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Best Cases To Keep Your Wired Earbuds From Getting Tangled

There’s endless variety when it comes to wired earbuds, but a common issue — whether you’re using a pair of $ 20 earbuds or a $ 200 option — is the cables tangling up. Thankfully, there are a few cases that provide an easy fix for this particular problem. Digital Innovations’ The Nest is a particularly great option as it has a unique design that ensures that your earbuds stay secure.

Our pick The Nest

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These are the best car mounts for OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T might be so good that you never want to put it down, but there’s no joking around when it comes to distracted driving. We’ve seen many states and countries adopting harsh penalties for drivers caught using their phone while behind the wheel for good reason, as every year thousands of people are injured in entirely preventable accidents. We’ve rounded up the best car mounts for the OnePlus 6T, including some magnetic mounts such as the WizGear Universal  [Read More…]

Best wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Even though it’s more than a year old, the Galaxy S8  is still one of our favorite phones in late 2018. There’s a reason for that. Well, actually there are more than a few. Nevertheless, one of them is wireless charging. We’ve come to really appreciate the flexibility and peace of mind that comes with cutting the cord. Are you using it on your phone?

Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 wireless chargers for home, work, and even  [Read More…]

DJI’s Mavic Air Black Friday pricing goes live early on Amazon and Best Buy

Don’t let this $ 100 discount fly out of your hands.

Though DJI’s Black Friday promotion isn’t set to officially start until November 18, quick buyers can snatch the DJI Mavic Air 4K quadcopter for $ 699 right now at Amazon. That’s the price it’ll be selling for during the week leading up to Black Friday. Both the white and black models of the drone are discounted currently, and you can also find this deal live at  [Read More…]

Best SMS alternatives for Android Messages

The Android Messages app from Google is a great resource to stay in touch with all the folks you care about via SMS. However, it may not be for everyone. Maybe you don’t care for the new Material Theme. Or you just want to venture out and try new things. Either way, we’ve put together a short list of SMS apps that might be worth an install.


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Best wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 might be a year old now but that doesn’t make it any lesser of a phone. In fact, for the money, it’s one heck of a bargain. We’ve long been a fan of the stylus-packing handset as it’s full of cool features, including wireless charging. If you have the phone, you simply owe it to yourself to cut the cords.

Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wireless chargers for home, work, and  [Read More…]

Smart Displays need a good screen, and Lenovo’s Smart Display has the best

Best answer: The 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display has the best and biggest screen that works great for just about everything, but if you want something smaller, the Google Home Hub isn’t far behind.

Best Buy: Lenovo Smart Display ($ 250) Best Buy: Google Home Hub ($ 149) The Lenovo Smart Display has the largest, most capable screen

If your main concern is screen quality, the best Smart Display you can buy is the Lenovo Smart Display —  [Read More…]

Take 20% off some of the best Alexa-enabled smart home accessories

Add a little more intelligence to your home.

Amazon has a list of select, but excellent, smart home devices, and you can take 20% off the item of your choice with the code SMART20. The code is limited to the products on that screen, and you’ll only be allowed to use it once. So choose wisely. Lucky for you there aren’t any real bad options on that list. Since the sale is designed to promote Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant,  [Read More…]

Best wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The Galaxy S9 Plus is the bigger take on the 2018 flagship experience from Samsung and it’s among the more stunning phones on the market. It’s about as strong as they come and it packs one of the coolest and most convenient features you can get in a handset: wireless charging. Once you use it, it’s hard to mess with cables ever again. It’s time you get on that train!

Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus  [Read More…]

Best accessories for your Kano Computer

The Kano Computer already has a lot going for it. It can teach you and your kids to code, it’s a gaming machine for anyone who loves Minecraft and, best of all, it encourages people to sit down and create something new. So why not making something that’s already good, so much better? With the accessories listed below, you’ll find out just how varied and creative you can get even without using the Kano Computer.

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