by launching a new budget phone every month for the last four months of 2017, and boosting its efforts in the offline space.

Meanwhile, Huawei sub-brand Honor has continued its  [Read More…]

Best PlayStation VR Docking Stations

You are now the proud owner of a VR headset and it’s time to show it off

Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality! Now that a PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) has made its way into your life, you wanna find the best display dock to show off your new equipment. So, whether you prefer your command center of gaming to be neat and tidy or are just tired of unpacking and repacking your VR headset, we’ve  [Read More…]

The five best cheap Android devices you can buy right now (March 2018)

Are you looking for a brand new Android phone? Are you on a tight budget? Check out our list of the five best cheap Android phones you can buy right now.

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Best Accessories for Razer Phone

Looking to accessorize your Razer Phone? Here’s a good place to start.

What can turn a good phone experience into a great phone experience is often what else you can add to it. You have to accessorize!

In the case of the Razer Phone, one of our current favorites, there are some great accessories you can pair it with to really help you get the most from the phone.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best  [Read More…]

Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S9+: Which is best for VR?

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have top of the line specs, but they have different advantages when it comes to VR.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ feature top of the line specs, beautiful designs, and improve upon the successful Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. While both of Samsung’s newest flagship devices have many similarities, there are some differences when it comes to using them with a Gear VR. There are pros and cons to each  [Read More…]